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It’s time Kathleen Wynne stopped spending all of our money for votes

Don’t get me wrong! Cheap tuition, pharma care, and a $15 minimum wage, what’s not to love?

The soul-crushing debt that follows it, of course.

Ontario is continuing on the fast track toward financial insolvency, as the Premier doles out more patronages to win re-election in 2018. Yes, our hospital wait times are miserable. Yes, Ontarians are suffering, but these (short-term) spending choices simply do not add up.

The Premier is not investing in the future of Ontarians but is rather bleeding them dry. Leaving the future uncertain.

The cost of the Premier’s unstable promises is simple to spot.

The 15 dollar minimum wage increase will cost the province potentially 90,000 jobs. The recent spending proposals will only do one thing, put the province back into a hulking $8 billion deficit. This is proposed precisely after the province balanced the budget for the first time in perhaps a decade.

These consequences are not small. According to the Financial Post, only one thing puts Canadians at risk during future recessions.

“The decisions in the last decade to increase spending faster than the provincial economy’s growth, and faster than was needed to keep up with a growing population and rising prices, contributed to Ontario’s dire fiscal problems. And when a nasty recession hit the province, the government found itself with spending levels it could not afford and big deficits quickly emerged. Now, the government is making the same mistakes and exposing Ontarians to the same risks all over again.”

The problem also does not stop there. As a report by the Fraser Institute shows, in fact, Ontario was dead last among provinces in growth in median household income between 2005-2015. The only indicator that put Ontario in the lead, was the growth in government debt.

This shows that Ontario’s economy is not actually growing through the private sector. Instead, it is being pushed forward by large sums of government spending, government scandals, and borrowed debt.

Remember the gas plant scandals, e-Health, Ornge and Windsor Parkway? The Pan Am Games, hydro, and turbines? The list of scandals goes on.

All of these failed, terrifyingly expensive, incompetently handled projects have a cost, and it’s on full display.

Ontario’s debt has almost tripled in the last 15 years.

When the Progressive Conservative government presented its last budget in 2003, the debt was $110 billion. It is projected to be $312 billion this year and $336 billion in 2019-2020.

Within the next 12 years, the province’s working age population is expected to fall to 60 percent (from 68%) of the general population. While the number of Ontario’s seniors is expected to grow to five million by 2050, twice the current number.

We will have fewer working people, more expenses, and no way clear way to pay it back.

It’s time Kathleen Wynne stopped spending all of our money and started taking the economy seriously.

We simply cannot afford anything else.

What do you think? Let us know below!


  • Exactly right - Wynne is spending OUR money to get herself re- elected- My biggest fear is if people are stupid enough to fall for this crap/. Come on voters - help put Wynne and her corrupt party in the grave once and for all-
    Ontario is probably bankcrupt but no one wants to say it.

    We need a law that prevents these scum bags like Wynne from defrauding us and being fiscally irresponsible.

    This is unreal - wynne is a thief.

  • one minor item Ms.Wynne used the Teachers pension fund as a means of showing a balanced budget..the auditor general indicated this ran against proper financial practices...bottom line there was never a balanced budget.Even more alarming is what this does to the viability of the teachers pension if it is being used as a government asset to balance the books.

  • They're all thieves bud. Don't worry, Ford will get caught funneling money somewhere inappropriate as well. Keep in mind that Harris was so bad that it lead to 15 years of liberal rule. I predict the same will happen here. Dougie will serve his term and another 10-15 years of liberal rule will follow again. Maybe an NDP one will squeak in there. the coalition ensue.

    • adam get educated pal harris fixed Ontario turning it around from ndp 10 BILLION deficits to balanced books for 4 years in a row while cutting taxes, creating over 800,000 NET private sector jobs, , that was great for Ontario we need it again.. and you have no idea and no facts to support your accusations on ford, save the bs for the liberal sheep ,

  • You'd think with the title of "Largest Sub-National Debt in the World" the Ontario Liberals would dial back the needless spending. Instead, they're going for the high-score.
    It boggles the mind how much money they've wasted and continue to waste with not a thing to show for it.
    Yes they've started a bunch of programs, but if it's not built on a financially sustainable level, then it's not an accomplishment.

  • Wynne will never see a day in court. Dalton McGuinty will get away with whatever he did, scott free.

    We don't punish our political criminals here in Canada. We never have.

    The Canadian Government has never listened to the will of the people (NAFTA, GST, Bill C-51) and I highly doubt that they'll suddenly start caring.

    I've been a tax paying Canadian for far too many years to ever believe that they'll police themselves.

  • If you are day dreaming that Doug Ford will bring rainbows and unicorns to your doorsteps, you are mistaken.
    As much as I may dislike Kathlyn's spending, i cannot stand crooked conservatives. Whenever they come, there are plethora of corruption scandals.
    It is as though I have to decide whether without liberals to spend my money on all of us or with conservatives to put all my money in politicians' pockets.
    I wish there was a centrist party at this point!!!

    • Jorge, save the usual nonsense, you can not say for a second the torys are crooks period,, the torys turned Ontario around from the mess the ndp left pal,, the liberals then ruined it.. and again with the tory lies, see pal its been LIBERALS like Dalton and wynne who have put real tax dollars into liberal buddies pockets via scams like the GEA,,, we need harris 2.0 and we got it now in ford

  • Wynne, like most other politicians, is just as corrupt. What we need. is a political revolution. Canadians must
    show up in numbers large enough to make a difference, and enact laws which would make them accountable to the public, and if nesessary, prosecute them to the full extent of the law! Also, enact ground rules for things that should require a referendum. The big problem, as I see It, is the fact that most Canadians are complacent , but are getting much smarter at how they perceive our elected politicians. Perhaps there should be more independent accountability at arms length to control out of touch spending!!!!!

  • You guys are way off the mark!!

    There is no way Wynne is spending any of OUR money.....we are now into at least our great grand children's money she is spending.
    Bankrupt but still standing....just barely.

  • Good riddance to Wynne and her cronies...she will finish up drowning us in anyone thinks that she should be re-elected must not be listening or reading any of the figures as we sink below the waves

  • Tories burned us.

    NDP burned us.

    Liberals burned the whole province to the ground, then salted it for good measure.

    All three are worthless and do not deserve our votes. There are many registered parties to vote for. Choose the one that you like, not the one you hate but think has the best chance. I'd rather vote for the guy who will do right by me, than to vote for the guy I know will poison me the second he is in, but at least I voted for the winner. I'm voting Freedom Party. Vote for whoever you like. Just be sure you actually like them.

  • Will you continue to make the mistake and elect Kathleen Wynne again in Ontario? VOTE DOUG FORD! VOTE DOUG FORD! Don't doom this province and your kids futures'!!!

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Ali Taghva

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