In the wake of the massive SNC-Lavalin scandal and the subsequent ultra-transparent cover up, one question is still left on the minds of Canadians: is anyone out there stupid enough to believe Trudeau’s story?

To recap, the scandal centres on the accusation that the Prime Ministers Office (PMO) put pressure on the then AG, Jody Wilson-Raybould, to let SNC-Lavalin plead down to a deferred prosecution agreement for their role in a long history of bribery and extortion in Muammar Gaddafi’s Libya. 

If convicted of a criminal felony they would be legally barred from bidding on Canadian government contracts for 10 years.

A quick note here, SNC-Lavalin is a Quebec-based construction company, an industry notoriously linked to corruption and organized crime, and SNC-Lavalin is probably the most corrupt player in that industry. 

Of the 250 companies barred from doing business with the world bank due to corruption, 117 are Canadian. 

Of those 117, 115 are SNC-Lavalin or its affiliates.  Also, SNC-Lavalin has a long history of making donations to the Liberal party and the CEO-made major contributions to the Trudeau foundation.

So here is how the accusation stands:  The PMO put pressure on the AG to the benefit of SNC-Lavalin, she refused and was shuffled out of the AG position.

This led to a massive public outcry from the Conservatives, NDP and the 10 or so Journalists left in the mainstream media.  The original plan was for the new AG, David Lametti, to explain to the public why this story is overblown and there was no need to look any further into the allegations. 

His plan: he went on TV and explained to the public that he had spoken to Justin Trudeau and he had denied the allegations, so no investigation was needed.  Brilliant!  If only Bruce MacArthur and Alexander Bissonnette had known of this expert legal strategy of denying what you were caught doing, they could have escaped justice. 

It is also important to note that the Prime Minister admits to having “rigorous conversations” with Jody Wilson Raybould over the SNC-Lavalian case.

After the Shaggy “it wasn’t me” defence failed to convince anyone outside of the CBC editorial board of Justin Trudeau’s innocence, a new plan was formed.

Plan B seemed to be, have everyone smear Jody Wilson-Raybould and act like it was her scandal not the PMO’s. 

While she was remaining silent due to attorney-client privilege (which is a debatable position), Trudeau continued to speak for her.  Again, it should be pointed out that Trudeau could have waived this at anytime to let her tell her side of the story, he didn’t. 

This all came to a head when Trudeau claimed that “her presence in the cabinet speaks for itself”.  The next day she resigned.

Off to Plan C, which seems to have been concocted by new Liberal strategist, Kim Jong Un. 

A committee will be constructed to investigate these accusations, which of course will have a majority of Liberals and be headed by Liberal MP, Anthony Housefather, who has already added his flare to the investigation suggesting the reason that Jody Wilson Raybould was shuffled out of the AG position was because she didn’t speak French.

Remember, he is the impartial leader of Liberals investigating an allegation of Liberal corruption.  It is also important to point out that both of the ministers in charge of immigration matters, Ahmed Hussain and Bill Blair, can’t speak a word of French between them.  

If you thought that this could not get any worse, you will be pleasantly surprised by the crown jewel of this investigation (or lack there of). 

To recap, this is a potential scandal of the PMO using their influence to pressure the AG in favour of a political donor.  So, who did the Liberals use their majority on the committee to exclude from the investigation? 

If you guessed the AG and the main players at the PMO, then you would be correct!  Oh ya, it will also be a closed-door investigation.  Cue Soviet anthem.

This caused some more consternation in public and political circles.  What did Justin Trudeau do?  The glorious leader had a conference call with his MPs to assure them that nothing was wrong and democratic standards weren’t being undermined.  Except, the “conference call” was one sided as the MPs where muted and unable to respond or ask questions.

So, I will ask the question, is anyone stupid enough to believe this nonsense?  Why would the Liberals create an obviously fake investigation that just makes them look worse than the original accusations made it seem?  Did they really think that they could sweep this all under the rug?

This in an election year, where perceptions are important.  If Trudeau had any political savvy, he should have just called for a normal investigation.  

The media would spin it as “look how honest and un-Trump-like this handsome man is” and then when the investigation wrapped up in a few years he would be in the middle of his second term and his buddies in the media would spend maybe a month on the results and this would be water under the bridge by 2023. 

Instead, we are left with a Liberal leader who is as corrupt as he is foolish, an NDP leader at war with the NDP and a Conservative leader trying his hardest to convince Canada that he doesn’t have a personality.  This should be an interesting election.