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Justin Trudeau’s Political Career Is Likely In A Death Spiral

Updated for 5/22/2018

According to a recently released Forum Research Poll Justin Trudeau’s government is on track for a historically embarrassing defeat in October 2019.

The poll found that roughly 46% of voters would cast ballots for Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives, while Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s party would receive 30% of the electorate, and only 18% of respondents said they would vote for Jagmeet Singh’s NDP.

Only once in our Canadian history has a party replaced a long-standing government with a majority mandate, only to lose power altogether in the succeeding election.

Justin looks likely to repeat that fate.

In the 2015 election, the Conservative Party of Canada ran a contrast ad that stated Justin just wasn’t ready to be prime minister.

Unfortunately for Canadians, it turns out that the Conservative’s ad was dead on point.

Justin wasn’t ready to be prime minister. To be fair, the ad was also correct in pointing out that Justin has nice hair.

Tipping Point.

The incredible amount of political baggage the Liberal government has accumulated in office is astonishing.

The Trudeau family vacation in India may well be recorded by historians as the tipping point leading to the end of Trudeau’s political career.

For example, Trudeau and his family appeared repeatedly in traditional Indian clothing to the point where it offended his hosts.

Justin embarrassingly did a Bhangra dance which was far beneath the dignity of a visiting head of government.

Trudeau may have also invited Jaspal Atwal, an Indo-Canadian and Liberal Party of Canada activist who had also tried to kill an Indian cabinet minister, to a dinner, while in India.

The word “may” is appropriate because there are conflicting stories about who exactly issued the invite to Atwal.

The Liberal’s attempts to blame the invitation on the Indian government is laughable given Atwal’s criminal record in India.

The terrible India trip was followed by a budget that only serves to alienate half of Canadians.

Trudeau has been unwavering in his goal to be a feminist prime minister.

His flippant comment that he appointed a gender-balanced cabinet because it was 2015 highlights the problem when identity politics are paramount over qualifications. The budget added to his supposed “street credibility” on the feminist front, again to the detriment of men.

After respectfully listening and judging Justin’s actions as a feminist prime minister Canadian men have finally had enough.

Shortly after Trudeau was elected 44% of men indicated they would vote for him.

That is a reasonable level of support for a newly elected prime minister with a majority government and indicates that Canadian men were willing to give a feminist prime minister a chance.

After 30 months of childish government driven by identity politics, that level of support has shrunk to below 30 percent.

The Path To Another Liberal Government Will Be Difficult

There appears to be no positive way forward for Trudeau as his record of accomplishments to date are fairly horrible.

He has been a disaster on the fiscal front, as he has no plans to balance our rapidly expanding deficit or to build TransMountain, and is losing support on the cultural side due to his use of identity politics.

The only path forward for Liberals, therefore, appears to be the failed strategy of Hillary Clinton in 2016, i.e. drive your opponent’s negatives so high that you win by default to win back his rapidly vanishing base of supporters.

Do you think that will work? Let us know below!


  • Should be the whole damn Liberal know he didn't come up with all this stupidity by himself , he''s not intelligent enough.

  • I can't believe that Immigrates can just walk across our border without any official papers and Trudeau uses the excuse that it would cost more to install official border crossings! How the hell would it cost more compared to the amount being spent now to house these people and now they will be given permission to work taking our jobs as will! God only knows how many of them are a danger to our safety!

  • So difficult, for I loved Justin’s Dad dearly. Pierre was unjustly crucifified by one word - arrogance. Such a folly by Tje media. People were so proud that he was arrogant in the right way, Standing up to many injustices throughout the world.
    As a retired long-standing journalist, I can say we mis-stepped in bringing you Dad down.
    I really saw it happen in 35 years in working in the media.
    Good luck, young son.

    • Pierre Trudeau was a leader. I think most of his detractors are able to acknowledge that.. but after 21 years of power (Joe Clarks minor kick at the can aside..) I think most were wishing and desperate for change.. You think about it The LPC had been in power for 43 of 50 years.. that's a long time for a Federal party.. and while they presided over a 500% increase in GDP they also oversaw 1000% rise in national debt.. that would turn future governments fiscally conservative for the next 3 decades.

    • Here we have the media mindset in black and , well just black type. They cannot see the world in any other way in that the left cannot ever do anything wrong because they just don't mean it. Their inner ideals just cannot be behooven to selfish, boorish arrogance. NOT!

      • As Bugs Bunny would say "What a maroon".

