As the trans trend spreads and gains more visibility, culture opens up and makes accommodations. This solidifies and entrenches acquiescence to trans ideology, making it harder to have a debate, or even a reasonable conversation, about there being immutable, biological differences between men and women. Along with changes to ID and birth certificate norms that give trans people the opportunity to expunge their necessary documents of their birth names and genders, internet movie and entertainment database IMDb is now taking a stand in favour of trans visibility. In a change of policy, it will allow trans performers’ chosen names to stand, without referring to performers’ given names.

IMDb is the go-to site for information on movies and performers. As a source of credits, it is factual and completist. The change being made in the listing of trans performers’ birth names comes as a result of backlash earlier this year. A few trans actors complained that they were unable to remove their birth names from their IMDb pages, despite repeatedly asking IMDb to do so.