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It’s official: Beer is coming to Ontario corner stores
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It’s official: Beer is coming to Ontario corner stores 

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Doug Ford’s divorce with The Beer Store is finalized; 300 new stores in Ontario will sell alcohol by the end of the summer.

The government’s legislation passed yesterday in Queen’s Park, resulting in the cancellation of their contract with The Beer Store. The contract was set until the end of 2025 and limited the number of retailers that could sell beer across the province.

The break of the contract will mean that Ontarians will pay $100 million in penalty fees, but they will also be able to buy alcohol at their local corner store. According to CBC, the compensation will be rewarded to the Beer Store and the brewers for the lost income that would result in breaking the contract six years early.

While the controversies surrounding this choice are plenty, the Ontario Government is more concerned about the “life” of the people, stating, “by opening up more alcohol retail outlets across the province, we are not only making life easier for the people, we are enabling growth and job creation in the province’s booming beer and wine industry..”

According to City News, both the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce warned the Ford government not to break the contract with the Beer Store, as it would show a negative signal to future Ontario businesses and investors.

However, in the end, the people of Ontario can buy beer at their local corner store with significant ease.

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