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Liberals blame Harper for collapse of asylum system
Liberals blame Harper for collapse of asylum system
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Liberals blame Harper for collapse of asylum system 

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It seems the Trudeau government will continue to blame their predecessors for problems within Canada’s institutions even as they rapidly approach the end of their full first term in office.

On Tuesday, the Auditor General published his report which noted that backlogs had grown significantly under the Trudeau government due to an inflexible system.

In response, Liberal Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen placed a large portion of the blame on the previous Harper government.

Minister Hussen specifically blamed the “half-baked reforms” embarked upon by the former Conservatives in 2012.

Conservative Immigration Critic Michelle Rempel has rejected that response.

“I cannot believe with six weeks left in Parliament after four years, they’re coming out here and saying it’s Stephen Harper’s fault. That’s just patently ridiculous,” said Rempel.

While the blame game makes sense early in a government’s tenure, this late in the fourth year seems desperate if not just sad.

The Trudeau government has had four successive budgets to fix this development problem, but instead, they focused on repeatedly demonizing those who criticized them.

Even more bizarrely, the Liberals have now adopted a policy that some would consider even more extreme than what many of their harshest critiques requested.

Recently, the Liberal government announced that they would turn away any refugees who have filed prior asylum claims in other countries.

The move comes in the midst of an attempt by Minister of Border Security Bill Blair is engaging with his American counterparts to try and solve the issues with the Safe Third Country Agreement.

Given this massive U-turn, you would think the government would finally own up to their mistake, and admit that their handling of the situation was horrifically offside.

But no—instead, I suspect that they will continue to blame others, while telling us that we experienced the situation differently.

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