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Joe Rogan endorsed Bernie Sanders, and that’s a problem?

Joe Rogan endorsed Bernie Sanders, and that’s a problem? 

CNN has been accused of having a left-wing bias. They are biased, just as Fox News is biased. CNN acts as an extension of the DNC and Fox of the GOP. It would be nice if they would both just come out and say it but I doubt that day is coming anytime soon. Ask anybody at either network and they’ll tell you, their merely just objective journalist, desperate to uncover the truth and bring it to the people.

Recently, CNN wrote an article entitled, “Bernie Sanders draws criticism for touting Joe Rogan endorsement.” The article’s opening paragraph read, “Bernie Sanders is facing backlash from some Democrats after his campaign trumpeted an endorsement from comedian Joe Rogan, a popular podcast and YouTube talk show host with a history of making racist, homophobic and transphobic comments.” 

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