Justin Trudeau’s Political Career Is Likely In A Death Spiral

The incredible amount of political baggage the Liberal government has accumulated in office is astonishing.

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Updated for 5/22/2018

According to a recently released Forum Research Poll Justin Trudeau’s government is on track for a historically embarrassing defeat in October 2019.

The poll found that roughly 46% of voters would cast ballots for Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives, while Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s party would receive 30% of the electorate, and only 18% of respondents said they would vote for Jagmeet Singh’s NDP.

Only once in our Canadian history has a party replaced a long-standing government with a majority mandate, only to lose power altogether in the succeeding election.

Justin looks likely to repeat that fate.

In the 2015 election, the Conservative Party of Canada ran a contrast ad that stated Justin just wasn’t ready to be prime minister.

Unfortunately for Canadians, it turns out that the Conservative’s ad was dead on point.

Justin wasn’t ready to be prime minister. To be fair, the ad was also correct in pointing out that Justin has nice hair.

Tipping Point.

The incredible amount of political baggage the Liberal government has accumulated in office is astonishing.

The Trudeau family vacation in India may well be recorded by historians as the tipping point leading to the end of Trudeau’s political career.

For example, Trudeau and his family appeared repeatedly in traditional Indian clothing to the point where it offended his hosts.

Justin embarrassingly did a Bhangra dance which was far beneath the dignity of a visiting head of government.

Trudeau may have also invited Jaspal Atwal, an Indo-Canadian and Liberal Party of Canada activist who had also tried to kill an Indian cabinet minister, to a dinner, while in India.

The word “may” is appropriate because there are conflicting stories about who exactly issued the invite to Atwal.

The Liberal’s attempts to blame the invitation on the Indian government is laughable given Atwal’s criminal record in India.

The terrible India trip was followed by a budget that only serves to alienate half of Canadians.

Trudeau has been unwavering in his goal to be a feminist prime minister.

His flippant comment that he appointed a gender-balanced cabinet because it was 2015 highlights the problem when identity politics are paramount over qualifications. The budget added to his supposed “street credibility” on the feminist front, again to the detriment of men.

After respectfully listening and judging Justin’s actions as a feminist prime minister Canadian men have finally had enough.

Shortly after Trudeau was elected 44% of men indicated they would vote for him.

That is a reasonable level of support for a newly elected prime minister with a majority government and indicates that Canadian men were willing to give a feminist prime minister a chance.

After 30 months of childish government driven by identity politics, that level of support has shrunk to below 30 percent.

The Path To Another Liberal Government Will Be Difficult

There appears to be no positive way forward for Trudeau as his record of accomplishments to date are fairly horrible.

He has been a disaster on the fiscal front, as he has no plans to balance our rapidly expanding deficit or to build TransMountain, and is losing support on the cultural side due to his use of identity politics.

The only path forward for Liberals, therefore, appears to be the failed strategy of Hillary Clinton in 2016, i.e. drive your opponent’s negatives so high that you win by default to win back his rapidly vanishing base of supporters.

Do you think that will work? Let us know below!


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  1. I will never vote for another Liberal ever as long as I’m living and I don’t care who the leader is. They are a disgrace to the Canadian people and to Canada as a whole

    1. Who was the guy that was meant to be Liberal Prime Minister of Canada? A middle aged, mature, worldly, Canadian hero, a man with Science degrees, Engineering degrees, A man who spoke in whole sentences without pauses to gasp for air or find himself in his thoughts, an astronaut, a man in good health with no drug smoking (pot) record, a man with a strong mature worldly point of view, a man of serious decision, a man with no political baggage, a true leader for our fine nation? Just what in Hell happened to him and just how corrupt is the Liberal Party?

      1. That was all liberal propaganda, and It worked, because people wanted to believe Harper was dictatorial ( only toward Mainline Media) because they would not print fact, cause facts do not sell papers

      2. How corrupt is the Liberal Party? Justin Trudeau is adhering to all the requests of his mentors’ George Soros and Hilary Clinton talk about a but Kissing Liberal? Justin Trudeau are into this Globalist Hiearchy Right up past their ears’! Given the time Justin will destroy Canadian Sovereignty and stick Canadians’under the One World Government Rule of The United Nations’ that is how corrupt the Liberal Party of Canada is! Their all tied together with John Podesta and former corrupted former President Barack Obama Just watch!

        1. Imagine everyone knew what you were talking about!!! Your reply gives me hope!! Keep up the good fight! People will eventually start to see the truth

        2. Terry, I agree totally with you. He says he is a feminist and still he embraces the Islamists and their archaic beliefs where women are lower than dogs or goats! He is mentally deficient!!

        3. About time somebody looked at connecting the dots. But with divisive issues gun control which will deliver gun ignorant urban votes we will have Justin for a few more governments yet, sadly

  2. So glad that I didn’t get sucked into voting for him. He and his arrogant cabinet have to go. They have disappointed so many people that I am afraid more and more people will decline to vote at all. He talks a great game on feminism but has thrown no less than 5 young women that he appointed — under the bus.
    He is a fake feminist–the worst kind.

