The Verdura Resort in Sciacca, Italy is already known internationally as one of the world’s most luxurious getaways for the upper echelon of media and society, and this coming weekend is definitely no exception.

“Google Camp,” a private event created by Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 2012 as their own private version of the World Economic Forum, sees some of Earth’s most influential celebrities and billionaires travel by yacht and private jet to the town on the Sicilian coast.

Those invited include including former President Barack Obama, Prince Harry, Leonardo DiCaprio and Katy Perry, according to Forbes.

One of the event’s focal points, climate change, is an issue which many of the aforementioned celebs take seriously. “Everything is about global warming, that is the major topic this year,” a source told The Post. Despite this, many have decided to push their climate concerns to the site, at least while they take hyper-fuel inefficient ways to travel to their celebrity getaway.

Private jets, megayachts, and other lavish forms of travel are all easy to find at the event. Each adding to the hypocrisy of the event, as some of the more influential guests go so far as to say that climate change is “the biggest threat to future generations.”

“Google Camp is meant to be a place where influential people get together to discuss how to make the world better,” one regular attendee told The Post.

“There will likely be discussions about online privacy, politics, human rights, and of course, the environment, which makes it highly ironic that this event requires 114 private jets to happen,” they said.

Travel costs to Sicily come out of the deep pockets of the celebs, but once arrived, Google carries the financial burden for everything at the fantastical resort, where rooms go for nearly $1000 a night.

Among other events at the camp, Google hosts a large dinner at Sicily’s UNESCO World Heritage ruin which is a short distance from the resort, which is then followed by a celebrity performance. Coldplay’s Chris Martin was this year’s star performer, while Sting took the stage the year prior.