Liberal MP mocked overweight individuals and they never got an apology

A startling report in the French language paper Journal de Montreal shows Liberal MP Sherry Romanado made extremely aggressive and disgusting comments on a Facebook post in regards to an obese individual.

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A startling report in French-language paper Journal de Montreal shows Liberal MP Sherry Romanado once made disgusting and extremely bigoted comments in a Facebook post with regards to an overweight individual.


Although the post is from 2009, the context matters today. Romanado is currently involved in drawn-out battle over an offensive statement made by Conservative MP James Bezan.

As reported on by the NationalPost:

“At some point, Bezan and Romanado posed for a picture with an unidentified third person. As they did so, Bezan said, ‘This isn’t my idea of a threesome.’”

Now, we may all agree the comment was out of hand, and it seems Bezan agrees with us. Since then, he has tried to apologize in person, then in writing, then in public.

In total, the National Post found Bezan had apologized five times and taken a sensitivity class. It is perhaps also worth mentioning that The Globe and Mail found that Bezan had been cleared by the Chief Human Resource Officer, as they could find no credible circumstance of sexual harassment.

Yet today we are still bombarded by this controversy, which began months ago. So one has to wonder if five apologies over seven months are not enough to settle this case, what do overweight Canadians deserve from their MP?

Romanado’s comments were crasser and longer in nature. They show far more hatred, and come from a far darker place.

So I have to ask: When will overweight Canadians get their apology?

Likely never.

As with many of the Liberal government’s actions, they are based on pushing a certain media image, while doing absolutely nothing to actually push policy forward. The party maintained this hypocritical line on electoral reform, military spending, their recent tax policies, and they are now doing it on social issues.

They are actively pretending to protect the least powerful within Canadian society, while, in reality, developing political capital to enrich themselves and their donors.


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