    1. Yes indeed Trudeau is stuck with a very corrupt big money Bay St party he must realize that so only has himself to blame still hes a vast improvement over the useless incomptent Harperites they were and still are a corrupt bunch of bungling idoits that bankrupted Canada ever with oil over 100 barrell gave it all away to multi national welfare bums .Stupid Conservatives very corrupt .Enough of these Lib/ Cons the Trump worshipping lot of them boot em out in 2019 . Their basically controlled by the same puppetmasters big foreighn multi nationals the Lib / Cons cater to well Canada gets bought up . Harper should be in jail not Calgary .

        1. Your are right ! – The only idiots are the people who voted for the Socialist Liberals to begin with. Socialism does not work. Never has and never will. The only thing it accomplishes is oppressing the people.

          1. Liberals are NOT socialist… they are just another right wing government working for corporations . .. when the interests of corporations comes v before the interests of the citizens that is right wing… even his pre-electoral promises only made hid party appear to be centre or slightly right … they could never be considered socialist

      1. the problem isn’t so much the current idiots at the helm, it’s really stupid voters like you that are the real problem

        1. An therein is the problem. To change the voter that got him in. I have med several who thinks he is a godsend to Canada and will re-elect him for a second term. I don’t understand why there are no – one on the campaign trail yet. You snooze you loose as the saying goes. At this rate no-mater what anyone tell you I have a feeling he will be back in power for a second term. For god sake Canada wake up.

      2. Gird I have to disagree with you with respect to the Harper government. Harper was not perfect, no PM is, however, he had credibility and was a far cry from the idiot we have right now with the Federal Liberal government. Trudeau has squandered so much of our taxpayer money, it will be ur grandchildren that get stuck paying it off, an that is a big if, given the size of the deficit.

      3. I take exception to the conclusion you have come to. I believe, as you, that there is significant corruption in political parties. Whereas I am disgusted by this, all parties (or specific people within) are guilty of this-none are exempt. The differences lie in which entity they are receiving “bonuses” from. This leaves voters with the responsibility of deep research on those candidates they deem viable. Regrettably, many choose the Party based on personal benefits promised. It’s unfortunate, however, that the majority do not take their research to the next level. Considering the short and long term ramifications of each party’s policies to the entire country is essential to choosing the best candidates for Canada. It’s really regrettable that so many dwell on themselves and not all. An excellent example of this would be all of the social programs which surface each campaign before elections. Little thought is given to long term fiscal success as long as the party adds one more vote. Whether we prefer to acknowledge it or not, the well being of a country largely depends on its fiscal position rather than the number freebies select citizens receive. In other words, anyone and/or any party can promise the world to voters but all things, programs, etc. ultimately must be paid for. The present federal government appears more than happy to have our children and grandchildren pay the piper. The Liberal Party is planning to focus on those who have traditionally been NDP supporters. They are proposing to overlook our ever increasing deficits and introduce even more social programs in order to acquire these votes. It really all boils down to power. The Conservative Party, on the other hand, has recognized our lack of competitiveness in global markets. In my opinion, they are prepared to make some difficult decisions in order to restore our credit rating (reduced three times since Trudeau) and position us well now and for the future. We might even be able to stop the current brain drain to America. This is definitely my desire for Canada.

      4. Gord O’Kell , no doubt about it by your comment , you have no fucking clue as to what you are talking about ” retard boy trudeau is the worst pm in Canadian history!!!! You are a fool & no one in their right mind would listen to a god dam thing you spew from your ignorant trap !!!! UNBELIEVABLE !!!!

      5. So many of us used to live in your delusion. Now we just look on at msm zombies like yourself with pity.

        Take more of an interest, start researching at an elementary level (hours of reading) and for your mental health, cut your cable and unplug your television ‘programming’ device.

      6. These are very biased unfair comments. Harper steared Canada through the 2008 financial world storm with moderate deficit financing. The Conservatives with the able assistance of Flaherty Finance Minister arrived at a surplus and were fiscally prudent with a balanced fiscal and monetary policy approach. Trudeau and his mostly under qualified cabinet have little fiscal and governance aptitude. This handicaps Canada.

        1. Thank you for speaking up about how the Conservatives ably steered us through the difficult 2008 global recession to being the top country in terms of fiscal positioning at that time. That is how I remember Canada. And they completed their term with a surplus that the present Liberal government squandered in mere months as they began to dig us a giant hole in reckless spending and unbridled deficits.

