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Justin Trudeau is Wrong, Diversity is not our Strength

One of Justin Trudeau’s favourite platitudes is “diversity is our strength”.  A vapid comment from the substitute drama teacher turned Prime Minister, that should have been just that, a comment.  However, the Prime Minister has continued to parrot his favourite talking point, even making speeches that expanded on the idea that “diversity” in itself is what makes Canada great.

This little statement would be harmless if it weren’t for two major factors:

First, it is wrong.  Dead wrong.  Diversity is not our strength, decency is.  Justin Trudeau confuses cause and effect here.  A diverse set of people is the result of a decent society that values people by their content of character, not the way they look.

Consider this easy example: You have a hockey team and a basketball team.  The hockey team is all black and the basketball team is made up of one kid from each race.

After each game the hockey team does 3 hrs of community service and good deeds, and the basketball team commits 3 hrs of street crime.  Which team has better people?

The hockey team, although they are racially homogenous.

Now let’s say one of the kids on the hockey team moves out of town and is replaced with a white child.  Yet the entire team, him included, continue to act in the exact same way as before.  Has adding a white person made them better people?  Of course not.  Their actions define them.

Judging people by the colour of their skin used to be known as racism, now that has been replaced by insane ramblings from our institutions about privilege and power.  “Diversity is our strength” is an inherently racist statement as it values you by your skin colour or religion.

Another minute of critical thought and it gets even more racist, as it implies that your value is determined by your skin colour in relation to the skin colour of all other people around you!  That’s double the racism and half the individual autonomy.

Second, there is a growing part of the radical Left who use the term “diversity”, although they really mean “being anti-white”.  No, not the entire Left, but it is undeniable that there is a radical element that is quickly seeping into the mainstream.

Look no further than the New York Times hiring of Sarah Jeong who’s twitter tirades against white people would even make David Duke blush if you changed her tweets from white to black.

There is a growing segment of the population that rightly or wrongly feel, like they are being attacked simply for being white.  The relentless attack for the racist radical Left has lead to the rise of the counter argument “diversity is our weakness” a statement that is equally as wrong as its mirror, yet we can easily see its faults.

Just as it is the responsibility of conservatives and Classical Liberals like me to be on the front lines of the criticism of the Alt-right, the same applies to the reasonable actors on the Left when it comes to their crew of race-baiting authoritarian demagogues.

Trust me Liberals… it is easy to do, watch.  Don’t vote for Faith Goldy, she isn’t qualified to be mayor of her apartment building let alone one of the greatest cities on earth.

I doubt anything in this article would have been controversial 10 years ago, let alone necessary to say.  Most of us used to agree with MLK’s “I have a dream” speech, yet when Maxime Bernier articulated this exact sentiment, everything broke loose.  He could not even get the Conservative Party to back his stance, even though the majority of Canadians agreed with him.

The diversity is our strength mantra has expanded outwards.  Iqra Khalid, the MP behind M-103, used it as one of her hashtags when she announced that a park in Winnipeg would be named after the founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah.  As most people know, the founding of Pakistan wasn’t the most peaceful event in world history.

Here is where things get difficult in our society.  What’s wrong with Pakistani people? Nothing.  What’s wrong with Pakistan? How about the fact that they legally treat Ahmadi Muslims as apostates making it impossible to practice their faith in Pakistan without being murdered of beaten with impunity.

This is the blind “cult of diversity” that Maxime Bernier referred to.  People who will cheer the removal of a statue of Canada’s founder actually within Canada, while naming a park after a man with a much darker history, whose contribution to Canadian culture and history is zero.

So, if diversity isn’t our strength then what is?  Our ideals.  We are a nation with ideological values: kindness, decency, responsible government, these are Canadian values, not murdering sects of Muslims for not being Muslim enough.

We have now embarked on the dangerous path of historical revisionism, purging anything “offensive” from the history books.  The tragedy of it all, is that this level of cultural destruction will hurt Canadians and immigrants all the same.  There is so much in our past to be proud of, that if we choose to learn and understand these lessons, it will help us integrate those around us better.

Take for example, the work of our military in WWII.  Near the end of a long hard-fought war the Canadian forces had a choice.  Go along with the allied plan and take the easy route to Berlin through Belgium, or take the long way and go through the Nazi forces and liberate the Netherlands.

After seeing the horrors of the Nazi occupation and the mass starvation they inflicted on the remaining occupied territories to sustain their last stand, our ancestors chose to risk their life for the freedom of others.

