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Jagmeet Singh jumps to top approval rating among federal leaders
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Jagmeet Singh jumps to top approval rating among federal leaders 

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According to the latest leadership job approval poll by Campaign Research, Jagmeet Singh has claimed the top spot, with 49% of Canadians approving of his performance.

Singh’s tremendous recovery from the bottom of the barrel at 22% approval, to taking the lead, happened over a month’s time, with another spike from 33% to 49% shortly after his stellar leaders debate performance.

The current ranking stands at:

Jagmeet Singh (NDP) – 49%
Elizabeth May (Green) – 42%
Justin Trudeau (Liberal) – 31%
Andrew Scheer (CPC) – 27%

When taking into account job disapproval, Trudeau leads the metric in first place with 54% of Canadians disapproving of the current prime minister. Trudeau is followed by Andrew Scheer (53%), then Elizabeth May (24%), and finally Jagmeet Singh (22%) who has the lowest disapproval rate.

However, 23% of Canadians think that Justin Trudeau would make the best prime minister, while only 20% think the same of Scheer. On that metric, Singh, who is at 15% has surpassed Elizabeth May who is at 7%.

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