As second quarter fundraising numbers are released for the Federal NDP leadership race to replace Thomas Mulcair one thing is clear. Jagmeet Singh is indisputably the king of fundraising bringing in more than all 7 of his competitors combined in the second quarter.

After launching his campaign on May 15, Singh raised $357,000. That put him well ahead of his rivals, who combined raised $241,000 in the quarter.

Charlie Angus was his closest competitor with $124,000 raised, followed by Niki Ashton’s $70,000 and Guy Caron’s $47,000. Jagmeet Singh’s support is highly concentrated in Ontario where he received over 65% of his donations.

Concentrated Campaign

Although leading in fundraising Singh has had problems expanding his campaign into old NDP bastions as a Mainstreet/iPolitics poll published last week — conducted between Aug. 3 and 6, interviewing 1,804 NDP donors who are also party members — found Ontario MP Charlie Angus had the most support.

He led in the poll with 42 per cent of decided respondents, ahead of Manitoba MP Niki Ashton (28 per cent) and Quebec MP Guy Caron (17 per cent). Singh, finished the list with just 14 per cent support. This is likely due to the large differences between Jagmeet and every other candidate. As a candidate of colour, who is a trained lawyer, with a cover on GQ, and is in some policies more moderate than his counterparts he screams anti-establishment in relation to his party. Therefore to the most dedicated of the base, he is the enemy.

NDP Vs Conservative Races

The NDP leadership race is drastically different than the Conservative leadership race. Each member is worth 1 vote regardless of riding or province. Therefore campaigns with large enough support could win the leadership, allowing both a more democratic policy but also one where an exciting enough leadership could win with just the support of one province or group. In this leadership race(if energy levels remain low) will have roughly 20,000 members will vote, that means that any candidate with over 10,000 members could conceivably win.

The Race Moving Forward

Given that Canada has had a rich multi-party history I do hope to see the NDP find a leader with the capacity to rejuvenate, whether that Candidate is Jagmeet Singh I am still not sure.

What is your opinion, Who would be the best leader for the NDP?


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