Jordan Kent: Why I’m not voting for Caroline Mulroney

Before I get into this post, I want to say that while I respect both former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and his daughter Caroline, I have grave concerns with Caroline’s candidacy for reasons that I will lay out below. 

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Before I get into this post, I want to say that while I respect both former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and his daughter Caroline, I have grave concerns with Caroline’s candidacy for reasons that I will lay out below.

Last night, Caroline Mulroney, the daughter of former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney announced her intent to run for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario.

She is running in the upcoming election for the Riding of York-Simcoe.

While I am sure, there are many reasons that Conservatives will use to justify their support for Ms Mulroney. I wish to explain why, if she is elected as Leader of the PC Party I will not be able to vote for the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario in the upcoming provincial election on June 7th, 2018.

First, there is her lack of political experience. While Ms Mulroney was successful in her legal and business career, her lack of political knowledge makes her a less attractive choice.

We haven’t seen enough from her to determine whether or not she would be able to hold her own against seasoned politicians like Ontario Liberal Leader and Premier Kathleen Wynne, or NDP Leader Andrea Horwath in the Leaders Debates or even on the campaign trail.

Premier Wynne especially is a fierce competitor who has always done well as the underdog. In case people have forgotten, Premier Wynne snatched a majority government from the jaws of defeat in 2014.

There is also the issue that Ms Mulroney’s campaign was media driven.

From the moment Patrick Brown resigned in what has since been described by some as an inside job by his advisors, the media put in place a well-scripted plan to have Caroline Mulroney installed as Leader of the PC Party.

Her name was in the mouths of every single political commentator and reporter in the province. People want to elect another dynasty to Canadian politics, all the while forgetting the consequences of electing Justin Trudeau as our Prime Minister have caused us.

It is politically opportunistic for Ms Mulroney to seek the leadership of the PC Party when she has no experience running a political party, let alone a province.

While I think she would make a good Premier someday down the road that time is not now. We cannot afford to elect a political dynasty in the hopes that it hands the PC Party the keys to the Premier’s office.

Second of all, Caroline decided to seek the PC Party Nomination and signed on to the disastrous “People’s Guarantee” which was implemented without a policy convention or a proper consultation with the grassroots members.

The party plan included policies that were imposed by Patrick Brown on the grassroots, such as the party’s support for a carbon tax.

Ms Mulroney has yet to promise to do away with it, and until she does, I know of many Conservatives who will not be supporting her.

We need a Leader in the mould of great Conservative Leaders like Brad Wall, Stephen Harper, and Ralph Klein.

Someone who is willing to stand up for Ontario and someone who isn’t going to let her family friendship with Justin Trudeau get in the way of standing up to Trudeau on issues like the carbon tax, health care, and infrastructure funding.

Third, there is the issue that her father is a long-time friend of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

In fact, one week before he was elected as Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada he said that: “I’ve known Justin since he was a child. What’s not to like?”

This should be enough for any Conservative to get off the Mulroney Train and commit to working to stop Ms Mulroney from becoming the Leader of the PC Party.

There is also the fact that her father is working for Prime Minister Trudeau as an advisor on the NAFTA renegotiation.

A deal which Mr Mulroney implemented when he was Prime Minister, which makes Ms Mulroney’s position challenging in that she cannot step on the toes of Justin Trudeau, nor can she attack him to the degree that Conservatives like myself expect from our Leaders.

Justin Trudeau’s incompetent leadership style is almost destroying what was once a great country, and it will take decades to restore our nations former greatness.

I cannot support someone who is willing to work with Justin Trudeau when it means that their stance on certain issues will be geared towards tiptoeing around the Liberals and not entirely opposing their reckless and at times dangerous policies that do not benefit Ontarian’s or Canadians.

Fourth, there is the issue that the last time we had a Mulroney at the helm of a political party; they virtually destroyed the party, albeit it was federally and not provincially.

When Brian Mulroney resigned as Prime Minister, the decisions that his government made led to Canada suffering its worst recession since the Second World War.

We had the highest unemployment levels since the Great Depression, high and persistent deficits, we faced the introduction of the much-hated Goods and Services Tax (GST), and extensive government corruption and mismanagement.

We also saw the failures on the Meech Lake and the Charlottetown Accords, and the alienation of the west, all of which led to the collapse and virtual elimination of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada.

With his successor Kim Cambell going from a massive majority to only two seats in the following election.

While I do not believe that all responsibility lies with Mr Mulroney, it did take the Conservative Party over thirteen years to re-build and to win their first government after his resignation.

Fifth, there is the issue that Patrick Brown’s campaign team is leading her campaign for Leader.

This polluted leadership team means that if she becomes the Leader, there will be no changes made to the party platform, and things will stay the same.

The ousting of Patrick Brown offers the provincial PC Party an excellent opportunity to hit the reset button and to lose some of the ridiculous and borderline socialist policies that Patrick Brown forced on the party grassroots.

Finally, after the divisive leadership of Patrick Brown and the alienation of Social Conservatives as well as Libertarians, it is time for the party to elect an experienced, talented, and dynamic Leader with political experience. A leader who can unite the Conservative family under the Big Blue Tent, and get the party back to its Conservative roots.

