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An alleged Canadian doctor appeared in an ISIS propaganda video released on Wednesday, urging people to join him on the “path of jihad.”

The man in the video was identified as Dr. Youssef Al Majeerteyn and spoke English with a Canadian accent.

In the video Al Majeerteyn was introduced as a Canadian doctor who is said to have “died bravely”.

Throughout the 15-minute video, the man lauds ISIS’ generosity for providing “medical services” to local people under its strict rule.

Al Majeerteyn then encourages others outside of the Islamic state “especially those who are medically trained” to quickly join ISIS.

The man is believed have been fighting for ISIS interests in Somalia.

After ISIS was driven out of Iraq and Syria, having lost most of their strongholds there, it is believed that the terrorists sought refuge in countries in Africa and Asia.

Canada’s 2018  Public Report on the Terrorism Threat to Canada still lists Sunni extremism as Canada’s top terrorism threat.

Currently there are an estimated 190 Canadians who have partaken in terrorist activities abroad. 60 other extremists are said to have returned to Canada.