      7. What are you talking about the Harper led government was probably the best one in my lifetime thats almost 60yrs.

      8. The housing and banking crisis in the usa in 2008 led to the worst recession since the great depression of the 1930’s this caused canada to also go into recession and government tax revenue plummeted. Harper managed to keep the canadian ship afloat and started to balance the budget near the end of his rule. trudeau on the other hand came into a stable economy and then broke his election promise of running 3 ‘modest’ 10 billion dollar deficits and then balancing the budget by 2019 which will now never happen as he has already racked up over 50 billion dollars in debt. trudeau also broke his promise to end the first past the post electoral system and he kept hidden his intention to push islamic culture onto canadians and accuse of all of islamophobia. crime in the big cities continues up as he has let all kinds of questionable people just walk across the border and just this week the judge of the muslim accused of molesting 7 teenage girls in an edmonton swimming pool let the muslim walk free because he is a muslim and has a different cultural background and the defense was that the koran says its ok to sexually assault non-muslims, so now the message to all muslims is they can molest any non muslim woman or girl. canada is going down the tubes and trudeau is the main driver of it. trudeau should follow his own ethics guidelines and resign now that it has been revealed that mr feminist sexually assaulted a female reporter, he grabbed her bottom according to the report from the reporter to her editor. trudeau also gave a couple of hundred million dollars to the clinton foundation, was this payback for helping the liberals get elected? trudeau also took donations of millions from chinese businessmen into the trudeau foundation, more corruption. trudeau is an arrogant corrupt lying hypocrite, it will be a happy day when he is no longer prime minister.

  3. I find it quite incredible that he has any support whatsoever remaining – I can concede that he was elected in 2015 not only by certifiable morons, but by a fair number of otherwise intelligent, but horribly naive voters who genuinely believed that a government based on ‘Sunny Ways’, diversity and multiculturalism and a self-balancing budget would actually be quite nice to have. That belief has conclusively and unequivocally proven to have been a hideous mistake. The certifiable morons are still out there of course, but it’s hard to believe that they represent anywhere near 30% of the electorate.

  4. I still find it shocking that he still has Quebec and the maritime voters.Are these people high on drugs or have they been hiding under a rock for the last two years? The China admiring,Castro loving,terrorist supporting, anti veteran ,anti pipeline,pro Quebec feminist drag queen airhead will be out in 2019 and it will be a great day for Canadian democracy.

      1. What spending in the Maritimes??? The only domestic spending I’ve seen is at Bombardier and on the illegal economic migrants – also in Quebec.

    1. I couldn’t have said it any better Lawrence Johnson.I’m from NB,and he didn’t get my vote or my immediate family,no family would.I think the liberals will lose 1/2 dozen seats or more in Atlantic in 2019.

    2. look at it this way the conservatives are second in quebec they have never been that high since mulroney days so that is a good time.

    3. I’m a Maritimer and didn’t vote for this moron. Just watch our provincial election this fall. Gallant and his cronies will be tossed out. Stop blaming eastern Canada. As for the comment of being the recipient of outlandish spending….. try visiting and you’ll get an eye opener. Quebec gets that money. No brainer.

    4. Very well said. Now hopefully most of the Canadian nation will finally see it, and vote that immature idiot out!!!

  5. I’m looking forward to 2019…hopefully we have good leadership for a long time after to clean up the mess we now have

      1. So are you saying that the NDP IS THE ANSWER? They will just borrow more money and further the sick gender based policies of the Libs.

      2. Come on Gord, admit you are a recipient of some sort of outlandish Liberal funding, You were out dancing with Nutley at the Edmonton pride show and your most favourite activity is writing delusional posts.

  6. integrity……transparency…..credibility…..honesty…..all missing from our current government…..will they win re election……only if hell freezes over….canucks have had enough division and incompetence……you lose sucka

  7. He is still loved in Liberal circles. Most Atlantic Canadians haven’t heard or read about the Indian debacle, because they just get their news from CBC or the mainstream media. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him reelected again. Hospital ER closings on PEI because of not enough doctors. Patients being sent hundreds of miles away off Island for medical treatment. Enormous fines for riding a bike without a helmut. Restrictive laws in a ‘free’ society. Yeah, he has a better than even chance of being reelected.

    1. You understand the realitey sir thats good the only way forward is voters forget the corrupted Libs and Cons go NDP/Green get some honest progressive politicans in Ottawa that works for 98% of Canadians not just 2 % eleites and corporate welfare bums

      1. where in Canada have we seen an honest ndp government? they are the worst incompetent crooks I have ever seen and I am in my eight decade.

      2. If you think the NDP or the greens are the answer, then please go and seek the obvious help you need. The NDP are a brother of the liberals same mo and even worse because they have ransacked out west and are chopping at the bit to do it in Ontario. Please don’t make any more comments as you are making a fool of yourself

      3. Ya the Greens and the NDP are working so well in BC you would wish them on the rest of Canada? You sound like a Russian troll.

  8. This guy is absolutely the worst PM ever to hold office. I grew up a Liberal supporter but I’ve seen enough. Never again will I or my family vote for any Liberal ever. He is a POS and really believes he’s unacceptable for his actions. His and his parties arrogance is astronomical. Hope they don’t even get official party status next election. Bye bye Trudope.

