Liberals vote against having MPs repay expenses from illegal activity

The Liberals voted no to the Conservative motion which argued MPs should have to repay expenses from illegal activity.

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pauses as he addresses the media on the terrorist attacks in Paris prior to his departure for the G20 and APEC summits from Ottawa, Friday November 13, 2015. Trudeau says Canada has offered all the support it can to France following Friday's attacks in Paris. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick

The Liberals voted no to the Conservative motion which argued MPs should have to repay expenses from illegal activity.

The parties refusal to implement a strong response to illegal activity from Members of Parliment is rather interesting and important.

The Liberal party entered in 2015 as a response to a tired Conservative party which was dragged along through scandal after scandal. Some of the largest involving improper expenses.

The Liberals have already been caught eating out of the public purse.

As Documents tabled in the House of Commons in September revealed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office alone spent roughly $220,000 moving his staff to Ottawa, with one staffer billing the taxpayer $126,669.56 in relocation costs.

Outside of improper expenses, the party has also faced multiple ethical violations, with the Prime Minister himself receiving scrutiny as a result of his trip to the Agha Khans private island. 

With this significant amount of baggage, this vote could be the moment that breaks the camels back. The Conservatives will now continue to attack the Liberal party for refusing to act, likely arguing that the Liberals have something to hide.

In response, the Liberals will have nothing to say.

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  1. I have a bit of a problem with some one we elected basically admitting that they are stealing from we the people. then they have the nerve to publicly gloat about it and as a group agree that they have a right to steal from us tax payers and not have to be responsible for the criminal actions they are knowingly committing. I think that stealing from the taxpayers and gloating about it should give us the right to skip this years taxes because it is contributing to a criminal organisation which would be the Canadian liberal party.

  2. This is wrong! If you are always going to be out bid because there are more numbers on the other side, where is the law, does it not mean anything? He broke the law, but he gets a pass. He needs to pay back what he took from us.

    1. This is totally wrong not making elected MP’s responsible to make restitution for for wrongful spending ! Liberals are nothing but Hippocrates and thieves!

  3. Apparently you don’t allow people to comment, since I tried but all I get is, (Duplicate comment)
    He needs to pay back what he took.

  4. Seriously? THEY GET TO VOTE ON THEIR CRIMES! That can’t be allowed. It’s a blatant conflict of interest. Where is it written that they don’t have to abid by any lawl? If any of us did anything like they have done… we would be terminated without severence and arrested! They have stolen copius amounts of Taxpayers’ money and are not being held accountable. They are sending a clear message that THEY THINK they are too elite to comply with Canada’s laws! What a bunch of crooks! They should all be imprisoned without parole!

    1. They have majority vote. MP’s have to vote this way or they are kicked out. Does not matter they were voted in their riding to do what the people want. Definitely something has to be changed. Not right East votes have the say!

    1. I think once the party is defeated in 2019, the whole of Canada should sue him for grand theft. At least impeach him.

  5. This makes me sick yet not surprised people who steal money to gamble etc and get caught usually can’t pay it back. Mind you for 200,000 they would be going to jail. The other thing is CRA conciders it income so they might not pay it back but they have to pay taxes on it. Trudeau better be paying taxes on that 200,000. Even though he stole it he had it and it is conciders income. Il begotten income but still income and owes taxes on every penny of it.

  6. ‘They’ are just following in the footsteps of the Senate. The key word is entitlement! Lest we forget, remember a politician/minister by the name of Dingwall? There is a short video about him stating that he was entitled to his entitlements. He actually went to court and he WON!

  7. Anyone who misspends public funds should have to pay it back and it should become public knowledge. How else can the public make a decision when voting?

  8. By all means do not make them pay it back. They should be tried for criminal offences and jailed. And not in Club Fed’s. And barred from ever holding another public office.

  9. every day something new and disgraceful from the leftist Marxist communist liberal party of Canada, Now in full blow unaccountable Dictatorship mode…….feel its right to changes our laws to enable Muslims to play the victim card even when they are our enemies and try and kill our soldiers. Now we are ignoring law, and approving of spiking babies in the womb while replacing them with non vetted Muslim immigrants. who are responsible for 80% of all rapes in Canada and1/2 of all Murders. shocking to say the least, 2/3 are still taking food from the poor at food banks while making close to $5000 per month. And today announcing that its ok to rape and harass women if they work for the federal government. this is beyond deplorable behavior and time for a revolution………as nothing about this holds Canadian values..

    1. Thank you Larry Cole…I’m with you on the revolution. I
      m going to question my MP on how he voted on this issue…so should we all..question them that is!

  10. “The Liberal party entered in 2015 as a response to a tired Conservative party which was dragged along through scandal after scandal. Some of the largest involving improper expenses.”

