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Liberal Arrogance Reaches Tipping Point

With more than a year left before the next election, it seems that the Trudeau government’s special brand of arrogance and elitism is reaching a tipping point with most Canadian voters, as they realize their own government does not want to listen to them.

For example, a new Ipsos poll projects a possible conservative majority with roughly 38% of the vote.

This number is extremely significant since the media described Justin Trudeau’s 2015 victory as “extremely popular”, with roughly 39% of the popular vote.

So what started this once unforeseeable fall from grace and why is the reality catching up to the Trudeau machine?

Tracing the Liberal government’s path from 2015 to now, a few things stand out.

First I’d wager that the Trudeau government won more votes due to their opposition to the boogeyman (Harper) than because of Trudeau’s own policies.

You can see this in the roller-coaster-like polling that occurred during the election between the NDP and Liberal voters, as they consistently moved between parties in hopes of replacing the Conservative Prime Minister.

To stake out the largest share of the anti-Harper forces, the Liberals designed their policies and ideas along extremely stereotypical and visibly divisive lines.

That strategy worked well in the final moments of the election ensuring a Trudeau victory, as scared and strayed voters chose Liberal. But this ultimately created the governing problem they are facing now.

For example, the Liberals walked out of Parliament’s Status of Women Committee early on in their mandate because they refused to recognize its new, duly constituted chair, Conservative MP Rachael Harder, solely because they disagree with her views on abortion.

That’s right: a woman would not be allowed to hold an anti-abortion view.

Arrogant, elitist, and anti-democratic actions like these certainly do not sit well with some parts of the Liberal base.

This arrogance and lack of respect for certain voters did not stop there.

For example, according to the Toronto Sun, Liberals on another parliamentary committee considered their M-103 “Islamophobia” motion insulted and attacked by Tarek Fatah, who appeared as a witness on the motion and who has devoted his life, often at the risk of death, to opposing Islamist tyranny and terrorism.

Why did the Liberals feel attacked and insulted?

Because Fatah has criticized M-103.

It’s not just individuals like Tarek who are being insulted when they challenge the Liberals. Lisa Raitt also went through the same experience when she questioned the Finance Minister’s rather hypocritical stance on women, given his lacklustre history of promoting women in the workforce.

As during his time at Morneau Shepell, only three of nine positions on the board were ever held by women, only three of eleven senior managers were women, and the company’s governing charter made “no mention of diversity, inclusion, gender”.

His response?

The finance minister answered her questions by calling her ‘a Neanderthal’.

Most recently, the problem became even more obvious as Environment Minister Catherine McKenna became the latest to display a sense of righteousness alongside her serving of identity politics when she told CTV’s Evan Solomon that she couldn’t be bothered with people who don’t fully support her approach to climate change.

“I have no time for folks who are, like, you know, ‘we shouldn’t take action,’” she said during a spirited exchange.

“What do you mean you have no time?” Solomon countered. “You’ve gotta have time. Your job is to have time for folks who care about this issue and want to understand.”

Solomon makes a significant point that could well explain why the Liberal’s are rapidly losing support, and why they simply cannot comprehend it or stop it.

Regardless of the divisive and politicized nature of elections, the Liberals are expected to govern not just for some Canadians, but for all Canadians.

This includes the creation of transparent lines of communication, the maintenance of a stable economy, the upholding of law and order, and the continued development of Canada’s role on the world stage.

Instead, it seems the Liberals are focused on providing a vision which includes only a minority of Canadians, namely those that agree with the Trudeau government and their cabinet, fully without asking questions or having unique, independent ideas.


  • Hi Ali:
    You are writing important articles that everyone needs to read. Hopefully more people will become aware of your good work.

  • As far as I am concerned he should be hung for treason, he is nothing but a clown, no offense to real clowns who make more sense than Trudeau does.

  • Their disdain and arrogance for hard working Canadians it's astounding. Poor behaviour from adults who act like spoilt young children. The only way to deal with them is to stop them at the polls. Canadians MUST not forget!
    They are ruining our beautiful country. A peaceful country!

  • Please remember this article everyone when we are closer to election time. Lieberals don't change for the better, they just get worse.

  • They started out arrogant, hypocritical, and sanctimonious. Now they are just plain insufferable. Good article.

  • Trudoh is nothing less than a spoiled little bitch, has no idea how to run a lemonade stand, never mind what used to be a well respected country on the world stage. Living in Ontario, it looks like Liberals in general are just "money stupid".

    But what he's doing to Canada, in my eyes, is treason as he couldn't care less about Canadians, yet spends mountains of Canadian taxpayer dollars on foreign aid and pays convicted terrorists and encourages open boarders! He's the most ANTI-Canadian I've seen in 50+ years! His bank account is in the $23M range, and yet chooses to fleece taxpayers for his lavish holiday travels. Waste of air...

    • Agreed. Get him out now! Canadians have lost confidence in this government and need to vote now before there is nothing left of Canada.

  • The only reason this child is PM is because Jack Layton died and everyone believed what MSM told them about Harper. It is sad right now watching this Government flounder and lie about everything that is put in front of them. Question Period has become a tax paying joke that borders on reality TV more than substantial effort to better this country.
    Canadians need to really dig deep in 2019 and not base their vote on social media outlets or FB or nice socks to decide what's best for this country going forward. JT is definitely not what's best...anything else would be a welcome change at this point!

    • I agree. The mainstream media, the CBC, CTV , Global, etc. are complicit in the destruction of Canada and for promoting this leftist indoctrination ideology. There must be some way they can be punished for this. Perhaps boycots of their advertisers?

  • Lol...another dipshit right wing joke of a pretend media outlet. Someone just threw this site up on the internet and claimed it as legit. Looks like all the staff writers leave comments. hehehe

    • Keep drinking that Liberal kool-aid with the extra artificial flavoring. I can see it's been working out good for you?


  • Steven Harper authored his own demise when he increased the eligibility age for the old age security from 65 to 67. I , a strong tory voted against him for that. It did not affect me as I was old enough to be excluded but it would effect others. There should be a law passed to lower eligibility to 55 or at least 60 to open up some jobs for the young people who will spend and bring the economy forward. I will never ever vote liberal again, but Harper made a serious error. Always be cautious of blow back when making decisions that affect the mass of people.

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