In A Real Trade War Canada Would Have No Chance

In a real trade war Canada would not win.

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According to a new Angus Reid Poll “Canadians overwhelmingly favour taking a “hard” approach toward trade negotiations with the Trump administration going forward, with seven-in-ten (70%) preferring to risk further angering the President rather than taking a “soft” approach to try to win back and maintain his goodwill (30%).”

The problem with this mentality?

We would absolutely lose in a real fist fight with our southern neighbours.

National Bank Financial

Looking at the above map the reasoning is obvious.

The States simply do not rely on Canadian goods the way Canadians rely on the Americans. If the two respective countries had to suddenly change their economic systems, we (especially Ontario) would be the hardest hit.

Most American States relatively speaking would not even notice.

Given this fact and the reality that we live in, perhaps its time the Prime Minister changed his plan and began to work on a deal which would save the nation from the economic ruin he is heading us into.

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  1. The only possible plan other than resistance is unconditional surrender. Trump would jump on the least sign of weakness and subjugate Canada economically. The Quislings who are suggesting that we give in to the demands of a madman put us in an even weaker bargaining position.

  2. I disagree, first if Canada, EU and Mexico were to get together, coordinate and use a Death Star strategy using strategic tariffs, drop patent recognition on the largest selling items in Canada the EU and Mexico such as Drugs and IP you can have a much stronger economic impact. if you stick to one for one of course you will lose. You need to think outside the box and treat it as gorilla warfare. The one constant in America is greed and if you can tap that the pressure that would be put on the administration would be immense. If you don’t believe me look back at the cotton dispute with Brazil a few years back and you will see that just the threat of a move like that got the US to back down almost immediately. We are not alone and this guy has pissed off all of our allies so I am sure they would work for a unified solution. You need to get past thinking Ontario is the center of the world and look outside the box!

  3. Take a hard line with the US on trade bite the bullet now stop relying on the US as our number one trading partner we are in a global economy there is so much opportunity for trade with the rest of the world yes it will be tough but in the long run it will be better for us as a nation

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