    There was nothing tired about the Conservative party……I think what you mean is you were getting tired of left wing media outlets tirelessly making something out of nothing. The Mike Duffy personal expense matter was really very small and insignificant compared to the corruption of the current liberal party. We are now billions further in debt as a nation because of the incompetent boy child occupying the PMO. That is the real scandal!

  11. Items of this nature should be in the courts, not the house. If it’s misuse of funds then simply pay them back. Where are the missing members, all should have to be on record where they stand on an issue of this nature?

    1. They are all on record. The Senate meetings are recorded, and all members are recorded as to how they voted.

  12. Lets have a look at the Canadian scandals since about 2000……hmmm kinda one sided I would say. l can see that Trues vacation seems pretty minor compared to the corruption done by the Conservatives in the last few decades .!

    Sponsorship scandal Major misuse and misdirection of funds disbursed through the Liberal government’s 1990s sponsorship program. Investigated by the Gomery Commission. Liberal Party 2004
    In and Out scandal Circumvention of election finance rules by the Conservatives in the 2006 election campaign. Conservative Party 2007
    Julie Couillard scandal Foreign Minister Maxime Bernier resigned after leaving sensitive NATO documents in the home of Julie Couillard, an ex-girlfriend with links to the Hells Angels biker gang.[3] Conservative Party 2007
    Canadian Afghan detainee issue Parliament prorogued for the second time in a single parliament, claimed to stall an inquiry into the potential maltreatment of Afghanistan War detainees. Conservative Party 2010
    Robocall scandal Allegations of widespread voter fraud occurring during the 2011 Canadian federal election. Deceptive robotic and live calls were made to voters in multiple ridings, in contravention of Elections Canada rules. Conservative Party 2012
    ETS scandal Alleged wrongdoing by Canadian government officials in the award of a $400-million information technology services contract. Conservative Party 2000s
    F-35 scandal Involved misleading costs of F-35 fighter jets to replace former CF-18s. Prime Minister Stephen Harper was found to be in contempt of parliament for refusing to share information on the procurement. Conservative 2012
    CFIA scandal Controversy surrounding food inspection services being insufficient after budget cuts and the temporary closure of XL Foods, due to a widespread E-coli outbreak in Alberta.[4] Canadian Food Inspection Agency 2012
    Canadian Senate expenses scandal An investigation concerning the expense claims of certain Canadian senators. Senators Mike Duffy, Mac Harb, Pamela Wallin, Patrick Brazeau and others claimed travel and housing expenses from the Senate for which they were not eligible. Senate of Canada 2012
    Khangate Investigation of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau involving a Christmas vacation to an island in the Bahamas owned by the Aga Khan. Liberal Party 2017

    1. Why complain about Stephen Harper’s government track record now? He did the best he could with the talent he got – and he did not commit any fraud personally. Prior to his election, under the Liberals, instead of declaring the War Measures Act honestly Paul Martin and Anne McLellan as PM and solicitor general permitted police to import TASERs and that is how the physical torture of Canadians began – dumb. corrupted lazy overpaid unionized municipal and provincial cops began using them for no reason torturing Canadians who are innocent of any crimes. They have no liability insurance – they are bankrupt, some are guilty of Torture, still not prosecuted, and have not apologized for their mistakes and deceit. The RCMP persisted and errantly killed one Roman Catholic LEGAL immigrant from Poland in the Vancouver Airport – that was certainly not the PC government’s fault under Stephen Harper. Canadians tax-payers had to pay $3.7 billion for the Braidwood Commission of Inquiry – a BC Coroner ruled it was a homocide by TASER – only one RCMP constable went to jail for deceit. Shameful. Who knew what a TASER even was when Quebec, Ontario, and BC’s city cops began using them – yet Hetty Fry (Liberal ex-Medical Doctor from BC) pretended to be so honourable, yelling at Harper that Canadians “need answers” from the police about TASERS! I’m not paying for that crime, nor for the Torture I”ve suffered because my own son was innocent and TASERED as much as Dziekanski was in 2005 – taken hostage in his own home, and slandered with false allegations that he was disobedient or resisting arrest. The sick sadistic Saanich Police had no warrant. The Lieberals in BC made lots of errors also. We are refugees in our own Nation of birth – our son had PAID his Alberta scholarship money to University of Victoria and his rent there in Victoria, BC. We PROHIBIT TASERS or any weapons of torture being illegally carried into our homes. We are Christians – Catholic – and the deceitful Liberals are nothing moral or ethical – they don’t even hold any “Canadian values”. They disgust me – they are all jointly guilty of every one of the 7 deadly sins.

    2. flooding the country with economic unvetted migrants will cost us more than any scandal mentioned .

  13. Isn’t that like putting the fox in charge of the hen house? We need to get them out of there. They are not working for the people of Canada.

