“Mad” Maxime Bernier facing scrutiny over tweets on excessive multiculturalism

Maxime Bernier is back in the news.

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Minister of State for Small Business and Tourism Maxime Bernier stands in the House of Commons during question period on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Friday, January 30, 2015. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Fred Chartrand
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After a humiliating boot out of his position as official opposition of Innovation, Science and Economic Development of Andrew Scheer’s 2018 shadow cabinet by the Tories for his variation in opinion on his perspective of the supply management system in Canada, the Conservative Member of Canadian Parliament, Maxime Bernier, is back with another unpopular opinion.

This time, the Beauce, Quebec, Member of Parliament is coming under tremendous scrutiny and making national mainstream media headlines because of his views on the Liberal Party’s multiculturalism.

Over the course of last weekend, Bernier wrote a series of tweets directed at the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, heavily criticizing the leadership’s policies on immigration and multiculturalism.

This ‘Mad’ Max Tweet, making the CBC news site describes Bernier’s concern for excessive multiculturalism leading to divisiveness in a firm Canadian identity:

At the core of his argument, Bernier sought to expose the societal circumstances of extreme multiculturalism, demonstrating resentment towards CTV news’ headline that claimed the Parliamentarian was insisting that it was diversity that would be Canada’s bane. Bernier later clarified that the headline was misleading.

Furthermore, Bernier adds that saturating the Canadian national community with people around us who do not abide by our moral, ethical and legal values, and moreover, who conglomerate almost exclusively together significantly deepens the social divide by identity.

Though this news might have just galvanized popularity or notoriety, but definitely a buzz, Bernier’s perspective on the situation is nothing but new. In the last two of his tweets this morning, August 14, 2018, the Member of Parliament advertises his take on the relationship between Canada’s immigration and economic necessities, the same convictions Bernier maintains he ran on as part of his previous leadership platform.

The same CBC article as seen above is reporting that some pundits are claiming that Bernier’s remarks are xenophobic, while a spokesperson for Scheer declared that the Conservative Party values all of its constituency regardless of background, and would not delve into Bernier’s comments.  It seems the MP is by himself on this one.

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