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Jason Kenney Responds to NDP Anger Machine

A week ago, the NDP ramped up their fear mongering campaign by tenfold. As Rachel Notley implied that “people will die” as a result of conservative policies. This was in addition to 3 vicious ad campaigns: paid ads on instagram saying that Jason Kenney will out gay kids, a “Stop Kenney” ad on google, and Progressive Alberta dropping anti-Kenney literature.

Kenney was quick to point out the Conservative policy of allowing farmers to choose what kind of insurance is best for them and to not be forced into limited government insurance. Surprisingly, Notley’s “people will die” comment was in response to this policy.

It’s funny how the left acts as if having the freedom to choose is something bad. Having the freedom to choose your insurance and not being forced into the government’s. Having the freedom to choose to be in a union and not being bullied into it by the government. Apparently, if Albertans have this freedom of choice, people will certainly die.

Kenney is then quick to turn our attention back to the regular fear and smear campaign of the NDP. These kinds of attacks have been going on for years now, such as when the Deputy Premier referred to Conservatives as being “sewer rats.”

Meanwhile, as the NDP attack everything and anything about conservatives under the sun, Kenney points out how good devoted conservatives were able to bring themselves to give a round of applause to Rachel Notley at their AGM this last May.

Kenney even went a step further and said “the NDP aren’t bad people, they just have bad ideas,” as he urged his supporters to “oppose the NDP policies with civility.”

What is most clear in this response is that Kenney’s campaign isn’t shaping up to be a negative one based on hardball and dirty ricks.

But why take the high road when there is so much to attack the NDP on?

It seems that the strategy here is to draw a huge contrast between the NDP and the UCP. The NDP is the ruling party that has destroyed Alberta, and are now so desperate to maintain power that they’ll try to do it by any means necessary.

In the other corner we have Kenney: calm, put together, civil, and respectful. He is not taking Albertans for granted or treating them like children, but as the strong citizens that they are. The damage that the NDP has already self-inflicted means that all Kenney has to do is continue to create this contrast of a raging NDP anger machine against the kind and civil UCP.

If you’ve spent some time looking into politics you’ll know how effective a negative campaign is, IF you know who your base is and those you’re trying to attract to your base. The problem with the NDPs negative campaign is that there is not a large enough base of Albertans they can appeal to, so this tactic certainly will not work to bring them another majority government.

Before election time rolls around, you can only expect the NDP to become more vicious while the UCP stay cool as a cucumber.

After all, why get into the mud when you’re miles ahead?

Samuel Blackett

Samuel is a young Conservative looking to engage Canada's youth on issues facing our country today.




    • #1 - check your spelling before showing the world you have limited education

      #2 - take off your caps to show others you are level headed as opposed to YELLING AT THEM

      #3 - type something that makes sense to normal people instead of proving that your limited communication skills prohibit your ability to formulate and convey a thought.

      #4 - don't waste people's time with crap

      You're welcome

  • The NDP gas tank is empty. What remains is to stick out your thumb. Well forage on, voyageurs of nothing.

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