13,000 Canadians lost their lives in that fight.  A sacrifice the Dutch have not forgotten, but we soon may.  These men fought for the ideal of freedom, and the people who aspire to it, not wealth or glory. It is through men like this, and those of us who memorialize them every November, when we dawn the poppy, that Canada draws its strength.

Now we live in a time where the simple questioning of this diversity narrative from the Liberals is enough to get anyone publicly defamed and slandered in the media.

It’s not healthy, and will slowly tear us apart.  Conservatives like me, and Liberals who made it to the end of this article without wanting to destroy my life, need to get together for a public discourse.  Because the ability to politely engage with those we disagree with is true diversity, and that is a source of strength.


  • With the “feel good” Liberals dividing the country up into special groups, what happens if we should have to come together in a time of crisis?

    It will be WWII all over again with the Zombies – look it up – in Queeerbec. “it’s not my war” as the Nazis marched through Paris and they ran to Ottawa to fight conscription and stay home. COWARDS!!!

    However, they sure rallied around the walking nose – DeGaulle – to cheer that coward on for separation when the war was won. (DeGaulle ran to England when the first Hun crossed into France and fought the brave fight from the safety of England)

    But back to the special interest groups. They will all stomp their feet, wring their hands and claim that Groper Turdeau, and their mothers, all said they were special and it will be up to those that settled and built the country to go forth whilst the “special” people all stay back and collect more government hand outs.

    Bull Crap.

    The election is coming next year because it is 2019!!. Lets hope the “special” Millennials will be too stoned in Moms basement to get off their asses and vote the idiot back in.

    Informed voters have a plethora of reasons to hate the moronic spawn of PET. Divisiveness, political correctness run amok, his reflection on sexual assault that does not apply to him, failed NAFTA, India, China visit, the illegals crossing in Queerbec, the economy diving, and what the Liberlas have done to Alberta – just like Daddy did.

    • To the list add impulse spending to save face against rational reasons of $4.9 billion, oh yeah turning off protection by the USA of Canada in war

    • Excellent article and excellent rebuttal. This is how we fix the problems we have. Not by screaming racism but speaking the truth or what we believe to be the truth

  • Hmmmm... Trying to say that Trudeau's "diversity is our strength" is a racist comment is a stretch. Saying it is anti-white is a looooong stretch. Him saying diversity is our strength IS saying "be decent to each other" regardless of race/ culture/ religion. This Conservative author has it all wrong, or atleast wants to make it seem like the Liberals do. Totally disagree with this article

    • It's the celebration of diverse views I believe Canadians are beginning to have problems with as some of those "diverse" views.. are not in keeping with current western values. Most Canadians don't really care what color you are. It's not a issue. White/Black/Red/Yellow in similar settings we were all acting in similar ways in most social situations.. integration was high on the list of priorities.

      We were even ok about diversity in culture right up until around the early 90s because we naturally believed everyone coming here would share in that similar mindset even if they did things a little differently. But with the world growing smaller thru the internet it became increasingly clear that some that come here do not share our views. Ok fine.. Government acknowledges that and tries to accommodate these small groups.

      Now the problem with that is they have done so at the expense of the majority. Not just talking about whites here.. but everyone who has integrated into a Canadian cultural mindset. They must now bend for the needs of a few rather then the opposite and not bending gets you labeled.. that's not right. Those coming into the host country need to integrate, not the other way around.

  • You nailed it Daniel, well - written, and without bias. Refreshing read. Now if the CBC were only to run this truth!!!!

  • Excellent article and excellent rebuttal. This is how we fix the problems we have. Not by screaming racism but speaking the truth or what we believe to be the truth

    • Daniel borden is the author and a past stand up conedian. The biggest joke on the pkanet deserves another article particularizing buckwheat and billy moron. Remember in english translated Diversity is our strength means Canadians must comply with a leader who demands freedom of expression is vulgar and intolerable

  • It is like saying "A house divided is our strength". Canada has always been one of the most diverse nations on earth. The difference between immigrants of the past and now is that immigrants were allowed based on their skills, their English and their willingness to work for the good of the country. We have always taken in some economic refugees, but at lower numbers. Today we are taking in those who, basically, hate us, will not work with us or associate with us and do not care about the good of the country. Many are, in fact, terrorists who have recently been killing our people overseas in their own country. Their views are not our views. Their culture is diametrically opposed to ours and their goals are to destroy us - by their own admission and ideology. This is not strength it is dissension, turmoil and strife.

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