Imam Calls Out Justin Trudeau for Deleting Records about Islamic extremist and illegal immigrants


Sheikh Imam Tawhid, ‘The Imam of Peace’ recently posted on Twitter criticizing the RCMP’s decision under the Trudeau government to delete 5000 filled questionnaires which were given to Muslim asylum seekers.

The guide asked asylum seekers how they feel about women who do not wear the hijab, how many times they pray and what their opinion is about the Islamic State or the Taliban.

While question 31 on the RCMP form, written in both English and French reads: “Canada is a very liberal country that believes in freedom of religious practice and equality between men and women. What is your opinion on the subject? How would you feel if your boss was a woman?”

The cleric also attacked the Trudeau government later in the day for removing references to FGM as being a harmful practice from the Canadian citizenship guide.

Background: The Imam is an Australian scholar who demands modification of Islam and the integration of immigrant communities into new lands. Rather than apologise for shortcomings within the immigrant community, the Imam has called for immediate action, encouraging a ban on Islamic schools and Islamist organisations like Hizb’ut Tahrir.


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