    1. I thought his father was the worst PM…and now his son comes along and is the worst reincarnation of his father and ranking right up there with the worst PM ever…………

    2. That’s exactly what I was thinking. I would love it if the Liberals actually lost their official party status in the next election, never to regain it back again and just faded off into the sunset never to rear their immoral corrupt heads in this country ever again.

  9. As a woman I would be embarrassed to be appointed to a position because of my gender, the women in his cabinet should be as well, he is actually saying they have that position because he needs a balanced cabinet not a deserving one. The results are clear, they have been a miserable failure and that says as much about the male members as the female members.

      1. Gordy, Gordy, Gordy. More stupid comments. maybe you should put your dress on and go make us all a sandwich.

  10. With jihadi trudeau in gov to welcome Isis back into Canada and his support for terrorists to keep their citizenship instead of deporting them, should tell us all where his and the libs loyalty lies. Justin Trudeau is never to be trusted no matter how good he performs to get your votes. Relying on the media for information on the liberals is a waste of time.

  11. I honestly think most liberal women thought they were voting for Justin Beiber. It’s the only rational explanation I can come up with.

    1. David – I don’t now about liberal women but I now of people of both sexes with Master’s degree’s who voted for him – I never understood it and still don’t – Once before the election when he said the Budget would balance itself – I was finished.

      1. Diane… That tells you that having a Masters Degree dosen’t make you any smarter, just more educated. You must know that 99% of educators are brainwashed Liberals… they Don’t care who the Leader is .. they only care that the Liberals get in power! The Liberal party was designed by Educators for the elitists! That’s why you see people with Masters degrees voting Liberal… check out the history!

      2. I absolutely could not understand why bright intelligent people would vote for Trudeau. A budget that balances itself? Sunny ways? He certainly has proven himself to a different PM.

  12. Investigate, indict and convict. Hand in cookie jar far too often. Just be just, Andrew. Get it done. Let him get away and he’ll come back to bite us.

  13. What were you thinking Canada????? A suppy drama school teacher for grade seven??? An airhead /druggy, who never had a full time job until he got into politics! He is the joke of the world stage, is so high, on something he can’t even speak. The maritimes have been getting the Muslims dropped on them. They gave him the majority, so can’t feel sorry for them. We have terrorist receiving $3000.00 a month, while our seniors get, $584.00 a month. IF YOU VOTED FOR THIS PATHETIC LOSER, YOU OWE THIS SENIOR CITIZAN AN APOLOGY!!!!

  14. I’d vote for Saddam Hussein before I fall for that piece of shit again and I’m sorry I did vote for him only because I hated the conservatives when they brought in the GST in the 1990s

    1. Look it up. The Conservatives also took away the FST on every manufactured product in the country. The FST was introduced after WW2 to pay the war debt, was variable and often ran up to 17%. It was hidden at the wholesale level so most people did not know it was there. The GST was introduced at a level that made the tax revenue to the gov’t neutral! It was NOT a tax grab but rather a leveling of the tax burden across the economy making it much more fair and visible, not hidden as Liberal taxes often are.

      Look up the facts next time before you make an ass of yourself with wrong statements.

      1. I didn’t know about that FST. Thanks for that info. Was the GST also needed to deal with high interest rates on a high debt load brought on by the extreme socialist father of our current (possibly Marxist) PM?

      2. Ditto!!! The P.C.’s were starting to line their own pockets, and thinking that they were the only party. Well, they will be the only party for me for the rest of my life.

    2. WHO DID ROBERT PLANT vote for?Well, if you don't wanna pay tax , then convert to Islam, paying taxes is against their religion. This is not a joke.Kenneth Oblak says:

      So are you saying that the NDP IS THE ANSWER? They will just borrow more money and further the sick gender based policies of the Libs.

  15. Trudeau is a huge dissappointment. Spending like a drunken sailor and treating regular folk like second choice citizens. Charisma and conservative fatigue gave him the government. Seems to be a huge mistake.
    Who is this guy that dresses to insult another nation. I am tired of government that caters only to minorities and pretends that Canada is something we are not. We were an attractive nation built on Judeo Christian values. Let’s recognize what made us great!
    The Conservatives were not perfect but at least Harper had world respect.
    In fairness to Trudeau I will bet his advisors are totally nuts. His dad would have ignored them and he should too.
    Wake up Trudeau. You have a nice family and they deserve better from you.

  16. I believe that many people that voted for Trudeau believed him to be young and smart.

    Instead, he turned out to be young and stupid.

    People…ahhh… are starting….ahhh …. to….ahhh…see it ahhhh.

