Is Justin Trudeau Heading Towards Political Suicide?

It truly amazes me just how far the Prime Minister has moved from his "sunny way's".

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According to the most recent data from the CBC Poll Tracker, if an election was held today the Conservatives would receive 34.8 % of the vote in comparison to the Liberals at 34.5 %.

A close election by any normal standards, but let’s be honest, this now close political race was not foreseen. It’s far closer than any political pundit would have predicted a year ago, given the extreme lead the Prime Minister had over the Conservatives.

It seems that the combination of embarrassing events such as his notorious comments on veterans (and the lack of funds distributed to them), his trip to India, the slumping economy, and now the massive and rapidly developing scandal around him grabbing a reporters ‘behind’ 18 years ago have taken a serious toll on the Trudeau brand.

Given this massive impact, it’s definitely worth asking, just how serious is this and can it be fixed?

Or is Trudeau leading his party straight into electoral catastrophe in 2019?

Justin Trudaeu is not fit to be prime minister

This depends on two factors… First, how long the current scandals stay in the mind of voters, and second, if the Prime Minister decides to pivot before the coming election.

On the first matter, I certainly believe that some of the scandals and mistakes will have lasting effects, such as the comment towards veterans who are apparently asking for more than we can give. The recent groping allegations and the failure to change electoral laws may also damage the image of our Prime Minister permanately.

These points slice deep and cut into some of the most important voting blocs that helped support Trudeau’s victory in the 2015 election. Heck, to this day the petition against the Prime Minister’s choice to break his promise on electoral reform stands as the most signed on the e-petition site. 

These deep cuts will not fully destroy Trudeau in 2019, but they will open a serious path for Jagmeet Singh to make serious gains against Trudeau’s most left-wing voters.

At the same time, the Prime Minister’s decisions (and dangerous tweets) on areas such as illegal border crossers are sure to provide a credible path for Andrew Scheer to pull away loose centre-right voters.

Already with these few choices, the Prime Minister is in serious trouble when considering that in 2015 he received 39% of the vote in comparison to the Conservatives 31. Meaning that a change of just 4% to the Conservatives could result in the Party receiving 35% to the Liberals  34%.

So could Prime Minister Trudeau make a comeback?

That depends on his willingness and capacity to pivot towards new policies while diverting media attention from his gaffes, but even here, there are more serious problems.

Firstly, the Prime Minister truly believes that his economic and border policies benefit the entire nation, making a pivot far less likely.

On the topic of embarrassing social gaffes, the Prime Minister is potentially too far in. The recent allegations around his groping of a reporter, is something that will continue to hurt him every-day of his career moving forward.

As a result, the Prime Minister is almost trapped, slowly losing voters both on his left and on his right as he continues to push for policies that voters on both sides of the aisle find either too cold or too hot.

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  1. Trugrope, Trudope, no matter what you call the twitt, he’s not Prime Minister material. And that’s not factoring in his Carbon Tax folly!

  2. The Trudeau Brand: He is a groper/sexual predator, a fake, racist, destroying Canadian values, first PM charged by the Ethics Commissioner. Is a groper/sexual predator a role model for young families and their children? Gives billions to other countries to promote his egotistical narcissistic globalist dysfunctional ideology, while vets, seniors and single moms are at starvation levels. Indian children with no drinking water living in substandard housing on reserves. Despises Western Canadians, will buy Arab oil, rather than Alberta oil. Promoting a carbon tax on fake science climate change hoax. This is Ms. Justine FAKE FEM PM BRAND. This guarantees he is out in 2019.

  3. Trudeau does not respect the tax payer – I believe that he has no concept of economics. He has no concept of working for a living. Somewhere in his misguided head he thinks all Canadians have a silver spoon and really like sharing more than half their income.

  4. I’ve never hated a PM before, but the damage and disrespect that Justin arrogantly dispenses onto the country that raised him is beyond pathetic and angering. Hes should not only be voted into political non-existence, but be held responsible for many of his destructive decisions. He is an arrogant, entitled, elitist, that has no comprehension how real Canadians live.

  5. LOL. The writer is just now thinking the “Village Idiot” Jihadi Justin is just NOW committing Political Suicide. Geez where has he been. Turning Canada into a Muslim Nation and having George Soros Agenda “Open Borders” was only a start. Now his position on the Carbon Tax which everyone knows is a tax grab scam, He lied to the US about NAFTA and now says we can’t afford to pay our dues to NATO. He is just a complete failure and so are the Liberals that advise him.

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