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Kathleen Wynne: Vote or Some Old White Person Will

Can I be honest with you?

Recently, I have been really tired of the constant race-based politics that Western media and politicians just can’t seem to get enough of, but now I am also starting to become worried and fearful about our future.

For instance, the other day, I stumbled on a post by Spencer Fernando, an independent journalist, which highlighted a case which I think displays my fears in full.

Fernando posted:

“Kathleen Wynne has sparked outrage after racially divisive comments.

Speaking to reporters, Wynne said that when she talks to young people who don’t think voting makes a difference, she tells them that “if you don’t vote, then somebody who looks like me is going to vote, some senior person, older than me, some white person, you know the reality is that that’s the demographic that’s going to get out and vote so we need you to be engaged.”

Wynne is supposed to be the leader of all Ontarians, yet she clearly thinks the votes of “senior people” and “white people” need to be counteracted.”

Fernando hits on some key points, but I’d like to delve deeper into them as a person of colour.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has now begun to play full-scale identity politics. If you are white or old, then you automatically prescribe to have a set of beliefs, values, and pre-noted crimes. If you are young or not-white, you are prescribed a different set. She does this with purpose, hoping to separate individuals along those lines with no care in regards to what that will do to our society.

That it pits loyal hard-working Canadians against each other instead of discussing the real issues which are important to the electorate. Such issues include: declining health care quality; a rising tax burden; and an ever-growing problem with expensive and corrupt hydro.

But that’s not all. According to the Toronto Sun, the Ontario economy itself has had real problems for a decade.

“From 2003-2014, inflation-adjusted economic growth per person in Ontario averaged 0.3% annually — a third of the national average.

What about job creation? From 2004-2014, annual private-sector job growth in Ontario averaged 0.6% — approximately half the rate of job creation in the rest of Canada.”

Newer data on this topic is slightly more positive, but not from a dollar for results perspective.

According to the Globe and Mail “The fact is that revenue growth in Ontario since 2003-04 has averaged more than 4 per cent annually – that’s more than enough to offset the cost pressures resulting from inflation and a growing population.”

So why is the economy doing so relatively poorly? Why are we all angry at each other for no reason?

I’d argue an ignorance of real problems combined with pandering and virtue signalling for re-election.

These and many more issues are important to Ontarians and should be discussed both in Queens Park and in the public discourse.

Instead, we receive the ever continuing train of virtue-signalling, where privileged white individuals pit the least privileged and most at risk white folks against their minority counterparts.

How is that for privileged politics?


  • This absolute twit of a woman is playing the race card to rescue her dying appeal in the polls. . Well, we ALL can play the race card. Tell me, who was it who came to Canada, forged rivers, climbed mountains, built railways through some of the most daunting terrain in the world? Predominantly WHITE people, and CHINESE people - and an assortment of courageous people from across Europe. Who was it who fought and died in two world wars to keep democracy safe from totalitarian and fascist despots? Who are the majority of men and women currently fighting the enemies of Canada? Just think about that Kathleen, and, if you prefer to pledge your troth in racists who buy into your anti white diatribes, then go live in some of THEIR wonderful countries - and good riddance.

  • This tactic worked wonders for hillary clinton. Why would it work for cathleen wynne? Not, projected results say she won't even win in her riding, thus being severely ousted. We don't want this shit no more. We white voters are sick of the race baiting.

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  • Irony and hypocrisy here. Today is Wynne's birthday and she is 65 today. So she is an old white senior before the election day. I googled her to find out her age cause I didn't think she was as young as she was trying to portray herself

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