On behalf of countless outraged Canadians, Senator Linda Frum asked why Justin Trudeau said Canada is committing genocide while he refused to say the same about ISIS.

Trudeau’s double standard is a sickening disgrace.

As many people pointed out following Justin Trudeau’s decision to use the term ‘genocide’ while discussing the MMIWG report, the Canadian PM has revealed an absolutely appalling double-standard in how he and the Liberal government approach the definition of genocide.

That’s because in 2016, Justin Trudeau and most Liberal MPs voted AGAINST a Conservative motion that condemned ISIS’s actions as genocide.

NDP members, Bloc members, Conservative members, and some Liberals voted for it, but Trudeau and the Liberal majority knocked it down.

Here part of what Trudeau said about it at the time:

“We don’t feel that politicians should be weighing in on this first and foremost. Determinations of genocide need to be made in an objective, responsible way,” said Trudeau.

“We will not trivialize the importance of the word genocide by not respecting formal engagements around that word,” added the PM.


Because what Trudeau has now done is exactly what he once condemned.

He weighed in as a politician.

He trivialized it.

And he revealed his own sickening level of bias against the country he is supposed to be representing and defending.

Speaking on behalf of many millions of outraged Canadians, Conservative Senator Linda Frum asked why the government says ‘yes’ to the idea that Canada committed genocide, yet says ‘no’ to the idea that ISIS did.

You can watch her remarks below:

Senator Frum is doing important work, and it’s essential that as many Canadians see this as possible.

As Canadians, we are facing the incredibly disturbing situation of having a sitting Prime Minister who is willing to accuse his own nation of absolutely horrific crimes, while refusing to accuse ISIS – which is among the most evil group of human beings ever to walk the face of the Earth – of that same crime.

Trudeau is basically sending the message that he sees Canada as worse than ISIS.

What will that do for Canadian pride?

What will that do to Patriotism?

What will that do to our confidence as a nation?

Consider the fact that Canada – whatever flaws we may have – tries to look at our past, acknowledge mistakes, correct them, and constantly improve. People from around the world come to Canada to seek a better life, and are proud of our nation and the fact that we defend individual rights and freedoms.

By contrast, ISIS commits genocide, drowns people in cages, crucifies people, beheads people, sells women and girls into sex slavery, rapes women on a massive scale, and plans and encourages terrorist attacks that kill thousands of innocent people across the world.

Yet, our own Prime Minister, who is supposed to represent all of us, thinks our nation is guilty of genocide, and ISIS isn’t.

What an absolute disgrace.