    1. trudope puts a new meaning on the word stupid i did not think that anyone could be that stupid stupider is even smarter than trudope jim

    2. I could see it right from the get go. I thought because I could see it so could others and that he’d never be voted into office. That was my mistake. The gullible idiots that voted for this boy in a man’s body believed all the anti- conservative propaganda leveled against Harper because they just didn’t like his personality. Nothing to do with reality. CBC conducted a propaganda war against Conservatives because they knew the Liberals would increase their funding. That is essentially a bribe. Remember that next time you go to the polls. Paying a supposedly neutral taxpayer funded news organization more money for positive coverage was an outright BRIBE. Liberals. Good at lining their friends pockets. Nothing more.

  17. In his quest for a gender neutral country he has shown himself to be the first Prime Minister in Canadian history to have neither tits nor balls. Mission accomplished for himself! Sorry. “Itself” since we can no longer use words that imply any gender.

  18. I have always exercised my right to vote, however would characterize my interest and involvement with politics as that of a spectator on the sidelines with no allegiance to any particular party. I did vote for the liberals in 2015, however will not in 2019. In fact, I am so upset with the antics of JT, the liberal party, their divisive politics, and attempts to make Canadians feel badly about the best country in the world, that I have decided that voting for another party is not enough. Instead I have joined a political party and will donate my time, money and energy, to do whatever I can to see to it that the liberals are voted out in 2019. If you are upset about JT and the liberals, I encourage you to get involved and help vote out the liberals in 2019.

  19. If the Liberals plan to attack Scheer’s negatives, they are going to have to dig really deep. The guy is pretty squeaky clean. He is educated, articulate, family oriented, middle class raised and worked his way through University. His faith will be attacked, but he gas no intentions of bringing up contentious social issues. Most of the Conservative MLA’s would not support any bid to do so. He’s honestly a good man. That should destroy any chance lying, vacationing, entitled, elitist Justin has.

  20. What shocks me is that all the other Liberals elected to go to Ottawa allow him to dictate.to them what to say, vote, etc. If they on mass passed a no confidence vote on their leader, some of them might get re-elected. As it is, their political careers are over.

  21. Your liberal party & its leader are as bad as our labor party & its leader Bill Shorten. Not that our socialist, millionaire Conservative P.M is any better.
    They are so busy sucking up to muslims who are dragging our nation Australia down the shithole, and Shorten intends on bringing in another 50,000 if elected. God help us if that happens.
    I do agree with your sentiments on your P.M though i cringe when i hear his crap on feminism. Guess they all say things that amount to zilch to get elected.
    God help Canadians.

  22. Trudeau is a mimbo. I voted for him the last time and never again. Sure he’s handsome, has the right pedigree but he consistently shows an incredibly poor judgement. He failed to fire an obviously corrupt finance minister who made millions on insider knowledge and steers policy that would directly benefit his business. He embarrassed Canada with his Indian Ken dress up doll routine. He is a fake environmentalist who worked with the US oil companies to promote tar sands oil and the pipelines. And he is a wimp. He cries. He apologizes to everyone for everything. He panders to women, the natives, the minorities and staffed his cabinet not with people based on experience and competence but instead based on what kind of chromosomes they happen to have. I went a Trudeau fan to finding him contemptible.

  23. Glad to see that there are Liberal voters who realize they made a mistake. There still may be hope for this country yet. But Andrew Scheer will have a big job ahead him to undue all the damage.

  24. Thank you to all those people – men and women – who apologized for voting for Trudeau. I’ll never forgive you for destroying this country – irrevocably (300,000 Muslims a year) – but I do pray that God does.

  25. The treatment of voting method referendums as well as the sticking to the affirmation (of pro abortion policies) to obtain summer jobs funding have been the final nails in the coffin!

  26. I won’t work for exactly the same reason is it didn’t work for Hillary. Canadians are tired of being lectured to by a groups of people in so far over their heads they are coming out the bottom. There only accomplishment by the time the next election rolls round will be Legalized Pot. Every medical professional who treats children and young adults is firmly against this and every law enforcement agency in the country is opposed so you will get some serious backlash there. Every doctor in the country was labled a tax cheat last summer, and had been extremely hard hit by the new tax changes, so those guys are not coming back. All told alot of the liberal base is gone and not just the men. Women like me are tired of the sactimonius and fake feminism of this clown. I used to work in the oil industry, his policies have insured I never will again. BUT we need more women in that industry. On the same subject internationally he is not speaking out about womens rights in the countries where it is VITAL like Iran and Saudi Arabia. About the only thing he has got right in the feminist agenda is the pro Abortion choice and he even managed to screw that up by trampling on church rights and take away kids summer camps and students summer jobs while trampling on guaranteed charter rights. There is not a corner you can look into where he has not alienated someone.

  27. I think it’s dangerous to think Justin Trudeau will EVER be ready to serve as PM. His ideology does not prioritize Canadians.

  28. He should never have been elected, is ruining Canada for decades, NEVER elect another Liberal Government!!

  29. I have lost all faith in Trudeau and his under educated gender balanced party that are like sheep without their own thoughts.

