I’m Gay and coming out as Conservative

I’ve often felt that coming out of the closet is something that I wasn’t exactly comfortable doing. This is something that is very hard and personal to do, especially in such a public forum.

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I want to start off this post by coming out and saying that I, Jordan Kent am gay. Not only am I gay, but I am a gay conservative.

I’ve often felt that coming out of the closet is something that I wasn’t exactly comfortable doing. This is something that is very hard and personal to do, especially in such a public forum.

Members of my own family are not aware of my sexual orientation and in time, I do plan to come out to them.

However, that seems easier sometimes than coming out as Conservative in a none conservative group. 

Within the LGBTQ2+ community, you are shunned, you are harassed, bullied and intimidated if you dare speak out.

When they hear the word “conservative” they automatically assume that you’re a racist, homophobic, transphobic Islamophobic bigot. They cannot see beyond their own bigoted view of the world to even try to understand how you can be both gay, and conservative.

Conservatism isn’t about discriminating against people. At its heart, it advocates for human rights, smaller government, and for the safety of every single Canadian.

While Liberals and New Democrats chose to march in Pride Parades and tearfully apologize to LGBTQ2+ Canadians over past transgressions, they also stand shoulder to shoulder extremists who actively oppose the most basic tenants of freedom and human rights.

While many people will argue that some forms of Conservatism (ie: social Conservatism) aren’t compatible with being a gay conservative, the truth is that while social conservatives may not support my right to marry a man or to adopt a family, they do not preach death and violence towards gay and trans people.

Some of my best friends are social Conservatives who support and love me for who I am, and they are my biggest supporters.

Would the average refugee from the Middle East be so tolerant?

Would a returning ISIS fighter who has come back to Canada after raping women and throwing gay people off of the roofs of buildings be tolerant and support my basic human rights?

In both cases, those on the left are foolish to believe extremists would be willing to support the basic human rights of me and so many other LGBTQ2+ Canadians.

The Liberals, have chosen to speak out both sides of their mouths and chose to bring over thousands of Muslim refugees all the while choosing to leave the Christian and LGBTQ2+ refugees behind instead of prioritizing those who are most in danger because of the ISIS fighters.

Justin Trudeau and his Liberal caucus chose to go to every pride parade in Canada and talk about how they are the only party that supports gay rights, while not doing everything possible to save gay or Christian individuals in the middle east.

It has been the Conservative Party and not the Liberals that have been raising the plight of LGBTQ2 refugees in Syria and Iraq, not the Liberals.

It is the Conservatives and not the Liberals who don’t play identity politics with LGBTQ rights to score political points.

Being a conservative to me is about protecting the safety and the rights of every single Canadian citizen. I want my government to protect my rights, and at the same time to ensure that nobody’s rights are trampled on because of the values of people who do not believe in or agree with my basic human rights.

I am fearful for the day that the government bans my right to speak out against a violent religion like radical-Islam that seeks to deny me my rights and would kill me without flinching because of the fact that I am gay.

I live in constant fear that someone is coming to throw me off a rooftop because of my sexual orientation.

As a Gay Conservative, I want a government that’s going to ensure that we have a smaller government that doesn’t leave a giant deficit that the next few generations will have to pay down because the leaders of today cannot live within their means.

As a gay Conservative, I worry about the future that my little cousins will have to face if the progressive left-wing ideology and policies are not rebuffed. Will my generations complacency lead to the slaughter of millions of innocent people who are merely trying to live their lives to the best of their human ability?

I am a Conservative because I believe that the rights, freedoms, and safety of every single Canadian citizen matter more to me than trying to push for a left-wing utopian planet that seeks to strip away the very beliefs, morals, and values that we as Canadians hold dear.

As a gay Conservative, I feel, that the time for sitting around and not saying anything is over. We are living in a dangerous and unstable world that requires us to stand up for our country and to stand up to radical, hypocritical beliefs that will destroy our country if it is left unchecked.

Now is the time for every single Canadian to stand shoulder to shoulder and advocate for a better Canada, and to ensure that our country remains the true north, strong and free that we have all known it to be.

The question I will leave you with is,  do you have the courage to stand up and demand that our government puts us first for a change?

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  1. Good for you. Can’t believe also how feminists have beteayed their sex by ignoring ISIS atrocities and the daily oppression of women under sharia.
    Have you ever read Sir Karl Popper’s The Open Society and Its Enemies?

Jordan Kent

Jordan is a University of Ottawa student who believes through hard work and determination a real difference can be made.

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