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Hundreds of thousands in Atlantic Canada continue without power after Hurricane

Hundreds of thousands in Atlantic Canada continue without power after Hurricane 

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Over 240,000 Canadians across three provinces remained without power as of 6 am this Monday morning as many continue to try and recover two days after Hurricane Dorian hit Atlantic Canada. 

According to CBC News, Nova Scotia was the hardest hit with 211,000 without power. 

While Prince Edward Island was second with roughly 21,000.

New Brunswick had 15,000 without power, Newfoundland had 1,5000. 

Recovery is currently in process, but according to Nova Scotia Power president Karen Hutt, the damage is so extensive it could take a whole week. 

How hard was the Atlantic hit by Hurricane Dorian?

According to the Weather Network, even hours before the storm made landfall, 100 km/h winds could be felt. By the time the storm reached the provinces, winds had picked up to 155 km/h, causing trees to fall, and some cranes to snap over buildings.

As a result, life in Nova Scotia and it’s surrounding has not returned to normal, and are not expected to for some time, with many cell towers going down intermittently, some schools and business remaining closed, and military personal on the streets attempting to help clean up crews.

While living in the Atlantic provinces is sure to be hard following Dorian’s Category Two landing, areas like the Bahamas suffered from much worse as a result of Dorian’s Category Five status at the time. According to the United States, over 70,000 people were in need of food and shelter following the storm, and more than 40 have been confirmed dead as of now. 

The count is expected to reach far higher as rescue, clean, and recovery plans continue. 

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