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Linda Sarsour arrested for disrupting Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing

Well, what do you know?  Linda Sarsour has been arrested again for disorderly conduct during official government meetings.  This time it’s Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing that the controversial “feminist” activist has crashed.

Today marks the start of a historical confirmation hearing for the Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

The United States Circuit Appellate Judge was appointed by former President George W. Bush and has been best known for leading the Whitewater independent counsel’s investigation into the death of President Clinton’s White House counsel Vincent W. Foster Jr.

It is believed by many, yet never proven, that the Clinton’s have a direct connection to the death of Foster.

Judge Kavanaugh is also one of the leading authors of the Starr Report that revealed Bill Clinton’s relationship with Monica Lewinsky to the public and led to the impeachment hearing for the former president.

Today’s confirmation hearing started with a motion to adjourn the meeting and with well-known controversial activists screaming purposefully disrupting the hearing.

Linda Sarsour, who has been known prior to be arrested and sent out of government buildings, was detained by authorities again along with the actress Piper Perabo and other activists for shouting inside the Capitol during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.

The activist who calls herself every “Islamaphobes nightmare”, possibly because she publicly called for jihad and is linked to the recently found school shooter training camp in New Mexico, disrupted the hearing at the Hart Senate Office Building.

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NBC News’ Kasie Hunt tweeted that Democrats purposefully planned the disrupting protests as Sen. Chuck Schumer lead a phone call over labour day weekend to organize the protests.

As the hearing for Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation continues Democrats are focusing to adjourn the hearing, while Republicans such as Sen. Lindsay Graham blame the Democrats for focusing too much on politics, and not enough on qualifications.

Alexandra Hollenbeck

Alexandra Hollenbeck is a student at the University of South Florida. Her main interests are in American foreign policy and Russian-American relations. Her articles can also be found at Turning Point News, Free Bird Media, and Red Alert Politics for the Washington Examiner.


  • Um, I'm sorry. Are we supposed to believe that any proper muslim man is actually going to listen to a woman telling who to jihad on ? Seems weird to me.
    Anyhow, people don't realise how tolerant the US actually is.
    They haven't given her the boot with her arrest record.

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