  14. WHAT!! Not responsible for ineligible expenses? This could be the last straw, Lib’s. Fix this s.a.p. or say good by to me.
    We are struggling as a society to deal with entitlement in our next generations. Where is your Leadership? You should lead by example. Bye bye.

  15. I do not think we have impeachment like the states. has anyone got something the we can get this canada destroyer out of office if so I’ll be the first in line helping to oust him

    1. The governor general is the one that calls elections. The gg themselves, the current pm, or the crown can call for an election. Since the crown has basically abdicated their self proclaimed responsibility to Canada, and the gg is a liberal sympathizer, don’t expect anything to change. In fact, don’t expect an election call until the very last moment. And even then, expect the war measures act to be invoked to give this government up to 6 more months in office.

  16. I don’t think we have impeachment like the state does anyone have any idea how we can get rid of trudeau legally I will be first in line to oust this idiot who is ruining canada

  17. Liberal lost support from taxpayers and some if not most FN nations are not happy with broken promises and judicial system! Guess most have lost respect and trust in this government!

  18. I have a lot of trust issues with the liberal government. Trudeau is on his high horse about how everyone should be treated equally but when he commits a crime he gets away with it and not only that everyone knows about it and still gets away with it because all the people that voted in support of him not suffering the consequences for his actions. Why is this system in place? Just put a bunch of criminals in the seats? Same thing. Makes me sick to my stomach knowing people in these positions are getting away with this. I don’t like people in these positions of power being criminals. OH wait, does that make me a criminalphobic? Step down Trudeau you honestly are horrible at your job along with the corrupt sidekicks that support you.

  19. What and who says these Liberals are above the law? I don’t think Trudeau has this power and he should be held accountable!

  20. The Liberals are thieves and liars! Trudope is an incompetent, moronic dictator whose only concern I are Muslims and the downfall of a democratic Canada! He has NO concern for Seniors and Veterans….He belongs in prison for treason!

  21. Although I am definitely not in favour of anyone engaging in criminal activity, moving expenses for staff can hardly be cited as “criminal” since we do not have the fugure for the number of staff, the size of their families, the distance moved, etc. The article (and the Conservative motion) would be less innuendo and more fact if actual facts were stated. I am not a great fan either of this government nor of the last one. But, looking at all the cases before us, I would say the Liberals are only about half as crooked as the CPC’s were.

    1. James, you can’t get more corrupt than these fools in power. Harper had a lot of issues but I can honestly say he was a hell of a lot more transparent than the clown we have pretending to be a PM. You saw the figures that it cost to move one staffer…That being Gerald Butts. He is as bad as the PM. He moved one province away and it cost us 120,000. Did they move his whole damned house? You could move 10 households for what he billed the government. Your a fool if you think these clowns are 1/2 as crooked as the CPC.

      1. He was a gift from devastated Ontario to the new Leftard buddies in Ottawa from Wynne Bag

        He moved from Toronto to Ottawa, only a few hundred miles but more than a hundred grand away!

  22. Just like these scumbag said in their election platform, they are very transparent. Stealing from every one of us, letting us know they are stealing(when they get caught) and then thumbing their noses at us. That’s Trudeaus definition of transparency. Like Noel Lizee said, we should be just as transparent when we do our taxes this year.

  23. Andrew Sheer has won the leadership of the Federal opposition, Jason Kenney has won the leadership for Alberta’s opposition – neither are lapsed in their Catholic religious obligations to be honest and accountable, as is Justin Trudeau. I’m sure JT had no legitimate business flying with his wife to Vatican city state to seek an apology for Canada, from Pope Francis, without firstly going to confession nor making any amends for his personal excessively selfish crimes of fraud taking a tropical vacation at tax-payers expense. He needs to learn how to say NO to his wife’s selfish wishes, IMHO! He offended the Catholics of Canada before he was even elected by promising that he would not re-open Parliamentary debate on the legal definition of “Person” in our Canada Act, and demanding Liberal party whipped votes on matters of conscience like that.

  24. Socialism uses power and control to steal. So do lobby groups.
    If I steal your lawnmower to give to my neighbour, I go to jail. If I and my neighbour steal your lawnmower to give to someone else, we both go to jail. If together, we lobby the government to steal your lawnmower and give it to another person, that’s called socialism, redistribution of assets. The government will use force to steal from you to give to someone else. Lobbying and socialism removes all incentives to work. why do business in Ontario when the red tape is so bad!

  25. So it is ok for the Government to lecture Canadians on ethics hmmm not setting a good example are they.

  26. Unbelievable! We are talking about ILLEGAL activities. That’s Liberal accountability? Transparency? How about Honesty? Is Trudeau prepared to condone illegal expenditure taxpayers money?

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