It’s Time to Unite Behind Doug Ford

For the sake of the party, for the sake of the province. It is time Christine Elliott did the right thing and united behind Doug Ford.

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What should have been a clear election season in Ontario has turned out to be anything but that.

Patrick Brown’s Progressive Conservatives for months were projected to be the absolute winners in a race against Kathleen Wynne’s embattled Liberals. They were uniting the province’s conservatives as a huge anti-Wynne vote.

Except, as potentially false and defamatory allegations of sexual misconduct were put forth by CTV in recent months, the impression of the conservatives uniting behind Brown’s PC leadership were in an instance demolished.

The huge blow to Patrick Brown’s reputation, had garnered speculation into who would now be the official leader of the opposition to Wynne’s corrupt government. The candidates Christine Elliott, Doug Ford, Tanya Granic Allen, Caroline Mulroney, and even Patrick Brown, who re-entered the race for about a week, tousled for leadership.

Although the race became a dramatic mess, as the four battled for leadership, polls still projected a clear and strong victory for the conservatives in opposition to Wynne, regardless of who would be elected as the future leader of the Ontario PC Party.

Ultimately, the intended goal of the PC race was to unite the party with the election of a strong and practical, in order to end the dangerous and highly polluted Wynne government.

The key caveat here is unity, and I believe that all the recent Candidates at least understand that.

It’s why they consistently campaigned for uniting the party and eventually winning the election.

They understood that they all needed to work together because the Wynne government has become far too dangerous for the province.

Given this common goal, it would be easy to assume that the candidates would be in full agreement to building a “winning narrative”. However, a contested election is ever anything but winning or uniting.

Yesterday, after a seven and a half hour delay and supposedly multiple hand-done recounts, it was revealed that Doug Ford was the new leader of the Progressive Conservative party.

Allegedly, the conclusion of the elections was supposed to unite the Party in their fight against the Liberal’s destruction of Ontario. However, Christine Elliot has officially put a halt to these efforts.

After Doug Ford was revealed as leader, Christine Elliott’s campaign released the following statement:

“Our scrutineers identified entire towns voting in the wrong riding. In a race this close, largely determined by geography, someone needs to stand up for these members,”

Elliott said in a written statement sent to media after midnight. “I will stand up for these members and plan to investigate the extent of this discrepancy.”

This “discrepancy” allegation on the entire voting process is extremely infuriating for the Ontario conservatives, and (subsequently) the entire campaign against Kathleen Wynne.

It robbed Doug Ford, the (new) official leader of the party, from making a proper post-victory speech, and could continue to plague the party moving forward. Since the party’s internal mechanism has denied Christine Elliots contention, the appeal will have to go through the courts, which will stagnate the ultimate PC goals of uniting the party, preventing the Wynne government from re-election, and realising the future of Ontario’s prosperity.

So what should occur?

Although it may be a tough defeat for Christine Elliot, it is time that she dropped this case and called for everyone to unite behind Doug Ford. As egregious as those alleged voting problems are, a victory for Kathleen Wynne would simply be worse!

Patrick Brown was consistently told to resign from his leadership campaign, regardless of what actually had occurred, because most people understood what was at stake, namely the future prosperity of the province.

The Liberal Party and the inner sanctum elite who have run it for over 20 years have plundered the wealth of Ontario. In fact, the Ontario now has  5 times more debt per capita and plausibly more total debt than the state of California, and its partly because of disgusting acts such as the cancellation of multi-billion dollar power plants. These plants were actively in construction at the cost to the tax payers, and ultimately to earn votes.

Yet the Liberal Party understands that however unpopular their campaign has gotten, they will continue to have the support of the unions and the mainstream media, two decisively powerful institutions.

Consequently, a poorly united Conservative Party can easily be defeated even while the Liberals are deeply unpopular. Unchecked, an unfortunate Conservative loss can occur, lest we not forget McGuinty’s terrible term and subsequent Wynne majority.

Kathleen Wynne and the Liberal government regardless (of their) political ideology, have at this point became so ingrained in the culture of corruption and cronyism at Queens Park, that a cleaning of the house is required.

For the sake of the party, for the sake of the province. It is time Christine Elliott did the right thing and united behind Doug Ford.


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  1. As disappointed as I was that Christine did not win, I believe that the Party has to come first now, our main goal must be to defeat Kathleen Wynne.

  2. it is time for Christine to stop acting like a spoiled brat,face the fact that she lost again and go back to her cushy liberal job she has and start backing the PC party at winning against the liberals

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