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Justin Trudeau gets heckled throughout disastrous climate change event
Justin Trudeau gets heckled throughout disastrous climate change event
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Justin Trudeau gets heckled throughout disastrous climate change event 

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During the Prime Minister’s first appearance since Minister of Digital Government Jane Philpott resigned from the Liberal government due to the SNC-Lavalin allegations, Justin Trudeau was interrupted and heckled by the crowd.

Before entering into the event, Justin Trudeau was confronted by protestors outside shouting “two-faced Trudeau“.

The Monday night Liberal rally in Toronto featured the Liberal Minister of the Environment Catherine McKenna and the Prime Minister.

While the Prime Minister addressed a packed house at the Danforth Music Hall, the event erupted into shouts and scuffles where security officers had to intervene.

During the prime minister’s entrance, he was met with a mix of boos and cheers as he made his way towards the stage.

Justin Trudeau addressed Philpott’s resignation early on in his comments saying “I know Ms. Philpott has felt this way for some time, and while I am disappointed, I understand her decision to step down, and I want to thank her for her service.”

Shortly after, an animal rights activist rushed the stage and bumped Trudeau’s podium while in the middle of his statement.

Near the end of his address, the Prime Minister was also confronted with another scuffle, further off in the crowd.

“Leadership is about facing reality head on, it’s not about sticking your head in the sand and ignoring what’s all around you. It’s not about fighting progress in court. Canadians deserve better than that,” said Justin Trudeau. “Canadians deserve real leadership!”

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