Liberals To Rush Through Nominations This Summer, Contests Banned In Most Ridings

Most ridings will not be allowed to have a contested Liberal nomination.

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The first federal Liberal nominations for the October 2019 election will begin next week, with Trudeau scheduled to be present for the ribbon-cutting.

The party is reportedly trying to rush through as many nominations this summer, at “a very quick pace” according to a party spokesperson. It has decided to ban nomination contests in most ridings, including for every incumbent who meets the following conditions:

  • Participated in two or more “voter contact day of action” events in the last 12 months
  • Recorded 3500 doors knocked or 5000 phone calls made
  • Fundraised at least half of the riding expenses limit
  • Provide a written plan for raising the rest of the funds required to reach the expenses limit
  • Signed up at least 30 new monthly donors
  • Collect 150 nomination signatures from local party members

For the minority of ridings that will allow a nomination race, they will need to have a documented and thorough search for female candidates.

In addition, riding associations who have not fulfilled the following criteria are liable to have a candidate parachuted in from Party HQ, although it is unclear whether fulfilling this criteria will guarantee a fair nomination process:

  • Fundraise at least 15% of the expenses limit
  • Have records of 150 or more registered local members
  • Sign up at least 15 new monthly donors

Nomination races across Canada are frequently subject to controversy, and a battle ground between the grassroots and the central party.

The Liberal Party of Canada is flexing its muscles and showing its local activists who is really in charge.


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