Lebanon Back to Making Noise, UN and Russia Back in the Middle East

Terror in abundance in the Middle East

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The everlasting wargames in the region are set to continue with the fight for the Golan Heights, a battle for domination of the Middle East.  

This time, Nasrallah, Secretary General of Hezbollah, Lebanon’s leading terrorist organization, appears on a recording hiding behind the big screen, to galvanize energy around his Israel-hating followers.

Essentially, the message is relatively generic, touting praise for his organization Hezbollah as the unipolar power of the region, maintaining that they have a stronger military than the Israeli Defense Forces, and that they align themselves with the Palestinian cause.

Nasrallah, who boasts of his faith and of Hezbollah, also claims that it is Israel’s fault for the civil war taking place in Syria.  The terror leader also mentions that they are closely associated with Iran, but we suspect that it might just be Iran’s pockets, that finances Hezbollah with $800 million in  2017.

UN and Russia  

While on a trip to the Golan Heights region, organized by the Russian Defense Ministry, Sergei Kuralenko, a Lieutenant General in the Russian forces, voiced on August 14 that, “The Russian flag is the guarantor of peace and security on that land”.

It is no secret that the leaders of the Kremlin and the Knesset have been in touch regularly with one another.  Now, Russian forces are looking to compromise and cooperate with Israel, in an agreement to help United Nations peacekeepers to maintain stability in the area that encompasses the Golan.

It would appear as though Russia is trying to regain its decades-old influence in the region, especially after it helped Assad regain control over Syria.  This will be unlikely as Israel retains total control over the land and airspace.

Moreover, with Western states like the United States of America, Britain and France already involved, Russia appears to be silent in its actions despite voicing threats of violence if the United States would continue its movements in the region.  

Can the UN and Russia stimulate ultimate peace in the region?  Will Nasrallah’s Hezbollah start a war with Israel? Will Russia and the UN intervene?  We’re keeping watch here at The Post Millennial.  Stay tuned!

In the mean time, here’s a video of Colonel Richard Kemp, English military, discussing the morality of Israel’s army:


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