Liberals Focus On Parody Accounts While Economy Falls Apart

What's more important parody accounts or our crippling debt?

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The Liberals have a mountain of issues to deal with, many of them of their own making. And after three years in office, what do they have to show for it? They legalized marijuana, congratulations.

It’s not like we’re in a trade war with our strongest ally, or that $40 Billion dollars in investments have been left to the US in the past two years. What about the growing resistance to their ill planned carbon tax, nor our global embarrassment in India, our failure to meet Paris climate accord goals, Indigenous issues, western Canada’s frustration with equalization, or Trump’s unfavourable view of our Justin Trudeau, and the list goes on.

But, for the Trudeau Liberals, their biggest issue right now is controlling twitter parody accounts. Since that is obviously the greatest threat to our great nation right now…

After a parody account of the Minister of Environment Catherine McKenna began gaining significant traction, the Liberals were quick to their feet to shut it down.

This only made the issue worse as they shot themselves in the foot when they were horrified to see that their little crackdown, ushered in hundreds of more parody accounts to be created. A mess of their own making.

While the Trudeau Liberals are focused on these parody accounts, we will continue to see the decline of Canada on the world stage. As we locked ourselves into a bitter trade war with the US, a war that we have no chance of winning.

And the dollars of investment continue to flow out of our country while our debt continues to balloon out of control.

But our government will continue to ignore the greatest issues to our country and will instead rely on their despicable virtue signalling to win the next federal election. They know they cannot win based on the track record of their three year government, so they must scare Canadians into voting for them, certainly at least so as to not vote for the ‘Nazi’s’ within the Conservative party.

When will our government finally get its priorities straight and actually address the issues facing Canadians. But as long as the Liberals are in power we shouldn’t expect much to get done.


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Samuel Blackett

Samuel is a young Conservative looking to engage Canada's youth on issues facing our country today.

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