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Leaked Poll: NDP In Ontario Take Massive Lead

The Post Millennial has been provided a series of polls from three firms.

All three highlight the following:

A massive increase in support for the NDP largely at the cost of the PCs.

While the first poll(EKOS) is publicly leaked on twitter and posted below the other two are not, but will be released within the next two days.

We are confident that all three firms including Forum research, and Mainstreet will show the projection which follows the overall trend shown by EKOS. I.E a massive drop in support for the PCs while the NDP continue to grow.

Seat Projections Based On Using Ekos Numbers

Update: The ekos poll above used only 1/2 of the full audience size. This is why once it was released the poll showed a tie. The overall trend still stands.

Update 2: The forum poll has been released. It is fully in line with our prediction.


  • the voters doing this are so uninformed it is sad and they are likely socialist communist fans

    • Can I be a socialist too? I didn’t even know we had socialists in Canada. Is that what you are when you’re not a former Reform Party member? Where will the money come from...maybe the savings from corporate welfare. Maybe from halting the disgusting income inequality taking place over the last thirty years.

    • my dear Steven, if you actually believe that "socialist communist" is an actual option in the Ontario election, then I'm afraid that it is YOU who is " so uninformed it is sad". You pick up that false shit from the morons who live south of the border and who believe that everyone from radical Marxists all the way to moderate Republicans are "socialist communists". Anywhere outside of the Trump Empire, the PCs are "conservative", the Libs are "liberal democrats", the NDP are "social democrats" and the Greens are "social democrats" socially and "liberal democrats" economically. See, no "socialist communists" anywhere amongst them.........

    • Can I infer that you aren't in favor of better healthcare, affordable education, and a living wage for people that work hard?

      • George Norman, no you cannot infer that. Everyone whats better health care, affordable education and a living wage. The only difference is how you achieve it. I don't believe borrowing at high rates (Ontario has a negative rating) is the smartest plan). No country, province or city has spent their way to prosperity. I believe the Ontario government brings in more than enough to cover these costs but spends it to keep themselves in power rather than spending it wisely. I believe a quick fix (borrowing) is a path of no return. I feel building an envirorment that is attractive to investment will take longer but the structure will last longer and create much more prosperity long term.

      • Screw this living wage crap. Get a friggin' education and do something other than stand around waiting for a hand out to buy the latest Apple iPhone, another tattoo or a case of 2-4.

      • The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people's money. Just check out Greece.

        • Indeed, check out Greece since you clearly don't know what you are talking about. Greece's failure had little to do with socialism and much to do with the wealthy not having to pay taxes and the rest refusing to bear the whole burden. You Bev are full of crap.

      • If socialism was so perfect, why has it failed everywhere. Check Greece for instance. How about N Korea, the former Iron Curtain countries. And before you start quoting Scandinavia, look really deep.and you will see that it runs on a capitalist model.

        • Yes Beveridge Drive the Scandinavian Countries operate with a DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST SYSTEM in place and you get your free Health Care and Education among many other benefits. LOOK before you LEAP.STILL WATERS run VERY DEEP most of the time

        • Please look at the Scandinavian countries, highest quality of life, excellent health and healthcare, highest literacy and education, best longevity. I question your statement on if Socialism works. Indeed it has and does

        • It's a matter of priorities. For example, closing Pickering nuke plant would save billions. Guaranteeing a basic minimum income, given directly and eliminating the social assistance bureaucracy would save huge amounts of money too and lead to better outcomes. Progressive taxation is another way to ensure proper funding.

        • Economist just posted that deficit will grow by the most under Ford, least under Horwath and middle for Wynnne. . Deficit grew 150B under Harper just sayin

        • Dennis Shupe, we will keep and use the money Doug Ford would have given away to all his tax dodging rich friends.

        • It comes from the labour of millions of people. We have better uses for it than letting a handful of rich people grab all of it they can and stick it away in the Cayman Islands.

        • It is interesting to think where money comes from. It is probably the faith that people have that the pretty pictures on paper will be accepted in most places for real property, goods and services. There is no gold, silver or anything tangible supporting this exchange.

  • If that is true and not just another lie,then there isn't a whole lot of smarts out there.Wake up people NDP"s are just Lieberals in orange clothing.

  • They are indicating the same thing. But the methodology of the polls is not included, and that is the information we need to determine if the results are corrupted or not. Such past polls have been incorrect more often than not, and even abused to create a psychological effect designed to sway voters in a certain direction.

  • God help us! The last ideologue NDP government was a disaster for everyone including labour.

    • The Rae govewrnment wasn't as bad as you think. He took office during one of the worst recessions to hit in decades, and he faced a firestorm if attack from the media and corporate sources. Mike Harris took over and that was a lot better, right?

    • Actually, the last Tory disaster is closer in memory. Harris caused massive social turmoil and left us further in debt.

      • Ans I suppose you believe in pixie dust. Check your facts before you post blatant garbage. Just because you think it is so, does not make it so..

  • I will vote NDP as the capitalist model appeals and serves the .... mmm. capitalist ... a socialist model serves the people.

    • Colin you got to be kidding. Socialism has failed every where. The N.D.P. has totally screwed Alberta and Saskatchewan when the were in power there. The people that make the money to make things work are hated by socialists but where do they think the money is going to come from if there is nobody producing and hiring. .

      • The people who make the money to make things work ARE the socialists. The people. They're preyed upon by a bunch of fat, do-nothing plutocrats, who are increasingly just the spoiled brats who inherited what they have and did damn little enough for it.

      • Really I guess someone needs to tell Finland and Sweden that Socialism failed them even though they're going strong and their people are taken care of....that tells me that you know nothing about Socialism!

    • Noting new about taking what you have not earned and give it to those that would rather party.

    • socialists need to look at Venezuela Socialism is theft. And it’s immo sooner or later you will run out of other peoples money. Nothing we s free. Socialism makes everyone poorer. It rewards the lazy and unmotivated by punishing the hard work and success. It’s a lose lose game.

  • The lack of both a costed platform and plausible leader has lead the PC's to this place. Had they only done the smart thing and voted Elliot as leader they would be in pole position.

      • Get a new motto. Just shows that you are an easily led. uninformed, low information voter.

        • Really, even Doug Ford would not demonstrate such hate in his speech. Remember the PC's are for the people. Your bullying in your writing sure doesn't reflect that you are for the people. Ergo you are not demonstrating PC behaviour.

  • The people voting NDP are most likely millennial’s.. and in school they were taught there are no winners and even if you came in last you still get a badge... now they have been booted out in to the real world and wonder why they are not seeing the same thing they were taught... should have a BIG house and Big car but I still want to go party with my buddies each night...they love social life and social government ... hence why they love the NDP who love to STEAL from the responsible and productive, to give to the lazy and stupid

      • Oh Jaynee Mac ... look in a mirror. Every socialist harps the same slogans over and over whilst they are demonstrating or rioting against those that build, work and pay taxes. Check out the mass produced picket / riot signs.

        Why is it greed to keep what you earned but not greed to take what you did not earn? Then spread it to others than also did not earn it. Easy for hypocrites.

        I believe in a safety net, NOT a hammock.

  • OOOh communists - seriously back to the 50s? And Sandra - I take it you prefer to be anti-social?

  • Ontarians are at the core a decent caring compassionate citizens.
    Doug Ford and his not so Progressive Conservatives demonstrate the canyon from ONPs past.
    Ms.Elliott came closest to the Bill Davis , Susan Fish and Bette Stephens OPCs past.
    ONDP will build on our core values

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