I am convinced that Caroline Mulroney is what the party does not need at this time. She represents what is wrong with Conservatism as sold to Ontarian’s in the People’s Guarantee.

People want authentic, fiscally Conservative solutions to the issues that we face as a Province.

If the voters had to choose between the Ontario Liberal Party and a Liberal-Lite version in the form of the PC Party, they would vote for the Liberals which would lead to the catastrophic and devastating fifth consecutive election loss for the Progressive Conservatives.

If the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario wants to win the upcoming election, they would be well served to choose Christine Elliott or Doug Ford and to not give in to the media’s mad craving for another political dynasty that could prove to provide more damage to Ontario than it has already sustained.

What is your opinion? Let us know below!


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  1. I agree wholeheartedly…. were seeing whats happening on the Federal level with an inexperienced politician at the helm….total disaster….

  2. You are so right. With her father working on the left hand and the turd on her right hand what reality has Ontario got to become a great province again. She has no back bone. She would not push Trudope. She might hurt his feelings. No she will help destroy what is left of the country.

  3. I agree that this isn’t Caroline’s time. However, you have overstated the case against her father by far more than a country mile.

  4. Mulroney’s free trade that wasn’t free. The beginning of devastation to our manufacturing industry and continual bleedout of all our others. Mulroney’s policies are why we got in the situations Canada finds itself in – trade deficit Globalism has taken its’ toll on us yet there he is trying to save his trade baby. He’s also listed in the Paradise Papers. His daughter benefited from her father’s scams too. I’ve had enough of the Mulroneys

    I’m voting Ford but I’m ok with Elliott too

  5. You are absolutely right, no more of the past
    We want a fresh start, and Doug Ford can do it, and may be Elliot, but I don’t think she also is up to the fight, with the liberals.
    And we have to get rid of the new tax Winn has put on, ESTATES.
    That is ridulous, we never has an estate tax , ever., all Winn does is sell of, to try and get a balanced budget.
    Barbara Attridge

  6. I find it ironic you would state you would not vote for Caroline without first hearing from all three candidates. I would also like to say that a good leader needs to have a good team under them to be successful. Painting her into a corner with Trudeau or her father is unfair, she is her own person. A leader does not have to have the political experience, yes it does help but is not a criteria. I speak from experience as a first term successful mayor who had zero political experience going into that position. I have a good Council (Caucus) and I have a great staff that provide advice and ensure I stay within the boundaries of a politician. For the record my vote is wide open until I hear from the candidates and believe yours should be as well. A decision like this needs to be based on factual information and facts before deciding. Oh and by the way this Province needs a leader who is not tarnished by the political arena, is younger and more in tune with age demographics of Ontario.

    1. I met her uncle at a social event and would suggest that Canada needs more than extensions of Trudeau or Mulroney elitists. No sense trying to defend her it’s time for significant change and Ford or perhaps Elliott can facilitate the change required
      Don’t be fooled Caroline will be under her father’s thumb and we had enough of him.

  7. Not sure who Jordan Kent is but he better get his facts correct. There was no recession after Prime Minister Mulroney left office. As a matter of fact, Paul Martin has publicly stated that the GST was the fairest and best tax for Canada and that he balanced the budget because in part, of the GST. He should check his facts on other statements he makes as well. He is so far out on NAFTA facts that he sounds like Trump saying that it ruined the USA. Facts do not bear that out. And the former Prime Minister is offering advice to the current Government, as he should. And he appeared before a Senate Committee in the USA defending Canada and the agreement. I would hope that all former PMs would go the same thing no matter the issue. So Jordan, get your facts straight. As far as Caroline is concerned, he (Jordon) has written her off without hearing her speak, seeing her in action on leadership debates, and listening to her platform. Some of the concerns expressed are legitimate but don’t judge so early. Ron Higgins comments are well thought out and I agree with his approach.

  8. I agree that strong leadership is needed and Ford has the skill set needed. We don’t need another halfway liberal doing business as a conservative. The media what’s a liberal government and we need to rise up as conservative in unity and say we have had enough.

  9. Disagree with your statement the “People’s Guarantee” was disastrous. While there was no policy convention, consultation with grassroots members were indeed made. I know as I gave input.

    Agree this is not Caroline’s time as yet and it WAS media who began pushing and putting out her name initially while ignoring seasoned and experienced MPP’s already within the party.

    Today’s mainstream media might very well be a major reason why Ontario and possibly Canada is in the political mess it is.

  10. So far, Ms Caroline Mulroney reads like a spoiled princess (outside Canada education? whats up with that, we have fine and excellent Universities in Canada). Has no political experience. Was GIFTED the York-Simcoe seat. Has NEVER received a vote from a single Ontario resident. At present she IS NOT PC Leader material.

    Doug Ford talks alot but has no substance, gives impression he is a “my way or highway type of guy” that attitude doesn’t work well in politics. Most Ontario voters WILL NOT vote PC if he is leader. He is a Toronto only boy, needs to understand Ontario is not just Toronto/southern Ontario.

    Christine Elliott sees to be the only person with any real political experience. Is old at 62 and most likely will be viewed by millennials as old guard and they are looking for a fresh younger face, newer ideas. Good Luck getting my fellow millennials out to vote though (even electronically) they are just too too busy with all their electronic stuff.

Jordan Kent

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