  30. Justin is the biggest embarrassment this country has ever see.He apparently lives in a dream world and has no clue how Canadians live.I think he is even unstable as he can’t make any common sense decisions.

  31. Probkrm.eithbtrudeau is he is a total.idealist, utopian world view with no ways or means plans, just kind of a spokes model situation where no depth or knowkedge is present just like hiring a pretty face to stand at the trade show booth you have to ask the boss for real info nice try but a part time drama teacher just isnt the correct job experience to run a country

  32. Justin Trudeau has destroyed our country. I am particularly upset about his mass immigration disaster. Totally irresponsible. But I think he’s trying to by votes by allowing them in and had a plan to try to become out dictator forever like his father Castro. He’s a mentally Ill individual and should have been properly examined by a psychiatrist prior to being allowed to run our country into the ground. I will NEVER vote liberal. They have destroyed their party and reputation. I will vote for Andrew Scheer all the way.

  33. He has proved to be one of the worst PM’s Canada has ever had.
    I will never vote Liberal again. Many Liberal friends said that they also will never vote Liberal again because that party goes along with what he does and does not show any wisdom or oppose what he does.
    In other words the Liberal party is no better than Justin T and do not even try to go against what he does.
    Liberal are losing ground with the Canadian people very fast and bound for major defeat in the next election.

  34. He has proved to be one of the worst PM’s Canada has ever had.
    I will never vote Liberal again. Many Liberal friends said that they also will never vote Liberal again because that party goes along with what he does and does not show any wisdom or oppose what he does.
    In other words the Liberal party is no better than Justin T
    Liberal are losing ground with the Canadian people very fast and bound for major defeat in the next election.

  35. He is an imature clown who is a total embarressment to this country! I will never vote for any liberal, especailly an inmature idiot!

  36. Justin JIHAD TURDEAU has created division & strife over every single issue!!! ILLEGALLY AIDING AND ABETTING ISIS and other TERRORISTS to live in CANADA and then PAY them was the last BETRAYAL!!!!

  37. After seeing his arrogance once again yesterday, I immediately made another conservative campaign contribution. If nothing else trudope is positive for Conservatve fund raising!

  38. His reputation among decent, loyal and LEGAL Canadians has irretrievably tanked. That is the reason that he and his treasonous party are so desperate to flood Canada with illegal economic migrants and give them voting rights based upon a drivers license as well as repatriate and ‘reintegrate’ ISIS psychotics. No decent Canadian will ever vote for them again. An absolute disgrace.

  39. I was hoping for the best from Justin,, but unfortunately.. His being so damn adamaent that we as Canadians must apologize for just about everything since the creation of time has really worn thin.. His gender neutral policies are a load of.. crapooseen only as a means to garner females votes.. oops.. I esed the word female and male in the same word.. I’m sorry

  40. It’s to bad that he isn’t charged for all his crimes! Too many to list! Treason would be the first one and he should be audited!

  41. It has been one embarrassment after the other. Based on his experience going into the election, he should have been “laughed off”. If his name was “Joe Smith” – credentials, “Part-time Drama teacher/Snowboard Instructor”, he wouldn’t have even been considered for PM. Open Borders, Pandering to Terrorists, Welcoming back ISIS Killers, multiple investigations by the Ethics Commissioner, etc. He is a “Narcissistic Elitist SJW” and I can’t wait to be rid of him!!!

  42. I never cited for him in the last election and never would now. You are 100% correct in all youncimmentd furthermore he is clearly making attempts to buy votes without properly vetting refugee and opening our boarders putting all Canadians at risk and heavily taxing our social systems. Not fair to Canadians. However it’s all about the narcissist Justin who had a little plan is his mind and with the help of he buddy George Soros to dominate the west and create a dictatorship in our country. Bye bye Trudeau. He’s going to have to hide for the rest of his life after the disaster he made of our country.

  43. Trudeau has divided the country, raised the deficite to extremes, has given away billions of dollars with out any thought of our poor, our veterans etc., he has allowed so called many refugees unvetted snd lost in our country, he has allowed the immigration system to fail and allowed people to come in who have no interest in becoming Canadians.

  44. I will never vote for Liberals again. Either Federal or Provincial. Watching the. Red yesterday, the Feds are giving 300 million to a country to help them out , due to wars. I get that. And I feel sorry for these countries….

  45. All of the things that he promised have not gone through and a lot e didnt promise have. Just shows that he is all about dender base politics and anything else does not matter. Hardly the way to run a modern democracy in my view. The sooner he is voted out the better for what is left of our country.

  46. A wise wag once stated that if you run for opposition you will win opposition. PM Harper and his “Just not ready” campaign is evidence of the truth in that saying as HIllary and her “Basket of deplorables” campaign. They both ran down their opponent instead of clearly presenting their own ideas. If Jr. tries the same it is likely he will suffer the same fate.

