Justin Trudeau Now Has A Lower Approval Rating Than Donald Trump (In Their Respective Countries)

Justin Trudeau may now have less support in Canada, than Donald Trump does in the United States, according to two new polls.

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Justin Trudeau may now have less support in Canada, than Donald Trump does in the United States, according to two new polls.

Forum Research recently released a poll which found Justin Trudeau maintaining approval from a third (35%) and disapproval from more than half (56%).

This provides him with a net favourable score of -21.

In comparison, fivethirtyeight.com currently gives Donald Trump an approval rating of 42% and a disapproval rating of 52%. Providing a net score of -10.

According to these two particular polls, Trudeau has both a lower approval rating and a higher disapproval rating than his counterpart in our southern neighbour.

A Fading Honeymoon

This is extremely interesting as it shows a changing pattern in which Trudeau’s approval rating continues to fall while Donald Trump’s support remains largely consistent.

It shows that Canadians as a whole may not be agreeing with the tone or direction the Prime Minister has taken, even if a majority of Canadians also disapprove of Trump.

Why Is This Occurring?

During the last 4-5 months, the Prime Minister has continuously taken every opportunity to showboat globally, first making a controversial voyage to India, and then stopping by New York University to “convince” Americans that they too can be a part of his tribe.

Through all of this, the nation has put forward a tenuous carbon tax and enforced it with legislation, arguing that it would help convince skeptical Canadians and finally grant the social license needed to build the necessary pipelines for our economy.

Sadly for Trudeau and for the average Canadian, almost every single one of these decisions have been disastrous.

The trip to India hurt our relationship and public image, without stimulating any meaningful investment, as Canada invested nearly 4 times more into India than vice-versa in the end.

In New York, Trudeau made the nation once again look … well … goofy. And, he has perhaps failed the hardest in the most important area, the economy.

The choice to legislate a carbon tax without a proper mechanism to develop the needed pipelines has allowed our energy sector to fall through the cracks, while Canadians continue to pay more for much-needed energy.

With all of these problems maybe its time the Prime Minister began to focus on running Canada, and not every other foreign country.

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  1. Great article Ali, maybe a little more detail next time, these were news flashes everyone knew. Would have been good to have some extra depth.

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