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John A. Macdonald Statue in Montreal Vandalized

An article from LaPresse reported that in the early morning of August 17, 2018, fringe left activists vandalized a statue of Canada’s first Prime Minister, labeling him a racist colonial icon.  A video of the event was shared by media broadcaster “No Borders Media Network”, a Facebook page for ultra-left supporters.

"Nous revendiquons cette action en appui au retrait récent de la statue de John A. Macdonald dans la ville de Victoria en Colombie-Britannique et en opposition continue aux groupes d'extrême droite ainsi qu'aux politicien.nes qui défendent activement l'héritage de la suprématie blanche et du racisme" -An anonymous member of the far-left (in French).

An anonymous leftist militant left a message for LaPresse and when translated from French to English, it explains, essentially, that the reasoning for their illegal behaviour was reinforcement for the John A. Macdonald situation in Victoria, British Columbia, and that it was meant to be a message of opposition against the alt-right, and politicians who actively defend the heritage of white supremacy and racism.

John A. Macdonald’s history of colonialism in Canada is nothing short of shady as he is credited with the role of creating, or at least endorsing, European boarding schools for Indigenous white-washing during his leadership in the 19th century.

The municipal decision to take down the statue in Victoria raises some serious questions for Canada, as cities around the nation have been locked in controversial debate over the troubled past of their historical figures.

In Montreal, rue Amherst, a street named after the British officer who envisioned committing mass genocide on the indigenous populations by infecting them with blankets infested with smallpox, is also under very similar controversy as it has been for years now.

A link to the video of the statue being vandalized can be found here:

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