Andrew Scheer criticized Justin Trudeau for his false comment during question period where he said, “We see proof that the conservatives simply don’t understand that low income families don’t benefit from tax breaks because they don’t pay taxes.”

The comments came after a question by Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre.

Prime Minister Trudeau can be heard shouting “That is an absolute lie” while Scheer is talking.

“Does he truly believe that low-income Canadians pay no GST, pay no EI payroll taxes, pay no federal taxes and pay no gas taxes?” asked Scheer.

Instead of answering the opposition leader’s criticism, Justin Trudeau took to criticizing Stephen Harper’s tax policies during his ten years in power.

“Mr. Speaker none of that is true. Under the conservative government taxes were lowered for Canadians, it was his tax changes that have lead to the top 1% pay less taxes. It’s not surprising that he doesn’t understand how the tax system works, he brags that other people manage his vast family fortune,” said Scheer. “So once again can he tell Canadians, does he truly believe that low income Canadians pay no GST, pay no EI payroll taxes, pay no federal taxes and pay no gas taxes?”

Throughout the exchange the Prime Minister refused to address or admit to his comments which are now widely available online.

“Has his luxurious lifestyle made him so out of touch that he doesn’t understand the struggles of low income Canadians?” asked Scheer.

Without answering the question, Justin Trudeau continued to claim that non-refundable tax credits don’t help low income Canadians and that they are taken advantage of by the wealthy without providing any truth for his comments.

It seems that Justin Trudeau either doesn’t remember his own words or refuses to admit him and his party’s lack of understanding of taxes.