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Labradoodle creator calls the breed his “Frankenstein’s monster”

Labradoodle creator calls the breed his “Frankenstein’s monster” 

Dog’s are considered by many to be an ideal pet, yet the man behind the popular Labradoodle breed, Wally Conron believes he created a monster. “I released a Frankenstein,” he said, according to Global News.

Wally Conron bred the first Labradoodle—a crossbreed between a Labrador and a poodle—in Australia while in the employ of Guide Dogs Victoria. The breed was an inspired creation made specifically to help a blind woman whose husband was allergic to dog hair. The Labradoodle, being a hypoallergenic, intelligent dog was the perfect solution to the woman’s dilemma. Yet the creation of the breed led to a situation that Walton regrets. On an Australian Broadcasting Program podcast titled “The labradoodle of regret”, Walton commented on the breed’s current popularity.

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