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Liberals vote No to respecting veterans

The Liberals went through a tough morning as their leader refused to show up to question period after a tumultuous trip to India. But that doesn’t seem to be the end of their bad media problem.

As earlier today the Liberal party voted No to providing an apology for Justin Trudeau’s “Asking for more than we can give” comments. While some people may see this as a political move from the Conservative party, one thing is obvious. The Liberals now as a party stand by Justin Trudeau’s views that veterans are in fact asking for more than the government can give – and that is scary.

Canada’s servicemen and woman deserve respect and proper financial support. It’s time to end the political partisanship that is taking place here, and move forward on a Canadian policy on the armed forces both operating and retired that makes sense.

What do you think of this? Let us know below!

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  • It is now official ... ALL Liberals that were voted in by Canadians, are traitors to the people of Canada! They have quashed our military. Who else will join our bravest of citizens, knowing that our "Liberal Government" will not support them on any level?
    We become a nation that needs to rely on the U.S. for protection as our country becomes a haven for terrorists as our "leader" sees them as allies ... Trudoh has destroyed Canada in just two short years, how much more damage can be done in the next two?

    • With his track record, we might be sadly surprised........ I honestly believe he and his F-----in morons are killing Canada. Not just with-in our country but with what the rest of the world sees. It will take another Government multiple years to repair what he has done in the 2 years that he's held that position.

    • Sad Sad Day to be living in Canada with a Joker for a Leader 😢😢😢😢😢
      We are becoming the laughingstock ind the worlds eyes 😡😡😢😢😢😢

  • These slimy liberal mpps will readily take our tax money and give themselves raises without the public voters approval, and they see themselves as keepers of our tax money and deny our military service personnel and vets the most they so rightly deserve.

    We should have the right to oust this liberal party from office.

  • Disgraceful, but yet the Nays will no doubt want their raises year after year. And what valuable Service do Politician’s serve our Nation? Nothing but unbalanced budgets and our taxes always rising, a given with this government as the cost of living skyrockets due to mismanaged affairs by THEliBerALs. Many intelectually must be defunct otherwise why elect such a care free spending Party? Our debt is not diminishing, obviously the corrupt begats the corrupt.
    There’s a saying and boy is it ever true in every sense, “Stupid Does As Stupid Did.” Or Something like that. One can only hope this reign of horror and terror will end sooner than later. #Trudaeu #OWEcanada

  • I used to have respect in the federal mp in North Bay named Anthony Rota. He has lost my respect seeing this and seeing other things thst he lets the goverment do withoit speaking out. As far as I am concerned, he is a useless like EVERY LIBERAL who voted no.

  • Didn't the RCMP voted no to the change, the Military (non-union didn't have that choice. So if the Government didn't take over 28 billion out of the pension found back in the late 90's (around 1998) would there be enough funds to support this. What was the money removed used to pay for what? Wait wasn't that members of the fund paying into it. It was declared as surplus and after decades in court Canadian courts ruled they didn't have to pay it back. Also weeks after the ruling pension contributions were raised to 50/50, wasn't the difference in contribution because of the so called bridge (between 60 - 65 that was put in place when CPP came, wasn't there also something about contributions. that just used to justify the decrease in pension at 65.

    • the funds stolen from the pension plan went against the National Debt...yup I guess those in uniform have to pay more than the rest of Canada.

  • It's a very sad day for Canada. Looks like only the elite and their terrorist friends are "entitled" to financial gain, according to this liberal dictatorship! God help us!

  • The only way to wake up all these privileged educated idiots is to vote them out of office, not just the Liberals but anyone who voted no to this. What an absolute disgrace and a slap in the face of those that have always given and have only asked to be given what was wrongfully taken away. Politicians disgust me to no end.

  • Time for Canadian Veterans to unite and defend Canada one more time, form another political party to run this country properly for Canadians! NO, let's not make Canada great again, let's make Canada the greatest country ever!


  • Trudeau is a coward. Let's put him on the front line in Afghanistan or someplace worse and let him experience first hand the life of a soldier. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and is one of the privileged elite. DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE THAT JUSTIN IS WORKING FOR THE AVERAGE CANADIAN. HE DOEN'T KNOW WHAT IT IS TO WORK FOR A LIVING. SINCE HE WAS ELECTED HE HAS BEEN ON A CONTINUAL VACATION AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE. THE SOONER WE UNLOAD HIM THE BETTER OFF CANADA WILL BE.

  • There are seven or eight Libtard MPs who are ex servicemen & one woman I believe. One is the Minister of National Defense, a retired Lt. Col. who lied about his operational role to make himself look better, General Andrew Leslie and the rest of them, in my opinion, as a veteran, they are a disgrace to the uniform they once wore. If any of them had any guts they'd start a non confidence vote against TURDeau or cross the floor and defeat the government and oust him. If that doesn't happen, we the Canadian Public have to do it in 2019. We reduced them to 3rd place once before and can do it again.

  • Based on this vote alone anyone who voted for a Liberal Member should be ashamed of what they've done and never again vote Liberal.

  • Disgraceful!! this Liberal party are a gang off buffoons lead by the court Jester the sooner we see the back off them the better for Canada 🇨🇦

  • Yes, TONY. . “SLOGAN FOR NEXT ELECTION ABLS (ANYTHING BUT LIBERAL SHITHEADS)”. YES !!! BUT !!! WE CAN’T HAVE, DON’T NEED, Federal NDP Either. I’ve searched for over an hour & can’t find much to do with their ideas of policies or whatever. That’s scary too. But from have found & read a few about Federal ndp leader seems he doesn’t care about terrorists returning to Canada. Sees he will welcolme them too.
    And That sorry excuse for a ‘person’ turdo I completely believe he started his quest to destroy Canada the minute he was ‘put in’ as mp. He upped his game when ‘put in’ as leader. & raised it again when ‘put in’ as prime CRAP...
    I Totally Agree with everything Sharon Johnson posted. Yes, turdass is a coward & more. Put him front line in Afghanistan or someplace worse. He has no idea EXTREMELY low income person. The amount of money I get per month compared to all my taxes & bills & all I have to pay...... City of Edmonton taxes, Alberta gov’t bills & taxes & all the Feds bills & taxes.....

  • Its a shame that we are asked to put Canadian values elsewhere in the world, even to the point of putting our lives on the line to protect those values, when it comes time to looking after us we're given just enough help to make the government look like they are doing something. You have to ask yourself did we go to war or did we come home to one?

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Karan Dullat
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