Insanity: This small restaurant has now faced 6 vegan protests and more are coming

This small business has become the target of 6 vegan protests set up by Marni Ugar, an animal rights activist who runs a dog-walking business, according to the Globe and Mail.  over the last month.

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It seems like a common standard of decency when it comes to political campaigning no longer exists as individuals attempt to fill every bastion of our lives with politics, contention, and borderline moral blackmail.

Watching TV? Protests and Politics.

Going to a Football game? Protest and Politics.

Going to a pop concert? Protest and Politics.

Now even getting a steak involves protests, politics and oppression.

Look at Antler Kitchen & Bar, a small game-themed restaurant which serves “innovative Canadian cuisine” including deer, wild boar, bison, deer and rabbit, on Dundas Street, Toronto.

This small business has become the target of 6 vegan protests set up by Marni Ugar, an animal rights activist who runs a dog-walking business, according to the Globe and Mail.


Because it serves meat and had a sign that read “Venison is the new kale” on its front steps, and because it’s chef responded to their tasteless protests in a fairly tasty way.

Annoyed at the protesters in front of his restaurant with giant signs saying meat is murder pointed at directly at his guests, the chef carried a leg of raw venison to the front windows facing the sidewalk and began to cut out a large steak for himself, returning soon after with a perfectly cooked meal which he ate in front of the protestors.

Moving past the original incident and media storm the business is now seeing increases in reservations, but the protests have also not stopped.

In a disturbing response the group “generously” offered to reduce the frequency of protests to once a month if the restaurant displays a sign in its window saying “Attention, animals’ lives are their right. Killing them is violent and unjust no matter how it’s done.”

Take that in, a group basically told this small restaurant do as we say, or we will continue to weaponize social media and our beliefs until you chose to do so.

That is a scary problem and one that deserves a national and cultural response.

Protestors are not aiming to change the mind of meat eaters or to put forward an argument against the cruelty of eating meat, instead, they are trying to force this small business to follow their beliefs.

They are weaponizing their voices and aiming to restrict the freedom of Canadians to act far past any reasonable standard.

It almost seems like they have given up trying to frame an argument which could sway most individuals and instead have chosen to rely on an empty activism which screams of our generations intellectually lazy progressivism.

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  1. What right does anyone have to tell anyone how they should live… eat…pray… or not pray. This is one sick world. What is next someone going to shoot this guy because he is trying to make a living?

  2. If I lived anywhere near this restaurant, I would be making reservations … if nothing more than to get under the skin of these morons! Why don’t they protest at a Loblaws or Lococo’s, they sell meat too … but no, pick on the smaller target, just because he offers a different cut of meat, he’s the bad man!

    I, for one, love venison (moose and elk are even better), and would take it over beef all day long … but for these asses to harass his business is nothing less than assholeism! Go march in front of Maple Leaf Foods where they process thousands of chickens per shift! Oh, but chicken is commonplace, so they’ll let that one slide. Vegans are hypocrites!

  3. The way I see it is… the restaurant owner and its supporters are like the slave owners and their supporters. The animal rights activists are like those whites that fought against slavery and equal rights for blacks. Yes, it is that simple!

    1. The way I see it is…people like you “ant1” and Marni Ugar are welcome to your hypocritical opinions but not welcome to shove them down everyone’s throats in chauvinistic and juvenile fashion, nor are you welcome to promote hatred through the use of false equivalencies and outrageous analogies.

      Perhaps Marni should face a protest or two of her own for her capitulation of animal slavery as she facilitates the needs of the “masters” who come to her to exorcise their canine property/slaves. If it’s immoral to eat them, then it is immoral to own them. Yes, it is that simple.

      1. john, I didn’t shove my opinion or views down your throat. I merely stated my opinion as others before me did, and as you did later.

        I doubt that you were forced to read the comments in this post. You obviously wanted to read the comments made by others and even commented yourself. The publisher invited comments to the article and made this post available. Maybe, you should write to the publisher and condemn them for allowing comments.

        The battle and protests for rights doesn’t stop only after freeing slaves. We protested for women’s rights, speech rights, gun rights, and will continue protesting for anti-poverty rights and animal rights.

