Liberal Quebecois Premier Couillard Breaks Promise to Re-Sign Veteran MNA, Takes Hockey Player Instead

Liberal Party of Quebec humiliate one of their own senior party members.

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How has the English media not posted about this in abundance?

In Quebec news last week, a well-respected Quebec Liberal Party Member of National Assembly (MNA), François Ouimet, from the Marquette riding, was taken on a seriously emotional joyride as he was shocked to discover that Quebecois Premier Philippe Couillard had broken his promise to sign the MNA’s candidacy form.

An emotional Ouimet, a veteran of the Parti libéral du Québec (PLQ) who has been elected since 1994 and has worked with the party for nearly a quarter of a century, can be seen upset in a public press conference, where he discusses being unfairly booted from his position.

Radio-Canada reports that Premier Couillard is making way for former National Hockey League player, Enrico Ciccone, to take Ouimet’s position. Ciccone will take over the borough of Lachine, and cities of Dorval and Île-Dorval.

Ouimet anticipated the move as rumours of him being let go by the party were being shared.  The 58-year-old admits that he heard from his supporters in the Liberal constituency, among the rest of the general public, that there was indeed a betrayal.

It almost seems as though Couillard is purposefully killing his own chances for a Quebec Liberal Party re-election. One would imagine that a prestigious member of the party would have some type of respected standing within the party, a seniority, if you will. Ouimet, instead, was lied to and then simultaneously suckerpunched and stabbed in the back by the party leader.

One Quebecois twitter user made that very clear in her tweet:

The tweet roughly translates to, “a knife in the back of a loyal MNA, if I were a Member of National Assembly, I would be asking myself who’s next.”

Among the various responsibilities held by the Liberal MNA, he is well-known for his position as Vice-President of the National Assembly, which he had held since May 2014.

Since when does a hockey player have more political experience than the National Assembly’s very own Vice-President?

The Marquette candidate shared:

“I won’t hide that the actions taken over the last days have been hurtful.”

Watch Ouimet’s emotional reaction here, brought to you by Global News:

As the October 2018 provincial elections approach, Couillard has to make some decisions. For more on the provincial elections, stay tuned to The Post Millennial, and any questions can be brought to [email protected]


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