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Liberals caught subverting budget process by trying to create a $7 billion fund

The federal Liberals have been caught trying to establish a $7 BILLION ‘slush fund,’ that would subvert the Parliamentary budget process.

Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre and Conservative MP Kelly McCauley posted a video on Tuesday arguing that the Liberals had tried to create a $7 billion fund that could be spent without any accountability or oversight, until after the 2019 election.

If true this creates quite the nasty image as parliament is meant to approve government funding, not have it hidden from them.

Watch Poilievre and McCauley discuss the slush fund below:


  • new it from the start , trudeau is slimy , and just goes to show you what a weasel he is

  • OK then who the hell is going to do something about it?? All these allegations,but nothing is done.What is going on in this country? The Libs are as crooked as the day is long,it's found out,but that seems to be the end of things.Enough already!!

    • People voted and put this Mess of Corruption in, and we will never know the half of it. All the Liberal MP's all in agreement too, you know they must not have a soul. SICKENING TO SAY THE LEAST.

  • How do we get him out before he does more damage he knows he is not going to get in again so let fire him

  • We need to stay focus and attentive to every step they take. The conservatives are doing a superb job in keeping track of their corrupted undermining ways. They are keeping us inform. Trust them use your gut feeling and know that something is just not right with the liberals. The truth always prevails 😀. 2019

    • How short peoples memories are. Conservative means corrupt in today's lexicon. People like Mulroney, Harper and at the provincial level lets not forget Redford showed Canadians just how corrupt the conservative movement in this country is. They all belong in jail. I voted NDP 2 fed elections back because I had no faith in Iggy and I voted Liberal last election because I had hope that JT was going to be better than Harper. I was wrong. Trudeau has done more damage in less than one term than Harper in his entire time in office. I am tired of having to chose my vote based on who is the least evil of the long line-up of corrupt politicians, and lets face it, if you are in politics today you are corrupt or you are not there in the first place. It matters not what party you choose, they all have their agendas and those agendas are not to serve Canadians but to stay in power, line their pockets and push the party agenda. Our country is broken and there is no one left with the brains or moxie to fix it. I weep for the future.

      • YOU are so right STEWART , right from the bum boy's right up are crooked , ( politicians , justice,cra , ECT ECT look on youtube W5 KPMG--TAX HAVEN'S CANADA IS CLOSE TO THE MOST CORRUPT COUNTRY INTHE WORLD.

      • You ever heard of better off with the demons you know than the devil you don’t, did you actually think this idiot would be any different than his moronic father, thanks bud you and other like you may very well have help destroy this country

        • Bill, very well said. The Conservative Party and their predecessor (Progressive Conservative) are not without blemishes but they are the least corrupt of any of the three main political parties in Canada. Liberals truly have been the worst only because the NDP have yet to form a government. The further left you go, the more corrupt they are. Governments world wide prove it. The people who voted for Douchebag Justin Trudeau should be horse whipped.

          • Hate to point out the obvious here guys but the conservatives put the liberals in power by proving to Canadians that they were corrupt, secretive, deceitful, dishonest, hypocritical and unworthy of the trust Canadians had placed in them. They were so bad that they convinced enough Canadians of such that the liberals were handed a majority government by people hoping for someone to undo the harm done by harper and his cronies. Thank the conservatives, had they cared more about Canadians they would still be in power.

  • Time for a new Form of Govt in this Great Country that is accountable, affordable, Honest and Loyal to Canada and its Citizens. We the citizens, should have the right to call a national referendum if we disagree with the current government decisions. The govt works for and gets paid by Canadians. Time to Spring clean all of Parliament and start over. No longer will we let serving politicians more than two terms as a politician. To be a minister you must have cooperative knowledge of the position, not just fill it with incompetent , ignorant, entitled POS that have no connection to regular citizens. We don’t want professional Politicians, that work eight years and get a full pension. This should be abolished. We want citizens who want to work and improve our daily lives and better our country based on what the country as a whole requires. All outside agendas, funding, or interfere into our political system should be a crime. Time to Exam our Political parties with the Help of the RCMP. Only Canadian Born residence should be allowed in politics as they would have lived in and used most of our social systems.They would have a clear understanding of what Canadians really need as they have lived it. It’s a lot of work but we need to change the Attitudes and direction for the better.

    • Check out the grassroots party that is forming - National Citizens Alliance. They are planning to reform our governmental system. It's the only way we can really change what is happening in this country.

    • So how do we go about implementing this, I’m sure it would not take much for each and every Canadian to agree, they are all corrupt liberals conservatives so how do we start a new system

  • Isn't this funny - Obama did the same this with slush funds and moved the money into foundations. ALL POLITICIANS FOUNDATIONS SHOULD BE BANNED!!!!

  • The Politicians move money into foundations ......just like the CLINTON FOUNDATION ......How may billions has Canada donated to Clinton Foundation ???? Mulroney , Harper and Trudeau all donated . They use foundations to hide the funding to their schemes .

  • I don't believe Justin Trudeau would even thing of such thing. This slush fund is very similar to the Obama slush fund. One needs to take a good look who are the people involved in this.

  • This just in from Trudeau on the matter: “Uhh... Uhh... We Uhh... Uhh... would Uhh like to uhhh uhhhhhh continue to uhh... make uhhh Canada uhh... uhh... uhh... a better place uhh... uhhh for everyone...”

  • I just hope that when November 2019 arrives the Canadian people vote this awful PM into the history books.. Canadians tend to have short memories. .

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