Justice Minister Updates Bill 62

Quebec's Justice Minister has further detailed how the controversial bill 62 will be carried out.

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QUEBEC — Quebec’s Justice Minister has further detailed how the controversial bill 62 will be carried out.

A person will be allowed to ride the bus or métro, sit in a hospital waiting room or walk around a library without removing a face covering if there is no direct interaction with a public employee, the government said Tuesday.

“Nobody will be refused use of pubic transit, nobody will be refused emergency health care, nobody will be chased out of a public library in Quebec.”

But for the purposes of identification, a bus driver may ask a person to remove a face covering to verify the validity of a person’s travel document if the card has a photo, such as for students or seniors.

“It is not an extra burden,” Vallée said. “We don’t kick the person off. She does not have access (from the start).”

Softening Stance: The plan is seen as a softening of tone when compared to an earlier version of the bill, which would have obliged a person to remove a face covering for the whole transit trip or use any public service.

Opposition: Many municipal leaders including Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre have described the bill as inapplicable. He said he doesn’t want city bus drivers turned into clothing police.

Lack of Centralization: Each public service and each accommodation will require a separate case. Accommodations at this moment are seen as only single event allowances.

No Fines: The law will have no financial penalty for rule breakers.


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