  47. The only thing that seems weird to me is that people appear to STILL NOT REALISE they are two sides of the same coin.
    If Trudeau fighting for pipelines doesn’t convince people of that, nothing will.

  48. I imagine that right now any Conservative party is sitting back LAUGHING their asses off at the fact that the NDP and Liberal government are single handedly digging their own graves in their political careers!…… I for one have NEVER and will NEVER vote for either NDP or Liberal for as long as I shall live!…….

  49. He’s been allowing the illegal border crossings just so he can increase his diminishing voter base. There really no other reason for it.

  50. Total embarrassment to our country. I’m ashamed he represents us on the international stage. We need a strong leader with common sense.

  51. I certainly did not vote for the pretty boy. I voted conservative. And I can clearly see that I made the right choice. And seeing the video where some woman in the audience said ‘mankind’ and he corrected her and said ‘No it’s peoplekind, we have to be inclusive’, was the lowest point in this debacle for me. Political Correctness, Cultural Marxism, Identity Politics is destroying this continent and Western Civilization. I will never vote for Liberal or any leftist parties again. I used to vote Liberal all the time, but now, I’m a staunch Conservative after watch what has been happening to this country. I’m tired of watching terrorists get millions of tax payer dollars when they should be stripped of thier citizenship and sent back to whence they came. I’m tired of all of the gender bending BS and that it is now apparent that it”s open season on heterosexual white men, the only unprotected group. We’ve become a nation of victims. And it needs to stop before it’s too late and they start killing us on the streets.

  52. Never ever would i vote for a liberal government , especially when they put a total buffoon like this braindead idiot for a party leader ,

  53. I dont think he will be able to turn anything around, He is the worst disaster to happen to CANADA, he has actuallly put the country in harms way, He has alienated the majority of Canadians, and his idiotice policies, his childish appearances continually put his mental capacity to be questioned. I have been embarrassed and ashamed to have such an idiot representing one of the best countries in the world, and wonder how we ever got here.

  54. I dont think he will be able to turn anything around, He is the worst disaster to happen to CANADA, he has actuallly put the country in harms way, He has alienated the majority of Canadians, and his idiotice policies, his childish appearances continually put his mental capacity to be questioned. I have been embarrassed and ashamed to have such an idiot representing one of the best countries in the world, and wonder how we ever got here.

  55. Turdeau is a total waste of skin, given away our Canada pension money 3 billion to Mumbai, and gave close to that to China. How about to the Veterans that fought for Canada, pensioners that have paid into this country all their lives and he does not help them at all. Everything being done by him to get votes. The most embarrassing, selfish, ignorant human being in Canada!

  56. Liberals and the people who support them are a disease!! The worlds successful countries were built by people working together and working hard. This bunch of incompetent fools has created divisions never before seen in Canada, trying to put hard working tax paying, law abiding citizens behind criminals, terrorists, illegal immigrants and lazy people, simply to gain votes! A liberals idea of success is to bring everyone down to a poverty level, dependance state, because encouraging people to raise themselves up through hard work, is too hard for a Socialist government. This has been a joke for 3 years, I certainly hope Canada can recover from this fiasco and get back to the proud, strong country it was! Canada being propped up now by George Soros is an embarrassment!

  57. “Campaign from the Left, govern from the Right.” That’s what the media call the Liberal strategy. Well, I call it “lying.” I’m no fan of the Conservative Party or Andrew Scheer (I wish Michael Chong had won the leadership), but at least they never pretend to be anything other than conservative.

  58. Should be the whole damn Liberal party…you know he didn’t come up with all this stupidity by himself , he”s not intelligent enough.

  59. I can’t believe that Immigrates can just walk across our border without any official papers and Trudeau uses the excuse that it would cost more to install official border crossings! How the hell would it cost more compared to the amount being spent now to house these people and now they will be given permission to work taking our jobs as will! God only knows how many of them are a danger to our safety!

  60. So difficult, for I loved Justin’s Dad dearly. Pierre was unjustly crucifified by one word – arrogance. Such a folly by Tje media. People were so proud that he was arrogant in the right way, Standing up to many injustices throughout the world.
    As a retired long-standing journalist, I can say we mis-stepped in bringing you Dad down.
    I really saw it happen in 35 years in working in the media.
    Good luck, young son.

    1. Here we have the media mindset in black and , well just black type. They cannot see the world in any other way in that the left cannot ever do anything wrong because they just don’t mean it. Their inner ideals just cannot be behooven to selfish, boorish arrogance. NOT!

      1. As Bugs Bunny would say “What a maroon”.

        Ron, you can not be serious I trust. Pierre Turd #1 was the WORST PM in history, just ahead of Kim Campbell.

        Massive debt, pandering to the wrong people – those that voted for the bastard.

        A hatred for Alberta.