        Ron, you can not be serious I trust. Pierre Turd #1 was the WORST PM in history, just ahead of Kim Campbell.

        Massive debt, pandering to the wrong people - those that voted for the bastard.

        A hatred for Alberta.

        Quoted as saying that Mao was his inspiration, that he could not bring Communism to Canada but he could emulate it with the tax system, he led a Communist delegation to Peking when in University, was caught by the US Coast Guard off the coast of Florida trying to get to Cuba then deported as an undesirable alien. The list goes on. Do your homework before embarrassing yourself with shoddy journalism again.

        Oh, and did I mention MASSIVE DEBT and the Salmon Arm Salute!

  • That was a failed strategy by the Clinton campaign, not to mention the Wynne campaign in the Ontario election! So, go ahead and try it, JT! One can see not just a huge loss in the next election for you, you likely will lose official party status to boot!

  • 30%? Who in their right mind would vote Liberal after the lies, deceit, broken promises, complete & utter disregard for Canadians, complete disrespect for our borders, military, laws & giving billions of our tax dollars away? 30%? Justin go back to being a Dog Catcher & the Liberals will be lucky to get 5% of the votes.

  • The sooner he's gone the better for all of Canada and the citizen's welfair. He rode in on his father's coat tails and messy hair!!!...He should step down, resign, save what little face he has left, but he can't, he is missing a pair, he was a lemon from the get go...Hey Justin...just go...get off your trust fund...go party on somewhere...anywhere else...MMKAY!!!...

  • It probably wouldn’t matter how much negativity Trudeau could come up with it wouldn’t come close to touching the very real devastation he has visited on our once great country

  • I wish we, as Canadians, had a better way to remove an irresponsible leader like Trudeau. We JUST paid off Pierre's debt after 35 years. How many generations will it take to pay off Justin's? By the way, MOST OF CANADA did NOT vote for him. Just central Canada and BC. That's hardly the entire country. I daresay many of those Liberals won't be elected again for another35 years.

  • Justin Trudeau is a traitor to Canada and then he won the voting for him as a traitor to. He's a Soros puppet

  • Hopefully it will be a death spiral.The sooner the better.Little Boy Blue has blown his horn too much.He truly needs to get a proper education and aquire some smidgen or intelligence.He is a complete disgrace to Canadians and a world wide joke on Canada that is not funny.

  • Every few years the Liberals get elected by the young (don't own much so don't worry about things like taxes), the naive, the idealists and the ones benefiting from government largesse. Then very quickly, taxes go up and up, the deficit skyrockets and people get disenchanted with the Libs. Then the conservatives aka the "grownups" have to take over again and make the hard choices to put the country back on track and keep it going. It's a constant cycle, happens over and over again.

  • Canadians need to wake up to the fact that Tinkernell poses an existentail threat to the nation with his fanatical islamophilia. He's trying to destroy our culture and people and replace them with islam and muslims.

  • How is it not criminal to campaign on a moderate deficit, (albeit nowhere near as fiscally responsible of Mr. Harper) and then to not only double, but triple the budget, every year! No one voted for that, and the position that has put our country in for generations to come is staggering. Not to mention his new policy on small business owners, coming from a trust fund himself with no concept of risk, responsibility, or sacrifice. Thank god he has pretty hair, I guess it’s all good?!?

  • you forgot all personal days when bad news of actions are seen doesn't care about conflict of interst charges. sexual predator with his own words on a reporter bully cries when doesn;t get his way only really want to work one a week and use all the payers money for his lifestyle and doesn't mind that he hasn't put isis rebels in jail and doesn;t care about the saftey of Canadians He will never be ready

  • Why in hells name do we have to wait until 2019. He can do a ridiculous amount of damage to Canada and our reputation in the world!

  • Love your description of a death spiral. It’s progression towards bottom will now be fast and dizzying. Looking forward to witnessing it.

  • I never voted for justin trudeau he's nothing but a thief, a fraud, liar he still hasn't taken responsibility for anything he done. Him and his bobbleheads need to repay the Canadian taxpayers all the monies they took as they did nothing for Canadians, NOTHING! Justin still needs to pay back the augh khans vacation with the FAMILY. Then as mentioned in this article, the India trip for his family we should not be forced to pay for this garbage family vacation. The liberals should the right thing pay the taxpayers back for the lousy job they did for Canada and us theCANAFIAN TAXPAYERS. Then the open border, again disgusting!

    The liberals should step down or be driven to step down immediately!

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