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Justin Appearing Before The Ethics Committee Would Be A Career Ending Move

The Liberals defeated an opposition motion to have Justin Trudeau appear before the House of Commons Ethics Committee yesterday.

The result of the motion was expected. The Liberals may be unethical and fiscally irresponsible but they are not politically inept.

Unscripted Justin bad for business

Justin Trudeau is the ultimate example of style over substance. He is undeniably charismatic and handsome. Justin used his personal attraction to overcome a glaring lack of experience and ability. However, when faced with difficult questions Justin’s incompetence and lack of depth become glaringly obvious.

The opposition members of the House of Commons Ethics Committee would ask Trudeau serious questions. They have served in the House of Commons for years and won’t be swayed by his glib responses. Therefore an appearance before the Ethics Committee could have a very high chance of being catastrophic to Trudeau’s career.

Justin has embarrassed himself repeatedly when placed in situations where he faces even minor criticism. An example of Justin’s unserious nature took place in October when our prime minister refused to let Finance Minister Bill Morneau answer questions on the controversial changes to the small business tax scheme.

A reporter asked a question of Morneau and Trudeau wouldn’t let him answer. When a second reporter wanted to ask Morneau a question Trudeau replied:

“You have to ask a question of me first because you get a chance to talk to the prime minister.”

It is mind-blowing that the media let Trudeau get away with such a flippant and childish response. Trudeau didn’t come close to providing a reasonable answer. If he had stated that he was aware of the changes to the tax regime and would take the questions that would have been reasonable.

Trudeau’s response was troubling in a few respects. It is problematic if Trudeau truly believes that he can tell reporters who they can ask questions of. Trudeau’s flippant response also indicates a narcissistic streak and an over-inflated ego.

Another, equally plausible, explanation of Justin’s juvenile response is lack of ability on his part. If Justin had indicated his desire to answer questions on the proposed changes to the tax regime the reporters wouldn’t have had reacted so incredulously to his comment. Justin has never shown the ability to answer complicated policy questions without being coached beforehand.

It is entirely reasonable to interpret Justin’s response as a defence mechanism for his inability to articulate complex policy answers. Trudeau was able to rise to the head of Canada’s government ln the basis of his charisma despite grave concerns about his flippant nature. The Morneau situation was not the only time Trudeau has stumbled in the face of pressure.

In December, former Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson found that Trudeau had violated the Conflict of Interest Act. Trudeau is the only Canadian prime minister to have done so.

Trudeau gave a cringe-worthy performance in a scrum on Dawson’s findings. He said that he had to “re-order the thoughts” in his head. The video from that performance will likely appear in campaign ads.

Testifying before the Ethics Committee would almost certainly be bad for Justin. There is no reason to believe he would suddenly learn how to present a serious response in an unscripted situation.

Justin’s realize an Ethics Committee appearance could be a fatal decision. Therefore the high chance of a bad outcome from such an appearance is why Justin won’t be allowed to do it.

Burt Schoeppe

Burt is a dedicated CPA based in Edmonton. When not at work assessing financial competencies he can be found cheering for the Oilers or the Redskins. In terms of the economy, he advocates for fiscal responsibility at all levels of government.


  • The man is a joke. He has no business standing as PM for this country. Cannot for the life of me understand how so many fail to see through the veil of this deceitful sham of a man. But thankfully our loyal Opposition parties have to do little to win the next election. Trudeau is his own biggest enemy and if he continues on this path of shaming the country, he’ll defeat himself.

  • JT is the worst PM of Canada we have ever seen since the Confederation . Even worst than his Father.

  • "He is undeniably charismatic and handsome."
    No, he isn't. His charisma is punctuated by undisguised disdain. And his features? Sunken Eyes. Five o'clock shadow. Greasy expressions, deceptive eye movements.

    Give yourself a shake.

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