My Friend was Racially Profiled for Supporting Doug Ford

The Machiavellian approach of the means justifying the ends is at work..and it's working perfectly. Catherine McIntyre produced the piece, Maclean's editors approved it and published, Canadians were fed this REAL bigotry and racism.


It’s an open secret that North American media loves Donald Trump, not the “man” of course, but the ratings and hype associated with his  “character”.

No day goes by without the media bashing Trump, in fact, one would not be hard-pressed to hear his name at least ten times in a single day.

Canadian media, in the wake of Doug Ford’s nomination, has been left floundering. It seems as though the glory days of Trudeau’s 2015 election are now becoming a memory that journalist will do anything to reclaim.

In their attempt to re-rekindle the torch, however, Canadian journalists have drawn dishonest parallels between the genuine populism of Doug Ford and the nativism of the Trump’s Presidental campaign.

I guess constant Trump content doesn’t work in Canada without a Trump-like character to play the role, and maybe there is a problem in the media’s need to create that character.

In January Patrick Brown, then the leader of the PCPO was slammed with a potentially fake report of sexual misconduct, and in its place, we received a short leadership race and a candidate the media simply could not ignore.

Doug Ford.

Maclean’s columnist Catherine McIntyre covered Doug Ford but constantly made comparisons to Donald Trump while discussing Fords candidacy, in such a way that made me feel uncomfortable.

To validate this disingenuous connection and to feed readers the view that a comparison was justified, she interviewed the supporters of Ford and his critics.

Thanks to social media this article reached me and got my attention.

First I saw the name of John Filion, being interviewed as almost like an exclusive expert on Fords.

Then I came across this passage.

“Mawbbi Hargo stands out at Ford’s Etobicoke rally—not because he’s a visible minority, but because, at a glance, the 31-year-old construction worker, passes for a sharply dressed downtown Liberal elite.”

Now that sentence bothered me. You see Mawubi T Hargoe has actually contributed to The Post Millennial from time to time. I know him personally, and reading this passage after reading her entire work I noticed one thing.


He was literally the only person in the entire article, referred to as a “visible minority.” or who’s clothing choices where discussed. And on top of that, the journalist misspelled both his first and the last name.

Catherine McIntyre did this only to Mawubi. She did not discuss how Filion dresses. She did not discuss his physical appearance, and she spelled everybody else’s names correctly.

The liberal media proclaims to stand against bigotry, populism and another bunch of other ‘ism’s.

Yet they don’t shy away from availing race or appearance politics if it helps further the perceived more significant battle against the evil conservatives.

Stacie Kor a fellow friend of Mawubi described this perfectly in her Facebook post on this topic, when she said the following.

“The Machiavellian approach of the means justifying the ends is at work..and it’s working perfectly. Catherine McIntyre produced the piece, Maclean’s editors approved it and published, Canadians were fed this REAL bigotry and racism.”

We get it the media does not like Trump. We get it; the media wants to portray Ford as Trump too. But this is going too far. The battle against perceived enemies should not involve a sport like a mentality in which racial profiling is allowed as long as it is for your team.

This is wrong, and it deserves to be called out.

After this post was written we asked Mawubi T Hargoe for a comment.

This was his statement:

“I’ve been to countless Ford rallies over the years, and I didn’t think anything different about this one. Occasionally, when media is around, I’ll contribute my opinion and this time was no different…or so I thought.

Ms. McIntyre came across as a kind and respectful journalist. She asked for my opinion about Ford and why I supported him. I spoke about how Doug mentioned “axing the carbon tax” and then taking those savings and spending those dollars on infrastructure at home.

As someone who works in the construction industry, that is refreshing to hear. I also indicated that my field of work (building water towers), is highly specialized and that I haven’t worked in Ontario since 2013.

During my interview, a respectful man who I had met earlier in the night wanted to join the conversation, and he did. He was the one who was quoted as working in the healthcare industry. He gave his comments and left. I was then asked my name, stated it, and spelled it out clearly.

I didn’t think too much about the interview, until I read  the article 24 hours later. Skimming through the article I was looking for my quote, I found it! “Success! I made it to MacLeans!”, I thought. And then I read the context in which I was quoted….the idea that I could have passed for a downtown liberal elite. I How flattering!

And then I read it one more time…and I noticed something different as I read it the 3rd time.

Age? Check.

Occupation? Check.

And here’s the kicker…

Race? Check.

What was the point of mentioning race? Did it matter? Or was it something else? Maybe it was her way of hitting on me, I mentioned, as I shared this story within my social network. While others took more offence to the racial reference, I saw this as more of an institutional move. Much like the American media did with Trump, there may be a racial angle that the Canadian media may try to use against Ford. I think with our very vibrant multicultural dynamic, it will fail miserably.

Will this become the journalistic norm? We shall see.

This piece took heavy inspiration from a Facebook post by Stacie. She found the bizarre action taken by the writer and her original post can be found on her Facebook page here.

We highly recommend giving it a read in its original glory.



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  1. It could be argued that this whole leadership race is a media creation. If not for the media fueled speculations and unsubstantiated claims against Patrick Brown this would not have happened. CTV has taken an active role in deciding political outcomes in Ontario and in my estimation has never been taken to task for this. Increasingly journalists see their role as steering the discussion, not reporting the facts. It is even becoming fashionable to be the news by grandstanding for the cameras with long winded statements prefacing a farcical question.

  2. The Liberal elite wont use race against Ford when sexual impropriety is so much handier . Right now they are scouring the countryside looking for an anonymous person with an untraceable landline to make a claim, any claim.

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