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Liberal Tears Don’t Justify Special Treatment Or Official Party Status

After 15 years of corruption, taxation, regulation, and stagnation, the once mighty Ontario Liberal Party has been shattered at last.

In fact, receiving less than the required 8 seats, the party will no longer have official party status within Queens park.

Why Does This Matter?

The Liberals will receive far less money for staff, less guaranteed time to address the government, and have far less prominent seats on committees.

Why Are These Rules In Place?

The requirement on seats largely ensures that a party must receive support that is not only regional but also broad i.e. moderating parties and forcing platforms to be more diverse.

In response to this potentially game-changing loss of resources, Kathleen Wynne has made what is in my view, a brazen and entitled request which highlights at its core the problems which have brought the Liberals to their current standing.

With no lack of remorse, Wynne had stated that she now believes that Doug Ford should change the political rules to better match her circumstances.

Now, why is this so brazenly entitled rather than just entitled?

Well, in the 2003 political atmosphere the Liberals denied a similar request from the NDP, and well everyone remembers.

Horwath herself recently stating the following when pressed on the issue:

“The people gave the Liberals seven seats, that’s what they have in the legislature and that’s what they’re going to have to deal with.”

It seems as if the Liberals believe that because their party holds a special place in their own hearts and minds, other parties should bend over backwards to provide them with new benefits.

A real situation of “give me it because I’m Special”

The truth of the matter is that this is the exact myopic outlook that has put the Liberals in their current position today. They believed that because of their name they could win with such a tarnished history, and with a tarnished leader.

Today it seems that Wynne and the Liberals at large, may not have learned from their recent utter defeat.

It’s time the party stops expecting the Ontario electorate to simply vote for them, and begin to earn the votes and trust of the Ontario citizens through honest hard work.

Regardless of the amount of tears, arguments or fights, nothing will change the fate of the Liberal party in Ontario except a radical change to the party from the bottom up.

The rules should not change. They should.


  • Do not give the Liberals a break! Three months from now 'Twinkletoes' Wynne will resign her seat ...then the special status problem will start all over....Doug...don't be a chump!

  • no rules are rules, and wynne has only herself to blame for lack of votes, not listening to the people , but doing what the voices in her head told her, your history and so is your corrupt party

    • Chad - that was a tad harsh.... but in retrospect I agree with your advice for the former premier of Ont. and the characterization

  • NO .... to official party status for Liberals. The RULES are simple y and the Liberals DID NOT qualify. Just Imagine if Mr Ford gives the Liberals Official Party Status then why not give the Greens also as they didn't quality either. Also just think Mr Ford campaigned on respecting and saving the taxpayers money well if he gives the Liberals Official Party Status then Mr Ford just broke his promise to his voters and the Ontario Tax payers, providing funding when non was required. Please make the right decision Mr Ford.

  • In a word NO. In two words HELL NO.

    That carpet munching lesbo POS has had her foraging tongue in the taxpayers pocket without remorse for too long with too much damage left behind. She can and should rot in HELL. And take the Turd and Buttman with her.

    She / He / It / ?? abused their position to force their perversion on the rest of us to justify their life choices. I don't care what people do but they have NO right to force it on others or create guilt for not embracing the perversion let alone making normal people criminals for not embracing.. You don't see straight people prancing around in public they crying that they want to be treated with respect.

    Liberalism is a mental illness.

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