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How to Get Away With Any Crime: Planned Parenthood Style

Earlier this week it was reported by the San Diego Union Tribune that a local Planned Parenthood clinic had been vandalized during the night. The vandals, as stated in the piece, had allegedly splattered the front of the clinic with red paint to symbolize blood.

Given Planned Parenthood’s current controversies and the state of political discourse in present day America, this event should come as no real surprise.

Planned Parenthood, unsurprisingly took the “moral high ground”, in a press release saying that they were “disappointed by the recent vandalism to our health center, no attempt at intimidation will stop us from serving our patients.”

They also said, “We’ve been a part of the fabric of this community for 55 years, and we’ll be here for many more to come. You can count on our doors staying open, no matter what.”

Pro-life groups are condemning the actions of the vandalization, as it is certainly a crime.

But, what if the act of vandalism was defended the same way Planned Parenthood defends its practices?

Given some of the often repeated talking points that are often raised in a conversation about Planned Parenthood’s “ethical practices”, I think if we were to apply them to this obviously illegal act, the vandalism, and followed Planned Parenthood’s logic to their conclusion, their arguments ultimately make little sense.

As Gregory Koukl has said, we will “take the roof off” of their arguments.

Using the same logic of the defenders of the organization, I would suggest that the perpetrators use these arguments to get away with crime, Planned Parenthood style:

1. “Planned Parenthood’s supporters should acknowledge this is only a small percentage of what pro-life activists actually do.”

Given that pro-life activists do so much good for men and women in crisis situations (without a single cent of taxpayer funding, even in hostile state legislatures, like California), why won’t Planned Parenthood use their own logic to excuse the vandals?

After all, they hide behind this slogan whenever abortion is the topic at hand, so why not give the vandals the benefit of the doubt, and simply ignore the minority of bad things they do?

I’m sure that if the vandals are found to devote 97% of their activism to helping poor and oppressed members of the community who are in need, Planned Parenthood will not only drop the charges against them, but will also pull out all the stops to ensure that they can also receive federal, state, and local funding for their operations that don’t involve vandalism.

This would include ensuring that they have massive connections to all the parts of society to keep their operation going, including lawyers, judges, politicians, Hollywood celebrities, and even presidential candidates.

Good deeds don’t account for evil ones, especially the intentional killing of innocent human beings.

2. “We Shouldn’t Judge the Vandal’s Decision”.

Intellectual honesty can really be a pain in the behind, especially when one has to attempt to excuse the inexcusable. So, in order to live out their “non-judgemental commitments”, I suggest that Planned Parenthood’s supporters (and legal team) simply admit that it is not their place to judge another’s actions as right or wrong.

The vandals were simply deciding what was right for them, which includes defacing abortion clinics. Who is Planned Parenthood, or their supporters, to judge that what another person decides is right for them?

After all, they can somehow excuse dismemberment and decapitation of unborn human beings the same way, so why not vandalism?

3. “Planned Parenthood should expand their patient base to include pre-born human Beings, alongside their post-birth patients”.

Changing subjects ever so slightly, the spokesperson for the clinic did say in their press release that they were going to continue to serve the members of the community, no matter what had happened. However, this should raise a follow up question: Which members? Does that include the unborn? If not, then why not?

Indeed, there is no fundamental difference between the born and unborn that justifies giving aid to one but killing the other.

I suggest that Planned Parenthood, in order to live up to their slogan, “Care, No Matter What” should start caring for the unborn, as opposed to killing them. If nothing really matters in deciding who counts as deserving Planned Parenthood’s medical treatment, then being born really should not matter either.

As Stephen Schwarz highlights in his book The Moral Question of Abortion, there are only four differences between born and unborn, and not one of these matters in deciding who to kill instead of caring for.

Young girl at a pro-life march. PC: Monica Elizabeth

I would contend that Planned Parenthood and their supporters should stop trying to change the subject to their other services whenever Planned Parenthood’s abortion practices are brought up in political discourse or in conversations.

It should be clear by now that it is very much time for the American people to stop playing games with human equality whenever it fails to suit our desires or gets in the way of what we want.

We know that the unborn are human, just like us, who deserve our love and respect. Yet, we try to find new ways to rationalize our killing them when our immediate desires are put at risk.

Slave owners, racists, and sexist men tried to justify themselves with Planned Parenthood’s logic. Those who try to excuse Planned Parenthood’s actions are doing no better.

If we simply follow the very reasoning Planned Parenthood’s defenders have put forth, then we must be ready to live in a society where just about anything can be justified in the same manner.

What do you think? Let us know below!


  • Sorry Nathan, no respect here.

    You are using twisted logic at best to try and vindicate acts of violence and vandalism by the side you personally support with out being willing to look at the big picture.

    I cannot tell you how many times I have heard the same people who identify as pro-life fight tooth and nail to keep a woman from going through with an abortion and then complain about all those lazy welfare mom's living off the system and then when the mother gets a job good enough to support their child complain about how they are neglecting their child because of having to work. There is just no winning with the pro-life side.

    I personally do not believe abortion is the best or most desirable option for women but I was willing to be a member of our armed forces, willing to fight and die if need be to protect a persons rights to choose as they see fit related to their own person so yes, I believe that a woman's right to choose is more important than life itself because without the right to choose you have no freedom and freedom is worth dying for.

    Next, we live in a world with over 7 billion people in it. Please tell me, how much better off would we be if there had been no abortions at all over the past 30 or 40 years. Assuming no increase in deaths from other sources, what would the current population be? How much more pollution would there be, how many more resources would have been exploited, how many more trees cut, land cleared, animals consumed in the quest to keep all those warm bodies in food, clothing and shelter?

    Finally, I guess you have never heard about Romania's history. I am not going to go into all the details, you can look them up for yourself but the basic point is that unwanted children get neglected and often abused. They end up overwhelmingly becoming juvenile delinquents and later adult criminals. They cost everyone else in society more in welfare, costs to the police and justice systems, medical expenses and all the costs, both monetary and in ways that have no dollar value, that the victims of their crimes suffer. There is a direct correlation between lower crime rates and women aborting unwanted pregnancies. You live in a better society because some women choose to abort unwanted children so many before you ride off on your high horse and try to impose your beliefs on others you take a more encompassing look at the issues and even if you keep believing as you do, you may at least acknowledge that not only do other people have the right to believe as they do and act according to those beliefs just as you do, but that those others views may have some merit.

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Nathan Apodaca

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