        Quoted as saying that Mao was his inspiration, that he could not bring Communism to Canada but he could emulate it with the tax system, he led a Communist delegation to Peking when in University, was caught by the US Coast Guard off the coast of Florida trying to get to Cuba then deported as an undesirable alien. The list goes on. Do your homework before embarrassing yourself with shoddy journalism again.

        Oh, and did I mention MASSIVE DEBT and the Salmon Arm Salute!

    2. Pierre Trudeau was a leader. I think most of his detractors are able to acknowledge that.. but after 21 years of power (Joe Clarks minor kick at the can aside..) I think most were wishing and desperate for change.. You think about it The LPC had been in power for 43 of 50 years.. that’s a long time for a Federal party.. and while they presided over a 500% increase in GDP they also oversaw 1000% rise in national debt.. that would turn future governments fiscally conservative for the next 3 decades.

  61. That was a failed strategy by the Clinton campaign, not to mention the Wynne campaign in the Ontario election! So, go ahead and try it, JT! One can see not just a huge loss in the next election for you, you likely will lose official party status to boot!

  62. 30%? Who in their right mind would vote Liberal after the lies, deceit, broken promises, complete & utter disregard for Canadians, complete disrespect for our borders, military, laws & giving billions of our tax dollars away? 30%? Justin go back to being a Dog Catcher & the Liberals will be lucky to get 5% of the votes.

  63. The sooner he’s gone the better for all of Canada and the citizen’s welfair. He rode in on his father’s coat tails and messy hair!!!…He should step down, resign, save what little face he has left, but he can’t, he is missing a pair, he was a lemon from the get go…Hey Justin…just go…get out…live off your trust fund…go party on somewhere…anywhere else…MMKAY!!!…

  64. It probably wouldn’t matter how much negativity Trudeau could come up with it wouldn’t come close to touching the very real devastation he has visited on our once great country

  65. I wish we, as Canadians, had a better way to remove an irresponsible leader like Trudeau. We JUST paid off Pierre’s debt after 35 years. How many generations will it take to pay off Justin’s? By the way, MOST OF CANADA did NOT vote for him. Just central Canada and BC. That’s hardly the entire country. I daresay many of those Liberals won’t be elected again for another35 years.

  66. Justin Trudeau is a traitor to Canada and then he won the voting for him as a traitor to. He’s a Soros puppet

  67. Hopefully it will be a death spiral.The sooner the better.Little Boy Blue has blown his horn too much.He truly needs to get a proper education and aquire some smidgen or intelligence.He is a complete disgrace to Canadians and a world wide joke on Canada that is not funny.

  68. Every few years the Liberals get elected by the young (don’t own much so don’t worry about things like taxes), the naive, the idealists and the ones benefiting from government largesse. Then very quickly, taxes go up and up, the deficit skyrockets and people get disenchanted with the Libs. Then the conservatives aka the “grownups” have to take over again and make the hard choices to put the country back on track and keep it going. It’s a constant cycle, happens over and over again.

  69. Canadians need to wake up to the fact that Tinkernell poses an existentail threat to the nation with his fanatical islamophilia. He’s trying to destroy our culture and people and replace them with islam and muslims.

  70. How is it not criminal to campaign on a moderate deficit, (albeit nowhere near as fiscally responsible of Mr. Harper) and then to not only double, but triple the budget, every year! No one voted for that, and the position that has put our country in for generations to come is staggering. Not to mention his new policy on small business owners, coming from a trust fund himself with no concept of risk, responsibility, or sacrifice. Thank god he has pretty hair, I guess it’s all good?!?

  71. you forgot all personal days when bad news of actions are seen doesn’t care about conflict of interst charges. sexual predator with his own words on a reporter bully cries when doesn;t get his way only really want to work one a week and use all the payers money for his lifestyle and doesn’t mind that he hasn’t put isis rebels in jail and doesn;t care about the saftey of Canadians He will never be ready

  72. Why in hells name do we have to wait until 2019. He can do a ridiculous amount of damage to Canada and our reputation in the world!

  73. Love your description of a death spiral. It’s progression towards bottom will now be fast and dizzying. Looking forward to witnessing it.

  74. I never voted for justin trudeau he’s nothing but a thief, a fraud, liar he still hasn’t taken responsibility for anything he done. Him and his bobbleheads need to repay the Canadian taxpayers all the monies they took as they did nothing for Canadians, NOTHING! Justin still needs to pay back the augh khans vacation with the FAMILY. Then as mentioned in this article, the India trip for his family we should not be forced to pay for this garbage family vacation. The liberals should the right thing pay the taxpayers back for the lousy job they did for Canada and us theCANAFIAN TAXPAYERS. Then the open border, again disgusting!

    The liberals should step down or be driven to step down immediately!

Burt Schoeppe

Burt is a dedicated CPA based in Edmonton. When not at work assessing financial competencies he can be found cheering for the Oilers or the Redskins. In terms of the economy, he advocates for fiscal responsibility at all levels of government.

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