Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen Spoke At Restaurant Known As Criminal Hangout

The Minister's staff should probably take more precaution when it comes to event booking.

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A new report in the Globe & Mail states Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen gave a briefing on illegal border crossings at The Suya Spot restaurant, which is allegedly tied to the Black Axe criminal syndicate.

Mr. Hussen’s spokesperson has said the minister was unaware that restaurant, located just outside his York South-Weston riding, has been frequented by members of the Black Axe organized-crime group.

The press secretary attempted to defend the Immigration Minister commenting:

“Keep in mind that the minister does like 10 events a day on weekends. Do we google every restaurant that the minister gets invited to speak to? We do not.”

Interestingly though it seems that the minister may have had access to key information regarding the location as “according to the Immigration and Refugee Board, The Suya Spot has advertised in Uhuru Magazine, which is the official publication of the Neo Black Movement, and is frequented by gang members.”

Black Axe Background: Police say the group has been exerting growing influence over the Nigerian diaspora in Canada as well as engaging in organized crime including money laundering and intimidation.

Editors Note: The owner of The Suya Spot restaurant has denied any affiliation with the Nigerian-based criminal organization.

Yanky Pollak

Yanky Pollak is a young energetic activist, with a strong voice for the community. He has been involved in multiple political campaigns and has worked very closely with many political figures. He works as a freelance photographer.

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