        You call me a hypocrite and making false equivalencies and outrageous analogies, and then you make the assumption that Marni owns a dog which you refer to it as slavery. john, if you “owned” a dog or cat, you would know who the slave and master really are.

        The one you refer to as the “master” is the one that buys the food, accommodation, pays for vet care and cleans up after the pet. The master adopts the animal and cares for it and considers it a part of the family. The animal doesn’t have to do any work for the benefits it gets and enjoys the company and love it gets from its master. I guess that is exactly what the whites did with the black slaves. Right?

    1. Michael R… although the analogy may be considered extreme how is it the worst?

      What I’m saying is that our views evolve over time. We owned other human beings and denied them their human rights. We males believed that women were not our equals. We believed that it was okay to kill other human beings because they were of different colours, ethnicities and religions. We took on those issues and protested against them. Most of us realized that our earlier views were wrong and corrected the wrongs.

      The vast majority of us believe that it’s okay to mistreat animals because they’re not humans and, therefore, shouldn’t have any rights. A few of us believe that is wrong and fewer of us (I’m not one) are brave enough to take on the fight to make you realize that too is wrong. I support their fight!

      If you want a poor analogy, please refer to john’s analogy as canines being slaves to humans.

      Michael, if you own a dog or cat, please tell john who the slave really is. john obviously hasn’t adopted a pet and doesn’t know that humans adopt pets, spend hundreds of dollars to provide them safety, food, shelter and vet care and consider the pets not as property but as part of their families.

  4. The problem, as I see it, is this. If you are “on the right” and dont want to eat meat, you dont. Then you get on with your life. But, if you are “on the left” and you dont want to eat meat, you protest and whine and complain on all forms of social media and demand that nobody else does either.

    We have canine teeth, like wolves, bears, coyotes, and all other carnivore/omnivores. If you dont want to eat meat, dont. But dont restrict the free flow of traffic and commerce. Dont make life difficult for a small business owner. How would they like it if I came to their place of work with a bunch of people and made a ruckus until you could no longer do business? And before they tell me that they dont use any animal products, they will have to scour their world for things like leather shoes, ice cream in your fridge, glue in your office, a football in your locker…the list goes on and on. If they have anything that ever came from an animal…they (according to Ant1’s analogy) are a slave owner. Or, you know, a hypocrite.

    1. Sonya… only those “on the left” protest and whine and complain?
      Have you never heard or read about protests at abortion clinics, anti-immigration protests, protests for gun rights in the states, and on, and on?
      Those “on the left” protested to give you the right to vote, to free slaves in the U.S., and on, and on.

      Yes, we have canine teeth. We also walked on all fours, lived in caves, spent all our lives invading other countries, pillaged and raped, because they were of different ethnicities or religions. We learned to walk upright, build homes, learned to get along with others. Many us have weapons that can kill other humans, but most of us don’t because we know it’s wrong.

      Many of us that eat meat don’t agree with the abuse of the animals that we eat by the meat industry but don’t have the courage to protest. Those protesters do and did. I’m sure they all have other things they’d rather be doing but chose to make a sacrifice. As for protesting other businesses, they do. Animal rights activists have protested against all major businesses that treat animals inhumanely.

      Vegans (I’m not one) don’t eat or wear any animal products. If one claims he/she’s a vegan and wears leather, or any product made from animals, or eats ice cream or any other food derived from animals, that person isn’t a vegan or a hypocrite, but is a liar.

      Until we have a perfect world, there’ll be someone protesting for certain rights. You gained your rights as a woman as a result of protests, and you should learn to accept protests for other rights.

  5. I saw a factory farm once, it was kind of messed up.

    Torturing and slaughtering animals (aka factory farming and hunting) might be barbaric. Just because it’s everywhere doesn’t mean it’s right. Humans are raised in certain ways and cognitive norms are cemented, perspectives are skewed, but that doesn’t change scientific facts: Mammals have similar nervous systems (brain stem); they feel pain. Our world is messed up. It’s slowly changing for the better as we realize our resources are going to feeding the billions of animals we’re killing yearly, instead of starving people. It’s a tremendous waste of resources, horrible for the environment, and insanely unethical toward the individual lives we end with cruelty. This is too much of a reality check for most people who would make some dismissive comment or thought instead of examine their actions and lives… :0

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