Do third parties taint our town-halls?

If you viewed the Liberal Town hall series which have occurred over the last week you must have been surprised to see the level stability and control they displayed. Almost as if the crowd had been lulled into a sense of conformity without the use of force.

A user on Twitter may have put forward some evidence to as how the Liberal party is able to so cleanly pull off such PR events through the assistance of third-party groups.

That tweet which is now going viral showed that The Council of Canadians a non-profit environmental activist group with left-leaning principles had taken out ads before the town hall and also worked to distribute question sheets to guests, likely in an effort to support the Trudeau government.

This perhaps the crux of what many Canadians view as the Trudeau PR problem. On the campaign trail and in front of the media we have received a perfect image of a wonderful leader who would never use force in a cynical way.

Yet in the background, we have seen the Liberal party drop the promise of electoral reform, drag its heels on the economy, and continue to use its now “independent” senators as a powerful weapon. This combined with the savvy use of third-party organizations such as “The Council of Canadians” shows an image of a political organization agiler and even more ruthless than the Harper government near the end of their term.


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