Larry Sharpe on school shootings: “They don’t want to fix the problem”

Joe Rogan invites Larry Sharpe to his podcast, and asks him his opinion on how to make gun control work.

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Larry Sharpe, the Libertarian Party candidate for New York governorship in 2018, was invited on the “Joe Rogan Experience”, a podcast that Rogan developed to interview popular icons and pick their brains on an assortment of intellectual topics.

A Sharpe introduction

Rogan and Sharpe have a dynamic back-and-forth, and from the tone, it is evident that the conversation is mostly agreeable.

One of the subjects that Rogan discusses with Sharpe, is the notion of gun violence and school shootings.

Sharpe explains to Rogan that it is mostly young men, on average, that commit to the violence in an outwardly fashion, while females, typically, are not as violent in the same manner.

Alternatively, Rogan suggests, in response, that people will either turn to violence or to drugs.

How Sharpe is he on gun-control?

In continuing, while Sharpe agrees with Rogan on his claims, he states that no one wants to talk about these kinds of situations and asks Sharpe why people would want to ignore the issue, despite the facts?

Sharpe answers back that it is a question of controversy and that, “They don’t actually want to fix the problem”.

If the government solved the problem with school shootings, then there is no left versus right paradigm any longer.

The Libertarian party member elaborates further. He regards two aspects to remember when one commits a deadly school shooting act. The first is the notion that most people committing school shootings are simultaneously subjecting themselves to public suicide. He analogizes this by comparing to death by cop.

Sharpe further explains that young students who target schools are, essentially, going after the people they deem enemies. For example, as Sharpe says to Rogan, incels believe all the bad guys and the bad girls are there.

The second aspect Sharpe offers, is that the school is a soft target.

Sharpe communicates with Rogan that people who commit these deadly crimes, normally start by planning the evil deed. In this case, Sharpe uses an example of one school massacre where the shooter developed pipe bombs to kill people in case he was unable to get guns.

If a person uses pipe bombs, they are going to kill people anyway. In the dynamic that guns are being used, then the dynamic is slightly different. Either the student can walk into the school and start shooting, or if the officer of the school is the only one armed then the officer will be the first target of the school and then there goes the only armed security in the school.

The Sharpe solution

As a viable and politically distinct alternative from what other politicians are providing, Sharpe believes that schools should allow all properly licensed teachers to remain armed.

In this case, there is no more planning involved. Students and teachers become much harder to target, and as a result, the school ceases from being a soft target.

Rogan politely disagrees with Sharpe at this juncture, telling the Libertarian party member that he does not believe that politicians want to maintain the gun controversy to be confrontational about a left and right battle, but that he definitely understands and sees at least part of Sharpe’s reasoning in a very similar way.

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