Liberal MP Scolds Conservative MP: “Check Your Privilege & Be Quiet”

In a recent twitter spat, Liberal MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes told Maxime Bernier, a Conservative MP and former leadership candidate, to check his privilege and be quiet.


In a recent twitter spat, Liberal MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes told Maxime Bernier, a Conservative MP and former leadership candidate, to check his privilege and be quiet.

The firey retort from the Grit MP was prompted by an earlier tweet from Bernier in which he said:

“I thought the ultimate goal of fighting discrimination was to create a colour-blind society where everyone is treated the same. Not to set some Canadians apart as being “racialized.” What’s the purpose of this awful jargon? To create more division for the Liberals to exploit?”

For his part, Bernier was responding to Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen’s tweet praising the Liberal government’s latest budget which he claimed was a “historic” budget for “racialized Canadians.”

Caesar-Chavannes was not done yet. She followed up her earlier tweet with another biting remark saying:

 Bernier later responded to her stating:

“Edifying comments from a distinguished member of the HoC. ‘Please check your privilege and be quiet.’ You are aware we live in a democracy with free speech as one of its building blocks, right?”

Quite the exchange eh?

All from one little tweet about the budget.

Update: The MP has now apologized to Maxime Bernier.

Update 2: Maxime has rejected the offer to meet as he states they have no common ground.

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  1. in 60 years i have only seen one other govt divide the country and turn races against each other and both pms were named trudeau both drove the country into huge debt that it takes decades to get out of and both do all they can to destroy all canadian core moral and traditional values and the only province they care about is quebec the rest of canada does without only this one promises much and delivers nothing into this country but has no problem funding terrorists their countries and weaponizing them in short he is an anticandian treasonist traitor and terrorist himself by law as he is funding terrorists like hamas and iran etc etc etc time to get rid of this lunatic before its too late to repair his destruction of this once great nation

  2. Can not believe that that women is an elected MP in this country
    This attitude show be reason to be thrown out of caucus.

  3. I think both of them ought to got off their handhelds and try to govern this nation in the manner it deserves. It’s not a pop-stand folks, it’s one of the greatest democracies in the world. Try to behave like you deserve the privilege.

  4. It is difficult for the privileged to see it. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, regardless of how idiotic it is. Equality is not synonymous with Equity. ‘Colour-blindness’ does not breed equity. It implies that ignoring colour fixes the issues that colour-awareness gave us. It implies that doing nothing more than changing one’s mind towards colour/race solves the systemic issues.

  5. This woman MP, whoever she is, can’t see past her own nose. That is exactly what she says when she emphasizes the very quality that we are all seeking to make equal by refusing to label human beings as merely “black” or “white” and so on. We are each far more than just a colour, a religion, or a gender. But by accentuating the differences (or diversities, as our Prime Moron fondly calls them) we are only finding reasons to criticize, set ourselves apart, compete for national attention, and pit ourselves one against the other. This woman is so wrapped up in her race label ego, she can’t see the forest for the trees. That’s the hallmark of a person who is so self absorbed and dumbed down, they are easily led to the Globalist slaughterhouse for butchering.

  6. The most racist law we HAVE is the Indian Act! Repeal it and put EVERYBODY on the same footing. That’s equality.

  7. My son plays endlessly in the schoolyard with his friends and classmates. There are many different races at his school, there is no difference in how he interacts with his peers, regardless of ethnicity. He is colour blind, beautiful thing to see.

Lucas Holtvluwer

Lucas is a current Sales and Marketing student at Niagara College and a former federal Conservative staffer reporting and writing on everything from politics to sports.

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